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  1. saw this late but enjoy i do have pic if yall wanna see <3 Toxin
  2. Welcome! hope you have fun and hope to see you on the rift.
  3. Just wanted to say thank y'all for the letting me try for full membership! it has been a blast!
  4. Bt Name BloodyToxin#1604 i just picked it back up as well
  5. @wF- i feel the same way. but i downloaded it anyway and ill be on feel free to add me BloodyToxin1604 id my battle net
  6. ill download it here tomorrow and i can make a toon on thrall
  7. NIce i have been watching Pants are Dragon. and hes helped me alot... ill have to check out Mike Yeung
  8. I am currently trying to because the very best jungler! what advise do yall have?