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  1. Intro - wF

    Welcome WildFire!
  2. 2018

    Partied all night with my roommates! Celebrated another New Year with my lady! Hope 2018 treats us all well
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum Review

    I was browsing around the forums and saw this! Was a good review and I think you hit some major points! This was one of the few Batman games I played and I enjoyed it until it got boring Forsure will check out reviews if you post more!
  4. League of Learning 12-14-17

    Yo League of learning yesterday was fun! Learned alot and had fun playing that candidates vs members game! Looking forward to next week!
  5. Curse of Osiris Patch 1.1.0 Notes

    Has anyone gotten a chance to play yet? I finished the side campaign earlier and I enjoyed helping Osiris!
  6. Intro- Deluxxe20

    Hi group, Im Deluxxe20 and I was lucky enough to play a game against a few of the Madcast members. After the game Madcast Kyroo1 sent me a link to the website and after some exploration I decided that I would like to join! On PC I only play league, but I also game a little on PS4. I am a college student working towards becoming a teacher. Like to game up and also have a solid group that wants to build some friendships while gaming! I am interested in a full membership! Thanks!