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  1. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Oh man you have no idea. I ran into some guy that thought he was going to make people rage quit because he used a blue wall replication deck. He would get a 0/5 wall out maybe 2 then put a card in play that would duplicate a card. He never had any damaging cards just walls till the end of time. I'm sitting here like what the hell? Ok cute. . . . Got my vamps with life link out and the vamp card that deals damage directly to the player whenever a vampire attacks. He ended up with 10 0/5 walls out and died with me at 40+ hp because of the lifelink. That was such a satisfying game.
  2. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Right now I'm running a White/Black Vampire Lifelink deck. Still working on the balance but its fun as hell to annoy people when they get me down to 4 HP and cant kill me because I get enough minions out that i can heal through their damage and do damage to them every time i heal. I'm going to be trying to put together a few more decks to round out my set but for now I'm just messing around and having fun.
  3. Magic The Gathering Arena

    i've been going heavy into buying packs. my rational is that i'd rather have more cards to iron out like 3 decks and have the cards to fill them out than mess around in a competitive system before I have a decent deck. Then again I'm pretty crappy at MTG games. I have tons of fun playing them though. Much more than Hearthstone anyway. Can't wait until they implement a friends list system so people can play with their friends.
  4. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Nice Waz. Glad to see you part of the community.
  5. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    Nice man. Grats
  6. I Built an Arcade

    lol. well start off by trying to convince her to let you just build the control pad for it and then you can build the arcade around it when you whittle her down. >.< I used a raspberry pi 3+ in my build and retro pie game distro for the emulators. Even got support for steam controller for it so i can use wireless controllers for up to 4 people. This thing is massive as hell with a 32" screen. stands about 80" tall and 34" wide. Obviously I didnt need it to be that big but hey go big or go back to your toy box! If you do ever manage to convince your other half to let you build one I'd be happy to help. There are some things I'd have loved to do with this one but just couldn't make them work due to cost, time or tools. Regardless this thing was SOOOOO much fun to build.
  7. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Holy crap Taco! Glad to hear some good news. I know you were kinda bummed with how things ended up going but now it seems like its worked out in your favor. Good luck on all the extra training / schooling and stuff.
  8. League of Learning 10-4-2018

    I found this video to help as well. It covers most of the same things the videos above cover with a bit different explanations and a couple examples in matches.
  9. I Built an Arcade

    As far as graphics go I was thinking of a mix of all sorts of old games together for the sides of the cabinet. For the name plate I'm not sure at all really. Meanie! =P lol
  10. I Built an Arcade

    I have been working little by little over the last couple months on a project to build a home made arcade cabinet for my living room. I have had the idea in the back of my mind for a few years now but finally got the push I needed to start the project. I did a ton of research online on what materials to use, how to put it together, how big I wanted it, what I'd need to do to make it sturdy enough. Eventually I took the plunge and started getting the materials together. It was a much bigger undertaking than I thought it was. One thing I realized pretty fast though is that there really isn't a "wrong" way to go about putting it together. I kept track of my build progress at the request of my Mom as she is in a different state and can't keep tabs on me. I figure I'd throw some of the photos up on here for the fun of it as I feel pretty proud of how it turned out. By no means is it pretty or eloquent but it was fun as hell to build and I learned a lot about what to do and not do if I build another one. I have had a few people at work already ask if I'd be willing to sell it or build them a smaller one. Here is the controller pad and the guts for it. The framework and it fully assembled and in my living room. I still have a few things to do to it like make a graphic for the name plate and back light it as well as put a shelf in the bottom but for now its sitting in my living room and I have already put a few hours into it.
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Don't worry. These pests will be dispatched shortly. We have already gone through most of these things." I ready myself to attack again. Holding up my weapon I channel energy and cast. 5 - 2(armor) damage to one statuette. One statuette dies and 5 remain. "Take that you troublesome statuettes."
  12. Intro: Wazap

    Wazap's candidacy period is about 1 week away from closing everyone. Get your comments in and let us know about your interactions with Waz! The SFMs always appreciate more detailed information and quality comments go a long way with that. Thank you to all of the FMs that have commented already. BTW, not to dissuade anyone from commenting on his thread but the guy does like pineapple on his pizza. But then everyone has their flaws.
  13. Season 15

    Well if it makes it any more motivating there are a few people i'm sure who would power level you (me included). We have a group going right now even.
  14. Season 15

    I'm sure i'll end up on there at some point as well. Especially if I have a few other people to play with. I will roll WD as I always do. they are just so versatile and fun to play.
  15. New Ranked Tiers

    It will be interesting to see how this works in practice instead of theory. Looking forward to the next season and all the chaos it brings.