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  1. Played a few games with you so far look forward to seeing you around and welcome to the community =)
  2. Welcome and good luck I recently saw you in the discord, but I have been on and off sick the last few weeks. I do try to play with all candidates so please hit me up
  3. I will eventually transfer a character over just depends on funds but i started a new one on dark iron need an invite
  4. I watch it every weekend big united fan looking forward to the start Friday
  5. I saw the words twilight and was going to get my flamethrower, but nevermind carry on
  6. I have played on my PS4, I like it and it plays like most MHs do shame they waited this long on a PC release
  7. EZ and kaisa are in great placed also learning different roles or mages might be beneficial in the long run. I can play just about any role minus ADC there is a lot of us who play norms to try out new champions or get proficient with a champion just ask for help =)
  8. I blame icarus and goku i tend to feel better after that
  9. A big congrats to our very own Kyroo for making masters today. Lord knows i spectate a lot of your games and happy to see you hit your goal and hopefully challenger in the future
  10. wow this is a mindcraft server I can get behind