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  1. INTRO/mgroves1114

    EARLY ADVANTAGE ^^^^ XD. welcome dude! looking forward to playing more with you!
  2. I need a new playlist!

    will definitely be checking these out!!!!
  3. MadCast Promotes: Daddy

    OMG!!! Yay!!!! Congrats man!
  4. I need a new playlist!

    Checked them out and loving it! fav so far is Knock me Out
  5. I need a new playlist!

    Whats your name on Spotify i will add you! you can PM me if you would rather!
  6. I need a new playlist!

    LOOOOVE Hollywood Undead!!! I'm listening to a lot of Coleman Hell right now
  7. MadCast Welcomes: Namflow

    you're a big kid now!!!
  8. MadCast Welcomes: Biscuit

  9. Intro - Timahhhhhhh

    welcome! hope to see you on the rift! make sure to join in on the weekly events to give you a better idea of the community. for league the events are Funday Monday League of Learning on Thursday and Friday night League
  10. You know you are nerds when...

    me and bloody did valentines last weekend bc he left for his deployment, but we went to a movie and fancy dinner and then went and got drunk the next weekend and that was our valentines day haha
  11. Anyone looking forward to any movies?

    So if any of you have Netflix and are looking for a good movie we watched sand castle last night and it is awesome! i would highly recommend it if you like realistic military movies.
  12. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    of the cars you listed i definitely prefer the mini coop! such a beautiful car!
  13. League of Learning 2-8-18

    I'm off work today! i will actually be there!
  14. Falcon Heavy Demonstration Launch

    i didn't even know this was a thing! that's freaking awesome!!
  15. MadCast Welcomes: Ghonzoh

    YAYYYYY!!!!! Congrats man!!!