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  1. YES! I love cooking. I have been cooking for myself since I was 11 or so, and I feel like I've accumulated a ton of recipes since then - I'm actually also working on my own personal cookbook at the moment as well, but I thought this would be something neat for the community to have. I know that @MadCast: Epic and @MadCast: RedJustice both love cooking too, and Epic's given me a bunch of neat recipes to pour through. I'm sure that there are other people in the MadCast community that feel the same way that I do about food. :3
  2. I definitely agree that is something we should incorporate more into the events. In my group, at least [I can't speak for what was said in other groups] I tried to touch a little bit on shot-calling and encompass the other things that we had talked about previously in the month, but I also feel that I didn't have a lot of people that had been present for the events earlier in the month as there was a bunch of new people at LoL this Thursday, and in general just a little bit hectic. Definitely think it's something we will be trying to work more into the after-game talks though These are pretty good ideas. We did vision last month at one point, but I still see a lot of low vision scores every time that I play LoL, so it's ALWAYS going to be a good topic to revisit. I think that @MadCast: Epichad mentioned that we are going to start our LoL events into a month long session of topics that go together, with the last week of the month being a basic review of all the stuff we have gone over. A lot of people in my group expressed heavy interest in learning wave manipulation and minion control, wanting to know how to freeze a wave, or when is a good time to freeze vs push, and general CS information. I think that would be a good topic to touch on as well.
  3. @MadCast: TheMaesen I'm going to chime in here - Last night was the first night that I ran a LoL event, and it definitely was a little hectic. Overall I enjoyed the experience of running the event and playing with everyone despite the hiccups before we started. I believe that both groups were waiting 30+ minutes to start games between peoples computer [or user] errors and the in-game client bugs, so that was a ding right off the bat. I hear you man. Whenever I play vs people who are really under where I am it isn't as exciting. Regular games are like that too, and I think that people who are competitive in nature especially enjoy being challenged. I like stretching myself to the limit and seeing what I can accomplish. That being said, I don't think it's a terrible idea, assuming that people are interested in playing vs just *whoever* once a week at the end of the month. If the majority of people want that kind of thing, I think it's important as a community to give ourselves more than just one time to test something out to see if it works or not. I didn't get to hear a lot of feedback about how people felt about the mixed Elo matches outside of my own group. I know that John was a new player and didn't really have a very fun time, but Emma at least seemed to be enjoying herself. I certainly hope not, and obviously I cannot speak for other people, so I feel it would be beneficial if more people chimed in here about their experiences with yesterdays mixed elo event. Did you hate it, love it? Would you prefer to play against people more around your skill level at every LoL event? There was never any posting about wanting the Elos mixed, so I think that starting a poll in the LOL thread might be good to get a better overall for those who are against it or for it. http://www.strawpoll.me/14935067 This is the poll that I made [with @MadCast: Epic's approval]. It will remain open for 1 week before closing. I also posted in LOL Forum so that more people could see it.
  4. This poll is to get a better idea of who enjoyed last nights mixing of the elos. This poll will remain open for 1 week before closing. http://www.strawpoll.me/14935067 To clarify, we will only be mixing the Elo on the LAST week of each month, so it will be only one week out of 4 that you could be matched against people who are potentially much better [or worse] than yourself. Some people have expressed dislike about the mixed elo, but I also know that some people enjoyed it, so this will be a good way to get a more general idea of how many people liked vs did not like mixing it up. [I ran this by @MadCast: Epic before putting this here, and if you have any comments about THIS specific LoL event your replies should be put HERE https://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/forums/topic/23115-league-of-learning-feedback/?page=3 on the LoL Feedback page. Much appreciated guys!
  5. I solo'd a baron at 30 minutes as Nunu in my last game. Can confirm, Op.
  6. Welcome Good luck on your candidacy !
  7. Hey all, I'm going to be making a community cookbook MadCast:Cookery It would just be available as a free resource online. I have a ton of recipes I'd love to share! I'd love if other people donated their recipes to MadCast: Cookery :Edit: @MadCast: Sotarkadinlinked me to a really old post with recipes in it but I'll still be looking for new recipes and more recipes, so feel free to comment what you have here
  8. https://blitzesports.com/lol/article/3067/nunus-buff-4808-gold-value-click-heres-math-optimized-ru Long live FULL AP Nunu! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha *mechanical laughter*
  9. I really like this team so far. I've always loved watching Aphromoo play, he's what got me into Bard. I'll be interested to see how they do this week.
  10. I just started on WF's yestttterday so I have a tentative finish date of ??? at this point but shouldn't be more than a week or so at the most before I'm done. @MadCast: RedJustice is going to work on art for Outcast, so I'm sure she will get to it as well I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing this sometime next month as well, so just look for my post
  11. Hey, welcome! Good luck in your candidacy Feel free to add me on League, my IGN is the same as my user name here! I look forward to seeing you at the event tonight.
  12. Hey, welcome! Glad to have you around I feel like we have a surplus of support mains, but I think that's just because we tend to gravitate towards communities and chill people We don't care about what rank you are, everyone is welcome here! I'm sure that @MadCast: Epic [or one of the other people] will be in touch here on the forums to take care of your candidacy, but good luck on it! Ps feel free to shoot me an invite on League, I'm MadCast Hawthorn 💖