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  1. So I'm making a change to the roll position thanks to some good conversation with people before League of Learning last week. Instead of a 1d8 roll and dealing with a bunch of tie breaker rolls, we just roll 1d100 and go with that order. Baring Mucker from rolling because of loaded dice though. 3 sub 10 rolls in a row.
  2. We tried a new game mode on Funday Monday this week while you were gone Baal. "RPG Items" - You have to fill out an RPG characters item slots. Helm, Boots, Torso, Main hand, Off Hand and Accessory. You are allowed to Dual wield for characters such as Olaf who is actually carrying 2 weapons. Any other stipulations are up to you on that. I have also made a spreadsheet to classify each item in the game and where they fit.
  3. I missed the Phantom needing a 4 cost unit. that one will be struck from the list. As far as getting hit with not having something in the pick that you can use, yes, you can choose anything just to get you started. If we add the stipulation of being able to use whatever gets you buy until the first PvP round, I think it should alleviate some of the trouble. Meaning Glacial and Demon don't get totally screwed over. Going off the % chance chart as a reference, I think I will change the comp chart a bit and strike Elementalist, Imperial and Phantom as mentioned above. This will make the remaining comps all have access to either a T1 or T2 champion early enough to make a comp by the first PvP round as you will have hit level 3 by then. Hitting level 3 gives you a 30% chance at getting T2 champions. In theory you could still get crap luck and never see enough champions of your comp by that point. If that happens you have 2 options, 1) tough it out and take the HP hits or 2) resign yourself to the fact that RNGesus hates you. >.< The Revised list would look like this: 1 - Noble 2 - Glacial 3 - Demon 4 - Yordle 5 - Knight 6 - Gunslinger 7 - Sorcerer 8 - Assassins 9 - Void 10 - Brawler 11 - Shapeshifter 12 - Ranger 13 - Wild 14 - Blademaster 15 - Pirate @MadCast: Dez Find me in Discord and we can hash out a few more details and run a few mock games. Maybe we can find a few other people that would be interested in testing out some of this with us.
  4. I wanted to gauge interest in a new game event revolving around Teamfight Tactics that I've been working on. I wanted to post what I have here so far and see if you guys have any interest in trying it out and maybe add/tweak/improve what I have so far. Let me know what you think below! 1 - Noble 2 - Glacial 3 - Demon 4 - Yordle 5 - Knight 6 - Gunslinger 7 - Sorcerer 8 - Assassins 9 - Void 10 - Phantom 11 - Shapeshifter 12 - Ranger 13 - Imperial 14 - Blademaster 15 - Pirate 16 - Wild 17 - Brawler 18 - Elementalist Rules: At the start of the event everyone gets sorted into their groups (if we have more than 8 people we can split into multiple groups or have a bench to rotate in). Once in your group, those 8 people will roll a dice (!roll 1d8) in the #tabletop-dice channel to determine roll position. You then roll a dice (!roll 1d18) in the Discord channel #tabletop-dice to get assigned your team comp. You MUST get at least the first level of this comp first before you start building anything else. i.e. if you roll a 7 you are assigned sorcerer. You then have to get the first buff from Sorcerer before you can start putting anything else out on the field. You can put multiple of the same sorcerer out on the field to bolster numbers but until you get the first buff from your assigned comp you can't place other units on the board. This also means you can't buy other unit types until you get that first buff. This will give an advantage to some types over others (2 champs to get the buff vs. 3 champs to get the buff). The first player eliminated each game will be awarded a "WILD CARD" that will allow you permission to have 1 unit on the board of a different type before you gain your first buff. This will be "consumed" once you declair you want to use it. 1 time use only. Excluded Comps: Exile - There is only 1 of them and you cant get it until level 5 at the earliest. Dragon - There are only 2 of them and 1 of them is a 4 cost unit you cant get until level 5. Robot - There is only 1 robot in the game Guardian - There are only 2 of them and 1 of them is a 4 cost unit you cant get until level 5. Ninja - Because you only need 1 of them in order to get the buff and this will introduce too many unfair situations for people that get this assigned to them. Everything else has a 1, 2 or 3 cost unit that can be obtained early enough in the game that it wont impact play too drastically. So a mock up situation would look like this. 8 people in the channel. Everyone rolls 1d8 to determine roll position Player #1 - !roll 1d8 = 3 Player #2 - !roll 1d8 = 5 Player #3 - !roll 1d8 = 2 Player #4 - !roll 1d8 = 7 Player #5 - !roll 1d8 = 6 Player #6 - !roll 1d8 = 3 Player #7 - !roll 1d8 = 1 Player #8 - !roll 1d8 = 3 Player #1, #6 and #8 do another roll to sort out position. Those rolls determine final position. Player #1 - !roll 1d8 = 5 Player #6 - !roll 1d8 = 1 Player #8 - !roll 1d8 = 2 In this situation the final roll order will be: Player #7 Player #3 Player #6 Player #8 Player #2 Player #5 Player #4 Player #1 Then everyone rolls (!roll 1d18) in that order to determine their team comp and we play from there. It will take a bit of setup but I think it will be a fun change to the game mode. More havoc and even more RNG!!!
  5. You wish you drunkard! Nimli don't listen to this old codger he is just jealous. Hope your vacation is a blast and hope your shoulder issue gets situated soon. Gaming is an important part of any health individuals mental health!
  6. League of Learning is here again everyone. This week I want to try something a bit different and by that I mean I want to give each lane their own assignment to focus on. ----Top Lane---- Pushing out lane when jungle is wanting to do herald or get scuttle control. This gives a bit more safety for the jungler in case the enemy show up to counter. ----Jungle---- When invading a buff let your laner know so that they can collapse if things go wrong. Its always safer to have backup. Letting your lanes know what you are planning allows them to react faster when things go wrong. ----Mid Lane---- Ward enemy jungle paths on a regular basis to help prevent ganks and help keep eyes on the enemy jungler. Its much easier to prevent ganks when you can see where the enemy jungler is. ----ADC---- Communicating with your support when to go in / follow up when your support goes in. You are much more effective when you go in together. If you actually talk to each other this happens much more frequently. ----Support---- Get deep vision in the enemy jungle when appropriate / safe. This means not going alone and if you are going alone making sure you probe bushes with abilities and keeping an eye where the enemy is on the mini map. The idea behind these tasks is to focus on a specific aspect of teamwork. Its easy to say, communicate what you are doing, in a general sense but its much easier to do that when you only have one specific thing to keep in mind. This will lead to a bit longer of a lane breakdown at the end of the match but I think that a narrower focus may help drive in the skills being worked on.
  7. Come one, come all! Step up and try your luck in the ring of random League of Legends fun. . . Funday Monday Event is upon us! Bring friends, bring enemies, bring family, bring your in-laws.... well maybe not in-laws >.> Event starts at 9pm EST Monday the 15th. Expect 3 or more games of pure evil fun! Teemo will be there, for better or worse. See you guys there!
  8. I'm sorry for not responding in here with any updates to the format or responses to your comments. I have been for the most part going over them in the League of Learning into I do at the start of the event. I appreciate your feedback and as @MadCast: Pushover stated above the format of pure inhouse will generally be better for actually learning and imporving the mechanics of a person but I feel that without being able to practice them in real situations against a group of people you are unfamiliar with the mechanics don't really get driven home as hard. With that 3 weeks of inhouse and 1 week of normal to apply what we went over that month has been mostly successful and will be a rotation that I will follow for the event going forward. I know I have also talked to @MadCast: Namflow as well as @MadCast: Dez, to name a few, about their thoughts on the format as well as many others. I appreciate everyone sticking with the event through some of the growing pains and I know there are always way to improve on things so I'd like to ask you to keep bringing your feedback to this thread or to me specifically so we can make the event better and bring more people to the community. I agree that having a person to spectate for each game would be ideal but that can't always be achieved. I will always volunteer to sit out and spectate if we have overflow as well as a bench if something happens to someone. I know there are a few others that do the same and I thank you for that. To address the games that turn into stomps, I know this is very frustrating for both sides as neither side really gets anything out of the game at that point. I'm always open to hear suggestions about ways to balance teams. If that means having permanent captains for teams (provided they can show up consistantly and are willing to lead a team of inhouse) where we can basically setup teams where there will be specific people always together / always against each other for the sake of balance then that is something we can try to figure out. Unfortunatly its rather difficult to balance well when we are rotating people in and/or have new players of varying skill levels join in for the event. Its amazing to have a solid core group of people that tend to show up on a regular basis. I'd love to find a way to use that to our advantage so games are less of a stomp and more of a fight to the bitter end.
  9. This week I want to work on something that I've been working on personally and think its worth going over in League of Learning again. We will be covering "attitude" as well as "better decision making" in game. These topics go hand in hand. If you go into a game with a good attitude and you understand that people will make mistakes, that overcoming these mistakes and turning things around is what makes this game so rewarding to play, that naturally leads to better decisions. This goes the other way as well. If you get in the habit of making decisions that are right for the situation it will lead to a better more relaxed attitude throughout your games. The point of covering these topics is not to remove irritation from the game but to learn how to deal with it and to keep a level head when you approach any situation and make an informed decision as to what should be done. With that being said I'll see you on the rift.
  10. A friendly reminder for this weeks event as we won't be having an event due to 4th of July. I am still planning to be around for other games.
  11. This week we will not have a League of Learning event as it is the 4th of July. Holidays are time for family thus I will be canceling the event for this week. I still plan to be around to run random fun games if people are on. Likely Teamfight Tactics games and crazyness will be had. Have a happy 4th everyone!
  12. I know people have mentioned it already but I'd hold off on any major items as AMD has announced that mid July we should be seeing things from them (video cards I believe) and their processors coming later this year which means a flood of motherboards with fancy new features if you go that route. I like the direction people are pointing you thus far (RAM and Hard Drive upgrade). I've been thinking about getting an M.2 for my system as well. Let me know what the diff looks like if you get one.
  13. For clarity here is the list of commands according to the bot. l!startgame l!endgame l!leave l!joingame l!weeklytop l!clearlb l!votephase l!pluspoints l!subtractpoints l!alltimetop l!mypoints l!mypointsAllTime
  14. The end of the month is upon us and that means we will be going into 5 man normal games to practice what we have gone over. As a recap the topics this month were: Communication and Team Comps / Pick and Ban Phase, Sieging / breaking a siege as well as closing out a game and finally, Ganking as well as Collapsing and Rotating. We have also now had enough time to get a feel for the new format and how it works. I'd like to hear everyones thoughts on the new rotation as we have been sticking with it for a while now. Please let me know what you think of the format, likes / dislikes, any changes you'd like to see, anything at all please post it HERE or feel free to message me directly. See you guys on Thursday night!
  15. Greetings! Always glad to see new people especially with a wide variety of games they play. I head up our League of Learning event every week on Thursday night 9pm EST, so if you are looking to get back into League I'd like to suggest you stop by and join us. Its a good way to ease back into League without too much pressure and its fun! I'll shoot you an add in League.
  16. This week we will be looking into Ganking as well as Collapsing and Rotating. When you are looking to gank a lane (this is not specific to junglers) think about where wards might be, how long you have been out of lane or not seen and what approach gives you the best chance to get something out of the gank (force a summoner spell or get a kill). Is it more stealthy to go through lane, wait in a side bush for a few seconds through the enemy jungle and behind their turret? Where was the jungler last seen? What is his likely pathing (a bit easier to assume their pathing early on in the game)? Where are the other lanes at? Could they close in on you? And this brings us to our other topic "collapsing and rotating". Usually collapsing after a fight is already under way is too late. Not always though. There are some signs that you can read that will give you clues to if the enemy is looking to gank a specific lane (is dragon/baron/rift up? Does the top lane have TP and playing back a bit while bot is pushing and trading heavily? Has mid lane or support been missing for 30+ seconds?). This and many more hints will give you an idea to your enemies movements. Use this information to setup counter ganks or to get an objective on the other side of the map. I have a couple videos I'd like to share. I know they are more or less jungle specific but there are tricks that can be used for any roaming players to take advantage of.
  17. This week I want to cover Sieging / breaking a siege as well as closing out a game. I feel these go hand in hand as you are going to want to siege the enemy base until you catch someone or you can put enough pressure to take baron to force the push into their base. This brings us to closing out a game. Its not always needed that you take baron and push into the base. It obviously helps but the ever terrifying baron throw is always in the back of ones mind and if you don't need to risk that and can siege effectively you will not have to risk it. Knowing what to do and how to do it effectively are very important skills to have in League of Legends. Sieging and breaking that siege if you are the opposing team to the siege is a major way to get to that end goal. Victory! I hope to see many of you at League of Learning. Bring friends, bring family, bring that person selling puka shell necklaces on the corner for 3 bucks. Just bring as many people as you can and lets have some fun.
  18. lol. I wish I had pictures of the build step by step because you could see the horror that those things are hiding right now. I put them on to hide the bad corners because I didn't have a dado blade for my table saw yet. I'll be fixing that for future builds. My workshop is still pretty damn limited so far. It will get there little by little though.
  19. Just thought I'd share a creation born of one of my hobbies. I still have a lot to learn and refine but this was a huge help in that it gave me practice and showed me what not to do next time. I made a closed box with a foam insert that has fiber optic poking through it to produce a couple star constellations. It has a motor inside with a clear textured plate that rotates to create a shimmering effect for the stars. There are 2 color lights (blue and white) to highlight the constellations and set them apart from the regular stars. Here are a few pictures of the final product. this one is a bit crappy because its in the dark and my phone doesn't like the dark but you get the idea.
  20. A new month is upon us and with that we start back at our in-house 5v5s. This week we will start a little bit more straight forward in focusing on Communication and Team Comps / Pick and Ban Phase. Communication is key to doing anything in this game. You can't do everything yourself so use those pings and speak up in Discord. I also want to focus on team comps especially in pick and ban phase because you will want to pay close attention to what your team is picking and how it will effect your call outs. By this I man if your team is primarily assassins then chances are you wont be looking to call out a team fight. It will be more likely that you are calling for them to rotate to the skirmish to cleanup anyone at low health. Maybe you have mostly ADCs (I'm thinking about Graves jungle and Corki/Ezreal mids). Think about where the enemy is and how fast your team can either rotate to take an objective or push the lane they are in to take one there. If anyone has questions or would like help setting up hotkeys for pings feel free to message me and I will do what I can to help get you situated. See you guys Thursday night!
  21. The duel between MadCast: Quanta and myself has concluded. We both walkaway unscathed but I am the one that walks away with the victory.
  22. Greetings everyone! Its the end of the month and the time is upon us. We venture forth into the world together as 5 to take what we have learned into battle to crush our opponents! We will not be focusing on a new topic this week as we are going to be breaking into groups of 5 to go into normals and put into practice what we have been working this month. The topics covered this month are: Roaming, Map Awareness, Attack Move Mechanics / Trading damage effectively, Itemization, Recognizing Win Conditions (for both teams), Team Fights, Decision Making, Objective Control and/or Trading Objectives. This is a lot to keep in mind when you are playing your games so help each other out and work together to win your matches. Many of the previous LoL events have videos associated with the topics. I would suggest watching the videos or at least skimming them as there is a lot of information in them that will help you out. Videos are as follows and there are many more in previous months as well.