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  1. League of Learning 12-13-18 (9pm EST)

    About 2 hours until League of Learning tonight. Be sure to be on early so we can get sorted early and start some games.
  2. Greetings everyone! Its time for our League of Learning event again. This week I'd like to revisit some of our topics we have done in the past. Topics: Champ select / team comp, warding, objective control Tonight we are going to focus on warding for objectives and as an extension to that overall objective control. I'd like to focus more on dragon control this week as the spawn timers got changed and I feel they are becoming a much stronger objective with the buffs to the first dragon of each type. This will all start in champ select. We want to put champions together that will allow for easier objective control but still fit well together. This can mean great team fighters, zone control for the corridors of the jungle, split pushers to create pressure in other lanes away from the objective being fought over or assassins that can create pics before or around the objective allowing for easier takes. While our focus is on these 3 things remember to keep the other topics we have covered in the back of your mind and always communicate with your team about what is going on.
  3. Blind match games to play the new champ

    So I was talking with MadCast: Wabbitz and we were thinking it might be fun to do some blind mode normals with a group of 5 people. This way we can practice whatever champion we would like and are going to get that champion no matter what. This gives us a great opportunity to play the new champion Neeko in multiple roles instead of dealing with her being perma banned in normal draft. So I wanted to make a post to see how many people would be interested in putting a group together. Post here or get a hold of me on Discord if you are interested and we can figure out a time people can get together and destroy some blind games.
  4. An interesting perspective

    So I was browsing the school of league subreddit and came across an interesting tip. It has to do with changing your screen resolution to basically trick the league client into showing a wider angle. if properly setup you can see up to an extra 50% of the play area. I plan on playing around with this later as I think it could be really useful as more information in game is ALWAYS good. the link to the post is
  5. MadCast Welcomes: doublestufforeo

    congrats DSO.
  6. Funday Monday 11-26-18

    I know its a bit late in the day but a reminder that we have Funday Monday tonight. I'll be running the event tonight at 9pm EST as Baal will be unavailable. Come on out and have some fun.
  7. Not So League of Learning 11-22-2018

    ^ this man has the right idea!
  8. Intro - Raeden

    Raeden's candidacy ends on the 13th so I wan to remind people to get some games in with him so you can leave feedback in his candidacy thread. Thanks everyone.
  9. PC Build Contest!

    I'm kind of surprised how little money is left over after a decent motherboard/CPU and a video card. I was hoping to put a water cooled LCD loop into it as well but ran out of money. >.< I love doing this kind of thing though so I had fun.
  10. PC Build Contest!

    I really had a hankering to make a Threadripper build so here ya go. My build doesn't include Windows 10 OS because I chose to assume that one would already have a copy of Windows 10
  11. PC Build Contest!

    if that converts to $1900 US then thats a LOT of money to play with. I usually do my builds at less than $900 US. This might be fun. going to go mess around with a build now
  12. PC Build Contest!

    is there a pref on CPU? AMD CPUs are much more budget friendly but an Intel build can be made.
  13. League of Learning 10-25-2018

    A reminder to all that League of Learning is tonight at 9:00 EST. Join us for some fun.
  14. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Oh man you have no idea. I ran into some guy that thought he was going to make people rage quit because he used a blue wall replication deck. He would get a 0/5 wall out maybe 2 then put a card in play that would duplicate a card. He never had any damaging cards just walls till the end of time. I'm sitting here like what the hell? Ok cute. . . . Got my vamps with life link out and the vamp card that deals damage directly to the player whenever a vampire attacks. He ended up with 10 0/5 walls out and died with me at 40+ hp because of the lifelink. That was such a satisfying game.
  15. Magic The Gathering Arena

    Right now I'm running a White/Black Vampire Lifelink deck. Still working on the balance but its fun as hell to annoy people when they get me down to 4 HP and cant kill me because I get enough minions out that i can heal through their damage and do damage to them every time i heal. I'm going to be trying to put together a few more decks to round out my set but for now I'm just messing around and having fun.