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  1. LoL - Patch 8.4

    I was looking at the rune changes as those seem a bit interesting. Re-balancing of some of the rune combos to give you more favorable stats and then the big change in the trees would be the stopwatch change. 6 minute cd from start of game up to a 10 minute cd? I dont know if this will actually effect dives like they hope it will but should be interesting to see how it plays out. I think we will see a lot less stopwatch starts for top lane and jungle or mid now though. the other one that stands out for me would be the replacement of celestial body with time warp tonic. This seems like one of those runes that will be under valued for a while then picked up as a fad then forgotten about when they nerf it. I'm thinking it will have a much bigger impact for supports more than any other role because coupled with biscuit delivery the early sustain will be pretty strong but other than that its only going to see use late game when everyone has items and is buying elixers for final pushes and such. IDK thats just my take on it. Epic will probably have better insight on how they will be used. As a last noteworthy change in my eyes..... the blast cone change. This alone i think will extend laning phase for a lane that already sees themself on an island for the first 12 minutes of the game. >.<
  2. Intro-BlueRose

    Agreed Maro. But every village needs one and we love you for being ours! Glad to have more members in the community. I am glad that the group is getting much bigger in a lot of other games and not just league. Means we have something to offer everyone. Welcome to the community and hope to see you around!
  3. Intro - Timahhhhhhh

    Welcome to the community. Feel free to add me IGN: Support Welfare. looking forward to seeing you in game and on Discord. BTW thursday night (tonight) we have an event called League of Learning at 8pm Central time. Hope to see you there. tons of fun and you will have the chance to meet a ton of our members.
  4. Color Madness Item Chart

    I give this chart my stamp of approval! Nice work.
  5. Everything you need to know about NUNU buffs

    in otherwords BAN AT ALL COSTS! lol. i think this will end up getting tuned pretty quickly because this just seems way too strong even if you are behind you still have a ton to add to your team.
  6. Intro - Snolotus

    Glad to see more new faces around here. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  7. Intro - FLY Raven

    Welcome to the community! Dont worry about your rank, we all start somewhere and there are plenty of people around here that can help you learn anything that you might want to focus on. Speaking of learning. . . . (not a segway at all. >.>) we have a community event tonight called "league of learning" meant to help people focus on specific aspects of the game in order to help them improve and work together as a team! Join us and have a good time. You wont regret it.
  8. Monthly Art Drawing~~ [poro champions!]

    Grats to the drawing winners! I hate you both >.< lmao. I hope you guys will be posting the drawings so we can all see them. =)
  9. 100 Thieves!

    So glad to see this team doing well. The lineup looks solid, their teamwork in the 2 matches that I've watched has been good and to top it off..... APHROMOO!!!!! need I say more? lol.
  10. How did your placements go?

    Went 6 and 4 in placements. I get to start exactly where I left off last season.... Silver 5. Goal is to actually play more ranked this year as I started ranked right away. Shooting for at least gold 5 this year.
  11. LoL - Patch 8.2

    I want this to hit already. I want to get a handle on the timings for the new vision changes dang it! I am glad to see that Ez is getting nerfed finally. The 20 ad early level should help a lot. Not sure the Malzahar - R change will do too much with ultimate hat. Its not really going to change anything late game (once you have your full stacks from ultimate hat) at all as the level 3 CD is still the same. I could be wrong though. Has been known to happen, lol. Either way it should be a good patch over all. I do have a question for the community though. With the change to the support items, specifically the Targon line, do you think that Thresh will switch to a coin start instead as the healing from the Targon line is now 50% less for ranged champions and he is considered a ranged champion?
  12. Intro - JonDoh

    Glad to have you in the community. Now is a pretty good time to get started in LoL again as the season just started up again and the meta is getting settled down a bit after all the major changes to the game. Hope to see you in discord and on the rift.
  13. Support Mains?

    All in all I'm a big advocate of the agro support carries. Zyra, Morgana, Lux, Malzahar. I have been playing a ton of Leona lately though. then you cant forget the annoying shielders like Lulu, Janna. So many support, so little time.
  14. Introduction - Milk

    always happy to have new people around! looking forward to seeing you in game.
  15. Introduction - Biscuit

    glad to have ya here. hope you enjoy the community and hope to see you at the events