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  1. *Your shop*

    Bard Bard. Time Machine Zillean. Battle Boss Malzahar. Sanda Braum. Longhorn Alistar. Boom Boom Blitzcrank
  2. Intro: Support Welfare

    Bump for membership.
  3. Who do YOU main, and WHY?

    I'd have to say Morgana is my main go to support. next would probably be zyra > lulu > lux > Leona. Morgana - Just all around solid pick. snares, spell shield and a little bit of zone control. Not hugely amazing at any of it but not bad either. Zyra - just so much fun to get a full rotation on a champion and take them from 100% down to 15% if i dont kill them out right. Lux/Lulu - just fun to play. i miss the old lux laugh. =( Leona - Because I love how annoying she is to play against unless you have the right counter pick.
  4. Our Game | League of Legends

    The fact that people don't consider online gaming a sport is fair. But if I'm not mistaken its called "e"-sports for a reason. E meaning electronic. This is a very distinct difference as far as I'm concerned. I agree that its not a traditional, go out and get sweaty, beat on your friends and have fun, work out to get more endurance kind of sport. It is however a sport of its own kind. You have to train your body to respond to certain stimuli, build up your finger/hand/wrist muscles to prevent injury (I've seen Aphromoo use a bander to constantly put resistance on opening and closing his hand so he can increase the amount of endurance he has), you have to be able to adapt to ever changing situations, you have to train your mind to react quickly, you have to train mentally to be able to endure the amount of hours these players put in on stage and in practice matches. I remember when I started playing pool. For a long time that wasn't considered a sport where now it is (even if it is a dying sport). All things being said in the end it doesn't really matter if people want to look at eSports like League as a real sport because we all know it is in this day and age where everyone is using computers or game consoles and not going out into the open world as much anymore. Besides the ones that are going to campaign against these sort of games as not being a real sport are the ones that will never play it in the first place. ok. end rant. lol.
  5. Intro: Support Welfare

    always good to meet new people. and i even recognize a player from a past community I was in so familiar faces!
  6. Intro: Support Welfare

    Greetings everyone. Came across this communities post on the LoL forums and thought it sounded like a great way to meet more people and maybe find a few new friends to play League with. I'm a support main with a wide variety of champions I can play but usually gravitate toward more agro supports (Morgana, Zyra, Lux,) but also enjoy tankier supports such as Leona, Trundle. I feel like i have a decent amount of knowledge about the game but have pretty bad implementation of that knowledge so any help in that would be greatly appreciated. I will usually be online earlier in the mornings as I work 3rd shift weekends (7pm-7am Fri/Sat/Sun) but am always looking to play some League. I look forward to meeting many of you in the community. I suppose I have been around long enough that I feel comfortable to apply for full membership. So yea! 12-7-2017