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  1. The greatest discord join EVER!

    RedJustice pointed this out to me earlier and I had to post this because its just awesome. What are the odds that that random message would pop up for that join.
  2. IRL friendship in all its glory

    Disclaimer: At no point during the making of this beat down (because she is a freaking wimp) were any fat kids (me) harmed. Stunt doubles and highly paid professional actors were paid to recreate this scene for your viewing pleasure.
  3. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    oh god.... its happening. EVERYBODY RUN!!! lol. glad to see you placed an into Kitty. Welcome to the community.
  4. Opinions on Pyke?

    Lots of fun to play but like people have said already.... very feast of famine. I've played him support a few times now and he is decent in early fights as long as the enemy team doesn't focus you right away. his stun is a really good tool for surprise gank facilitation but over all i think he is too useless without a health pool to be of use in the later stages of the game. His cooldowns are a bit long as well but if you hit them properly you can really create a huge advantage in laning phase. He wont be a mid lane assasin because he is too easy to blow up with his lack of health pool and he isnt good at jungle with the lack of clear early and ease of other junglers being able to invade on him. I do think its a really fun concept that riot has for this champion but his kit seems to limit the playability too much.
  5. TSM, We need to talk about this...

    what the hell was that..... I feel as though my life has been robbed of this for so long and now that my eyes are open I dont know the direction of my life anymore.
  6. Intro - Duraven

    Glad to see you on the forums. Looking forward to playing more games with you.
  7. Intro-Kusenryuujin

    Glad to see you applying for candidacy. good luck and i'll see you in game.
  8. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    I want to thank you guys for the work you do and for everything you guys do for the community. Glad to see that we are always working to better the community.
  9. Great Games Go!

    Just had this game in an ARAM. It felt really damn good.
  10. LF Advice/Coach

    If you guys do this while streaming can i get in on this too? i'd love to get help with my game and maybe try to learn a new role as well.
  11. Great Games Go!

    you are a disgusting individual Baal. . . and my hero.
  12. /dev: Updates to Ranked for 2019

    some quality of life changes (long overdue) and some interesting separation of crowded rank teirs. should be interesting to see how it works in practice.
  13. Replay coaching interest

    I think this sounds like a fun idea. I'd be up for helping out with reviewing from a low Elo perspective unless you plan on having the people doing the reviewing be higher elo in order to better help the people who are submitting the replays. Either way I'm in on this idea!
  14. Intro: catperson96

    Welcome to the community. Glad to see more people joining up.
  15. Intro: Edge Queen

    Glad to have another Zyra lover in the group. look forward to seeing you in game. Welcome to the community.