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  1. if you watch NA lcs

  2. The birthday gift to myself

    pretty awesome in my opinion
  3. if you watch NA lcs

    reddit or espn's esports section
  4. if you watch NA lcs

    lol clg come on.... maybe liquid but clg?
  5. if you watch NA lcs

    Im a huge TSM fan but seeing bio and DL leave just sucks they were like a family i guess it is what it is. TSM will dominate NA and goto worlds and break my heart so meh
  6. Intro-Maromodo

    Everyone my trial period ends today or tomorrow i am slightly unsure but I just want to say thank you to all the members i have played with talked to and laughed with. I really am enjoying my experience in MadCast and have noticed a sharp increase in my in game ability after just one month. Special thanks to Candy my mentor through this period and to Epic for his words of encouragement and bringing me in. I simply ask the full members to vote and if you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask I will be on between noon and 4 est then after 6pm today and then i am off from school for the week. Thanks for reading this and have an awesome Monday
  7. Who are your mentors?

    I love watching Dyrus play personally on twitch and although ill never be as good as either one in my lifetime i watch sneaky and Bjergsen and pobelter (who actually discusses tactics as he goes)
  8. Intro: Ikillitall

    welcome and good luck man! look me up on League Maromodo
  9. Secret Aram OP

    oh duh i cant believe i missed that
  10. Secret Aram OP

    I thought secondary was only 2 runes
  11. Recommend me some shows

    There is a really good one on Netflix about the Unabomber and how the FBI changed their profiling techniques just search unabomber its 3 part and phenomenal
  12. College Football Week 11

    was a bad day to be an Irish fan =(
  13. Secret Aram OP

    I def will try the build can you show the whole build?
  14. Intro: Support Welfare

    welcome! was fun playing with you this morning