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    ARPGs, MOBAs, Crime themed shows and movies, open world RPGs, some FPS games, Foxes(if it wasn't obvious C:)

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    I am in my mid 20's. I've been playing video games since I was a wee baby. I prefer to play most games with friends, though the ARPG genre is one I tend to play on my own though I'm not opposed to occasionally grouping up with close friends!
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    I am a nanny/babysitter.
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  1. MadCast Holiday

    Happy Holidays all!

    Pretty happy to see the changes to Garrosh.
  3. What were you for Halloween?

    I was a hunter, on my stream. Just like a big winter hat and heavy jacket. It was very low effort.
  4. Yeah it's gonna be a pretty good patch.
  5. I'm confused as to why they're buffing him..
  6. There've been rumours bouncing around that the stealth rework and tower changes are hitting this Tuesday, along with Hanzo. Is anyone excited for all this neat stuff?
  7. They seem like decent nerfs but the Brand buff is a tad confusing.
  8. Most of my success has been with Hunter, Mage, and Rogue, but I've still not managed to personally finish it yet.
  9. I really like the new Warlock Legendary minion with the seals. I really want to try and make her work in a deck and end up destroying my opponents deck.
  11. Some Jax love

    Someone posted the theory on reddit that all the Darkin are afraid of Jax, and that his taunt 'Imagine if I had a real weapon' was referencing them.
  12. Series or not, what book(s) do you guys enjoy most?!
  13. All Stars starts Thursday!

    I 100% expect to see multiple Zoe 1v1's
  14. All Stars starts Thursday!

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she's banned in every game outside of maybe mirror 1v1's lol