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  1. Greetings! Always glad to see new people especially with a wide variety of games they play. I head up our League of Learning event every week on Thursday night 9pm EST, so if you are looking to get back into League I'd like to suggest you stop by and join us. Its a good way to ease back into League without too much pressure and its fun! I'll shoot you an add in League.
  2. This week we will be looking into Ganking as well as Collapsing and Rotating. When you are looking to gank a lane (this is not specific to junglers) think about where wards might be, how long you have been out of lane or not seen and what approach gives you the best chance to get something out of the gank (force a summoner spell or get a kill). Is it more stealthy to go through lane, wait in a side bush for a few seconds through the enemy jungle and behind their turret? Where was the jungler last seen? What is his likely pathing (a bit easier to assume their pathing early on in the game)? Where are the other lanes at? Could they close in on you? And this brings us to our other topic "collapsing and rotating". Usually collapsing after a fight is already under way is too late. Not always though. There are some signs that you can read that will give you clues to if the enemy is looking to gank a specific lane (is dragon/baron/rift up? Does the top lane have TP and playing back a bit while bot is pushing and trading heavily? Has mid lane or support been missing for 30+ seconds?). This and many more hints will give you an idea to your enemies movements. Use this information to setup counter ganks or to get an objective on the other side of the map. I have a couple videos I'd like to share. I know they are more or less jungle specific but there are tricks that can be used for any roaming players to take advantage of.
  3. This week I want to cover Sieging / breaking a siege as well as closing out a game. I feel these go hand in hand as you are going to want to siege the enemy base until you catch someone or you can put enough pressure to take baron to force the push into their base. This brings us to closing out a game. Its not always needed that you take baron and push into the base. It obviously helps but the ever terrifying baron throw is always in the back of ones mind and if you don't need to risk that and can siege effectively you will not have to risk it. Knowing what to do and how to do it effectively are very important skills to have in League of Legends. Sieging and breaking that siege if you are the opposing team to the siege is a major way to get to that end goal. Victory! I hope to see many of you at League of Learning. Bring friends, bring family, bring that person selling puka shell necklaces on the corner for 3 bucks. Just bring as many people as you can and lets have some fun.
  4. lol. I wish I had pictures of the build step by step because you could see the horror that those things are hiding right now. I put them on to hide the bad corners because I didn't have a dado blade for my table saw yet. I'll be fixing that for future builds. My workshop is still pretty damn limited so far. It will get there little by little though.
  5. Just thought I'd share a creation born of one of my hobbies. I still have a lot to learn and refine but this was a huge help in that it gave me practice and showed me what not to do next time. I made a closed box with a foam insert that has fiber optic poking through it to produce a couple star constellations. It has a motor inside with a clear textured plate that rotates to create a shimmering effect for the stars. There are 2 color lights (blue and white) to highlight the constellations and set them apart from the regular stars. Here are a few pictures of the final product. this one is a bit crappy because its in the dark and my phone doesn't like the dark but you get the idea.
  6. A new month is upon us and with that we start back at our in-house 5v5s. This week we will start a little bit more straight forward in focusing on Communication and Team Comps / Pick and Ban Phase. Communication is key to doing anything in this game. You can't do everything yourself so use those pings and speak up in Discord. I also want to focus on team comps especially in pick and ban phase because you will want to pay close attention to what your team is picking and how it will effect your call outs. By this I man if your team is primarily assassins then chances are you wont be looking to call out a team fight. It will be more likely that you are calling for them to rotate to the skirmish to cleanup anyone at low health. Maybe you have mostly ADCs (I'm thinking about Graves jungle and Corki/Ezreal mids). Think about where the enemy is and how fast your team can either rotate to take an objective or push the lane they are in to take one there. If anyone has questions or would like help setting up hotkeys for pings feel free to message me and I will do what I can to help get you situated. See you guys Thursday night!
  7. The duel between MadCast: Quanta and myself has concluded. We both walkaway unscathed but I am the one that walks away with the victory.
  8. Greetings everyone! Its the end of the month and the time is upon us. We venture forth into the world together as 5 to take what we have learned into battle to crush our opponents! We will not be focusing on a new topic this week as we are going to be breaking into groups of 5 to go into normals and put into practice what we have been working this month. The topics covered this month are: Roaming, Map Awareness, Attack Move Mechanics / Trading damage effectively, Itemization, Recognizing Win Conditions (for both teams), Team Fights, Decision Making, Objective Control and/or Trading Objectives. This is a lot to keep in mind when you are playing your games so help each other out and work together to win your matches. Many of the previous LoL events have videos associated with the topics. I would suggest watching the videos or at least skimming them as there is a lot of information in them that will help you out. Videos are as follows and there are many more in previous months as well.
  9. This week I want to focus on roaming and map awareness. These things go hand in hand and can make a huge impact on the game. Keep in mind the timing of your opponents backs or when they leave lane so you can match their roam or warn your team where they might be heading. Ever have mid lane show up in bot and claim a double kill or show up in top lane just as you get back in lane? Wouldn't you love to stop this from happening? Work together with your team, let them know where your lane opponent is and match their roam if its appropriate. These are just some of the ways to help prevent these horrible snowballs from happening. No one likes a fed Zed other than the Zed.
  10. The death of one "Zombie Support Welfare" gives rise to "Zonqrow", the true master! Support Welfare - Zonqrow Clan- Nanten Eyes- Determined Look- Wanderer Sword- Dual Style- Agile
  11. During the fight with @MadCast: Wazap I felt overwhelmed with pity and decided to commit seppuku at the end of the duel. Wazap wins this one and I am now dead.