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  1. Hello again everyone! This week is our last League of Learning for a while (until after New Years). This week I want to cover a few things. Don't worry, its nothing too overwhelming. With the pre-season patch hitting there are a lot of changes to how the game plays out. With that in mind I want to keep the item changes in mind as there have been many changes and even some removals as well as returns. I suggest reading up on the patch notes in the game client for specifics. The other thing I want to cover is "attitude". With new changes and the game changes shaking things up so much there are bound to be some lack of knowledge while people figure out the shape of the new meta and how things all work out. So the overall theme for this week will be a focus on learning how the patch effects our game play as a team. We will put more of a focus on the end of game analysis so be prepared to spend extra time on it as the game warrants it. As always, have fun and I'll see you Thursday night!
  2. I'm open to upping the points for 1st but I do feel that 4 point difference between 1st and 2nd is a bit much so I think I'll make it 3 points between 1st, 2nd and 3rd which would look like: 1st - 10 pts 2nd - 7 pts 3rd - 4 pts 4th - 2 pts 5th to 8th - no points This way you still get a big point reward for coming in 1st or 2nd but not so massive that its crushing. I have also looked into the video that Kitty mentioned and I do kind of like the idea of side quests to reward points outside of what place you get. The only thing I want to be careful with here is that they are easily identifiable at the end game screen and shown in your team comp. Basically make them a bit more simple over all. Things like having a full GOLD level origin (9 member buff), although that can be augmented by spatula items. Either way its pretty easy to see for the most part. Or finish a game with NO buff over bronze level. Stuff like that. I might make it manditory to take end of match screen shots of your comp if we end up going with more complicated tasks for points. Something to consider and work out at least. If the tournament happens there will be a sign up for it and people will be held to showing up if they sign up. The tournament also wont happen until after the holidays (after New Years) as holidays always get in the way of things. I do like the ideas guys. Keep them coming.
  3. With the holidays coming up I am going to be putting a hold on League of Learning until after New Years. Everyone will be busy with all the fun things that come with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years so I think a little break is in order. This will go into effect the last week of November. This means that we will have a League of Learning next week (11-21-2019) but will not have a League of Learning on (11-28-2019) until after New Years. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.
  4. Greetings everyone! I am wanting to run a small TFT tournament for MadCast Members. To do that I want to cement some rules to follow for the tournament but I'd like to get everyone's feedback so that we can make this as fair as possible (or as fair as an RNG based game can be). I have some basic format in place but am open to any suggestions as well as any ideas on how to make things a bit more fun. I don't have a date in mind just yet as all the holidays will be keeping people pretty busy so its likely that it will be after New Years hits. Let me know what you think and feel free to throw any suggestions in here. Here is my rough draft on the format for the tournament: We will do a total of 3 games. It will not matter if we do a full 8 man group as points are static based upon place that you finish in. 1st - 8 pts 2nd - 6 pts 3rd - 4 pts 4th - 2 pts 5th to 8th - 0 pts If we do not have enough for a full in house 8 man group we will split into even groups (as best we can) and queue up. The random people in the games will act as obstacles. They do not count for points if you eliminate them but they will count for overall place. This means if you queue up in a 5 man group you end up with 3 PUGs. If the 3 random players get 1st, 3rd and 4th then the best anyone in that game can do is get 6 pts. Example: 1st - PUG #1 2nd - Tournament player #1 3rd - PUG #2 4th - PUG #3 5th to 8th - Tournament player #2 - #5 The one to get the most points out of everyone in the tournament will receive a mystery skin from me.
  5. This week's focus will be on teamfighting and cooldown tracking. I want you to keep in mind what your opponents CDs are and try to play around them in lane and eventually when you get into the teamfighting stage of the game. This could mean something as simple as Morgana's Q is down so she doesn't have binding which means her team is going to have a tougher time pealing for their damage dealers. This does also mean the big CDs such as Ults and summoner spells like Flash, Ignite, Teleport, Exhaust, etc. Try to play around these spells, bait them out, keep your own teams CDs in mind when looking for a fight or engage. Its a tough thing to balance in the heat of the moment but it will make you a much better player to have this skill under your belt. And as always everyone have fun! See you Thursday night!
  6. This week there will be no specific focus in game. We will still have the end of match game breakdown but this will be more geared toward just having some fun in games. I'm more than happy to give you guys homework assignments at the time of the event if you would like something specific to work on or if you have something in mind I'd be happy to keep an eye out in game and focus feedback on what you are working on. See you there!
  7. Just bumping this to remind people that we will not have League of Learning this week.
  8. This week there will be no event as it falls on Halloween and lets be honest, we are all going to be in diabetic comas from all of the candy. Have a great Halloween everyone!
  9. This week is another straight to the point focus in that we will be paying special attention to the mini map! That's right folks, the mini map. Keep you eyes open for movement on the mini map so you don't get caught out during rotations or ganks. Know where you enemy is as well as your allies so you can kill mercilessly and not suffer the consequences!
  10. Congrats sir! Your website perms are changed as well as your Discord perms. Welcome to MadCast!
  11. This week will be a bit different. I want to take time to relax and enjoy the game. So if a thing this week I want to focus on having fun. See you tonight.
  12. This week for League of Learning we are going to be doing with something a bit more simple. No iron clad focus. We will be going in and playing new champions that you are wanting to learn the interactions with or how to trade with. This means NO MAIN champions. This is focused on trying new champions and learning how to match up against your opponents. See you tonight everyone.
  13. This week we do our normal in house 5v5 games. The topics for this week will be "Objective Control" and when that isn't possible we work on "Trading Objectives". Prep for your objectives by warding ahead of time (60+ seconds so you can see the enemy warding / ward clearing), force fights when its appropriate and when you can't take the fight or you are out of position or even if you are just prioritizing a different objective, work on setting up or taking a different objective in response.
  14. Thursday is here again and this week instead of going into normals and putting into practice what we have covered over the month we will be doing our regular in-house games. The reason for this is that because of holidays and things we only had 2 actual weeks of games. That's alright though because we get to beat on each other in in-house games some more! Our topics for this week are going to be "Roaming" and "Collapsing / Rotations". These go together for obvious reasons. You are going to want to roam when your lane is ahead or when you have the enemy pushed in or when you have some sort of advantage that allows you to leave lane for a bit. This naturally leads into collapsing on enemies when they try to invade or if you are on the enemy team when someone goes roaming, you will want to try to coordinate with your team to collapse on them and murder them without remorse. And again this will lead to rotating between lanes when you get ahead or take towers or when you are wanting to prioritize a particular objective. The key thing to remember as always is communication. Always let your team know whats going on.
  15. As the new cycle begins, it is our tradition to look back on the last cycle and recognize our Ranking Full Members for all the hard work they put in to make our community a wonderful place to not only play games, but also connect and make lifelong friends. The Outstanding RFM award serves to recognize an RFM who gave exemplary effort throughout the cycle. The Outstanding RFM for Cycle XXXIII is none other than, @MadCast: Dez! His ambition to make LoL Mafia a success and all the work he put in on the point system with feedback from everyone is exactly what we like to see from our admins. His light hearted and fun nature at his events is really inviting to new or old members and entertaining for all. Please join the Staff and SFMs in congratulating MadCast: Dez, Outstanding RFM of Cycle XXXIII.
  16. The following members have received awards for their service as an admin during Cycle XXXIII RFMs: @MadCast: CoachRivers @MadCast: Craiden @MadCast: Dez The rest of the RFMs already have the award and the only SFM that didn't have the SFM award was myself. This reflects the admin staff at the end of the cycle.
  17. This week we will be focusing on "Map Awareness" and "Communication". The relation between the two topics should be pretty clear, you have to pay attention to your map to know what is going on around you and you need to communicate that information to the rest of your team. Pretty straightforward right? Lets get out there and have some fun. See you guys Thursday night at 9pm EST.
  18. With the new skins they released a pretty cool new animation. @MadCast: Kitty Stark and I had watched it geeking out over the small tidbits of lore we tried to gleam from the subtle things in the video. Either way I thought it was an interesting animation, even if I wasn't a fan of them using like 4 different types of animation in the video.
  19. This weeks topic will be what we would have gone with last week if I had not made last minute changes. We will be focusing on Trading Damage and couple that with recognizing your win conditions. Recognizing your win conditions is something everyone should start looking at before you even get into game. You can start getting an idea of what fights will look like when you see what the teams are picking. If your team is going with assassins in the jungle and mid with a brawler in top then you are likely looking at a pick comp. You will want to find small fights or ambushes in the jungle where you can quickly delete one player and gain an advantage on pushing an objective from there. If you are running a tank in jungle and top with a control mage in mid it's likely you will be looking for a teamfight based play or even siege comp to take towers. The other side of that is knowing how well your lanes are doing vs. how well the enemy team's lanes are doing. Know who is fightable and who isn't. You don't want to 1v1 a 9/1/4 Irellia when you are on a 2/2/3 Jax. Look at items, approximate gold and think about what they are wanting to do in the game to get their team ahead. All this will give you some picture of what you need to do to tilt the scales in your favor. You know, the "win conditions" I mentioned earlier. As for trading damage, this is more for early game lane dominance. If you are trading effectively you will push your opponent out of lane more often, force them into a passive game play style and give you the chance to get ahead in lane and eventually spill that over into other lanes. Nice and simple. I'll see you guys Thursday night!
  20. @MadCast: Nimli your nomination for the Fellowship Award for @MadCast: Craiden has been awarded. < that sounds weird to say out loud. lol. Congrats Craiden! And thank you Nimli for taking the time to nominate a fellow member.
  21. The closest thing to starting over would be leveling up a new warframe. As far as getting back into content and not feeling overwhelmed, that's something racer as well as myself can help you with. We are both vets of the game at this point and the game is so much more fun with friends. For those of us that have done so much a lot of the joy of playing the game comes from helping new players. Bottom line is even if this doesn't make the rotation and you are still interested in picking the game up just fine me or racer and I'm pretty sure we will be loading the game up before you finish asking for help.
  22. Ended up making last minute tweaks to the topics tonight as we had less than needed show up. I will repost this topic for next week's League of Learning session.
  23. This week we are jumping into it with a core mechanic of Attack Move/Trading Damage and couple that with recognizing your win conditions.
  24. @MadCast: RacerDelux has now been awarded the Fellowship Bronze Oakleaf.
  25. @MadCast: doublestufforeo and @MadCast: VoShay Thank you both for the kind nomination.