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  1. This week I want to focus on roaming and map awareness. These things go hand in hand and can make a huge impact on the game. Keep in mind the timing of your opponents backs or when they leave lane so you can match their roam or warn your team where they might be heading. Ever have mid lane show up in bot and claim a double kill or show up in top lane just as you get back in lane? Wouldn't you love to stop this from happening? Work together with your team, let them know where your lane opponent is and match their roam if its appropriate. These are just some of the ways to help prevent these horrible snowballs from happening. No one likes a fed Zed other than the Zed.
  2. The death of one "Zombie Support Welfare" gives rise to "Zonqrow", the true master! Support Welfare - Zonqrow Clan- Nanten Eyes- Determined Look- Wanderer Sword- Dual Style- Agile
  3. During the fight with @MadCast: Wazap I felt overwhelmed with pity and decided to commit seppuku at the end of the duel. Wazap wins this one and I am now dead.
  4. I am posting the format that I will be using for League of Learning going forward here for the sake of clarity. The first 3 weeks of the month we will use the standard 5v5 in-house format broken up into ranks that will be as balanced as I am able to make them. The last week of the month we will be following the new format that I have been testing out of 5 man groups going into a normal match to put what we have gone over in the previous events that month into practice. For more in depth breakdown of that format see this thread. Again, any questions please feel free to DM me or feel free to post here.
  5. I came out victorious in my duel against @MadCast: Kitty Stark. We both walked away without being wounded.
  6. Proceeding the death of one "Support Welfare" his successor appears "Zombie Support Welfare" Support Welfare - Zombie Support Welfare Clan- Nanten Eyes- Determined Look- Wanderer Sword- Dual Style- Agile
  7. Support Welfare - Support Welfare Clan- Nanten Eyes- Sharp Look- Wanderer Sword- Dual Sided Scythe Blade Style- Unorthodox
  8. I'm absolutely open to suggestions on the event and am grateful to anyone willing to offer an opinion. But I would like that discussion to happen in the Feedback Thread.
  9. In house. I will be making a post in the League of Legends subforum outlining the rotation for the formats. Basically it will come down to the first 3 weeks being in-house and the last week of the month being the 5 man group that goes into normals to put what we have been focusing on that month in a regular match.
  10. This week I want to go over a few things that all go hand in hand. Attack move mechanic / trading damage effectively, itemization for the matchup and knowing your win conditions. While this might look like a lot to keep in mind, a lot of this you do without really realizing you are doing it. The focus tonight will be on improving these skills. You all know that to win fights in lane you should poke your opponent out a bit before you just all in them (most of the time) and you know generally that building MR items against an ADC like Jinx isnt going to do you any good (I hope). What I want to try to focus on with this is to get you to think about what the better item would be when you are getting to your mid to late game situations. Say you are Malphite in top lane and the enemy team has a Yi jungle and a Zed mid. Is it more useful to go with a Randuin's or would it be better to go with a thornmail? Maybe even a frozen heart? A lot of this will depend on who is ahead, who is doing more roaming, where you are compared to your lane opponent. There is no clear cut "always go with this option". This is where you might want to ask your team what they think would better suit the situation (see... Communication is key guys!). Now enter our last focus, Win Conditions. Knowing what the enemy team's win conditions will help you decide who you want to shut down harder. In turn knowing what your own win conditions are will help your team win as well. It does you no good as a Malphite to go full AP and dive bomb their back line when the rest of the enemy team is shredding through your team faster than you can delete 1 member of their team. With all that in mind I hope to see you Thursday!
  11. Welcome. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  12. I'm with baal on this one. I'll jump on and likely play for a while then wait till the mood strikes me. Would love people to play with though while the season is fresh.
  13. A reminder that League of Learning is tonight at 9pm EST.
  14. This week we are going to be using our previous League of Learning "in-house" format. A team of 5 against another team of 5. The topic for this week is going to focus on team fights and making better decisions. This isn't limited to just team fights but the entire game but I want to focus on making heavily on team fighting. As team are a major way you gain objectives and eventually win the game or even turn a game around, I think its time we come back round to the subject. There is no "golden rule" to winning a team fight and there are no guides to team fights as every fight will be different. With that in mind I have a few videos from the LCS casters on team fight breakdowns that should help a bit.
  15. After a couple weeks of trying the new format I have got some feedback on the changes. I appreciate everyone that weighed in on what they liked and what they would like to see happen with the event. With that in mind I have decided to go with a modification in the monthly format. Instead of staying with groups of 5 going into normal games with a learning aspect in mind every week we will instead be doing this once a month at the end of the month. I got a lot of feedback about how the changes made to the event removes what people thought was the heart of the event, the lane breakdown at the end of the game. So what will happen going forward will be a 3 week set of our normal "old style" League of Learning with 5v5 in-house games with the last week of the month being the new format of groups of 5 going into normals with the idea in mind that you will be using what you have been focusing on in the previous weeks that month, putting all you have learned into practice. Any questions just let me know.
  16. This week our topic will revolve around Objective Control and Trading Objectives when its appropriate. Something I've run into a lot in games (even in our League of Learning games) is a ping or call out saying/indicating "they are doing dragon" or "they are starting herald/baron" which leads people to scramble to get there just in time to see it die. The purpose of these topics is to hopefully give us some focus on getting there BEFORE the enemy starts it. Ideally we get it before they have a chance to react. There are a lot of contributing factors to being able to take an objective such as a lane being pushed forcing the enemy team to spend more resources on that side of the map to get the wave under control, ganking a lane and getting a kill so that you have less enemies on the map for when you are actually going to group and take something (turret, dragon, herald, baron), hell even warding so you can see the enemy jungler is top lane and getting them to stay around and waste their time is pretty huge. Vision in general will be massive when you want to take objectives. Everyone has been in a game where you are pressing your advantage and pushing a tower but you don't have wards in the jungle so you can't see the flank that is about to wipe your entire team out. Point is when it comes to objectives there are a couple ways to look at them, one is to get vision and make sure you see anyone coming when you start taking an objective or when you know the enemy is taking an objective and you wont be there in time to do anything about it then you get something in return. They take dragon and you can't get there in time but you have your jungler top lane? Push top hard and take the turret. That way you still come away with something and you can look to set something up later with there being no T1 Turret in top (herald take?). I hope to see everyone there Thursday night and we will be continuing with the new format of running groups of 5 in normals.
  17. We will be going forward with the changes this week in League of Learning. These changes are still going to need "field testing" and for that I require everyone's feedback on the changes. What they like, what they don't like, what they would change and how they would change it. For those suggestions I would now like to point everyone toward the League of Learning Feedback thread. Any further discussion about the new changes should happen there as at this point the changes will be in affect. Changes to the event are not set in stone and by that I mean we as a community will want to evaluate what works and what doesn't and make adjustments that make sense. Again for that I need constructive feedback. I thank you all for being part of this event and helping this community grow.
  18. This is the first week that the changes to League of Learning will be taking affect. This will is an opportunity for veterans of the event to take the knowledge they have gained from all the previous weeks into games against the wide world of random players around your rank. That in mind I wanted to start with something that I constantly hear people complain about in games not only with MadCast members but with random people in solo queue as well. We are going to take a look at Map Awareness and with that comes Warding. You can't utilize your minimap without having wards, all there is to it. The goal to keep in mind with this topic is to help you avoid ganks, control objectives and react to lane roams faster. How many times have you been in a game where your mid laner is fighting for CS and then the enemy mid goes missing for a bit before reappearing in bot lane to get a double kill. Communication helps this a ton obviously but so does map awareness and warding. If you improve at these skills you will be able to rely less on your other lanes when in solo queue. This is not to say it won't help you in team play as well. What if that same situation happens but you are on the side of the mid laner that disappears first? You will still want to know if the enemy mid laner leaves lane. They might realize they can't do anything if they follow your mid laner so they might go top and try to get a kill or maybe they team up with the jungler to take dragon or invade for buffs. This is still information that is vital to have and will help you decide where to go and how to react. Paying attention to your minimap is where all of this starts and wards facilitate that by giving you the information to work with. Here are a few videos that will help you out with what you want to look for when you are checking your minimap as well as how often you want to check it and warding locations to help spot any potential roams or ganks.
  19. Glad to have you and happy to see you at League of Learning. Hope to get to play with you some more.
  20. Glad to see you put up for candidacy Danyo! Welcome aboard.