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  1. Intro BluuHD

    Woooooo finalllyyyyyy
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  3. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    congrats bud!!!!
  4. Intro - ArnimTheGreat

    WELCOME!!!!!! Hope to see you around on discord! shoot me a message anytime!!!
  5. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    about damn time!!!!!!! congrats bud!!!
  6. Continued Film Drinking Games

    I am down whenever! I do propose we do a Halloween themed movie this time around!!!
  7. Intro: mcjagger

    What's up man! welcome to the crew! Good luck on your candidacy!!!
  8. Tis the Season!

    FOOTBALL SEASON IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!! What are your teams? our family is saints packers and raiders!
  9. Healthy Recipies

    I need all the ideas!!!!!!! lets see what health nut recipes yall got for me!
  10. I Built an Arcade

    dude!!!!!! super super cool!!!! cant wait to see the graphics!
  11. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    GUYSSSSSS I'm down 7 lbs since Tuesday (yes I'm eating, just watching it and working my ass off). I may actually be able to do this <3
  12. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Thank you all so much!!!
  13. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    Thank you all so much!!!! we are stationed in OK right now but praying for orders soon haha
  14. BIG NEWS!!!!!!

    So as a few of you know I have recently been processing out of the Air Force and my last day was supposed to be Thursday, well long story short when I made E5 I put in my application to stay in which was initially denied by my squadron leadership. well I got a call today and the wing commander approved my application!!!!!!! that means I am staying in the military! It is super rare that the wing commander would approve it after my squadron commander didn't so I am super lucky. I cant even express how excited I am but that being I have a lot to do to prove myself. I will have a fitness test at the end of this month and leadership school next month. I will still be on and around some but not as much as I have the last couple of weeks. Wish me luck everyone and thanks for all the support I have here <3
  15. MadCast Townhall 10.01.2018

    I should be there!