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  1. Mini St Louis meet up

    @Parmejon Cheese let me know next time!!! I like in Oklahoma now but STL and Poplar bluff are home!
  2. Introduction- ArcaneArcher651

    welcome dude! good luck on you candidacy! 😁
  3. MadCast League Season III Offseason Feedback

    Oh no I’m not referring to people missing a week or two at all! I get life happens but showing up to 0 games and 0 team practices is a problem
  4. MadCast League Season III Offseason Feedback

    Ok so hot and heavy you want it hot and heavy you will get it. 1) attendance. When you sign up for an event be there. If you are rarely available on the night an event is taking place DONT SIGN UP FOR IT. We shouldn’t be in game two fighting for subs to play Bc none of our regular players can make it. 2) balance. I like that the teams are player picked Bc you can be on a team with your friends but with that being said that leads to very unbalanced teams. 3) bickering. If you are in a team with someoneone that you don’t get along well with, get over it. Sorry to be blunt but seriously we are all adult (or soon to be adults for the young members) and if you are on a team with someone all bickering does is set the team back. 4) constructive criticism. Don’t get pi**ed off if some one tells you you can improve. That’s what we are all here for to learn and improve. Ok ok I think that’s all I have. I had fun playing with everyone! Oh! And as far as a suggestion on how to go about teams next season I say a captain led draft
  5. Snapchat Codes!!!

    added you haha!
  6. Snapchat Codes!!!

    Drop your snap codes! (only if you're comfortable with random online friends obviously) mine is alisha_hovis adddd meeeee
  7. MadCast Welcomes: Snolotus

    Congrats dude!
  8. Introduction - Lanthun/Lanth/Lan

    I don't know you but welcome back! Do you play league? If so I'm sure ill see you on the rift!
  9. I need a new playlist!

    you're welcome hahaha
  10. Karaoke Night

    I'm down if Drunk hahaha Could totally get down with some Disney Karaoke!!!
  11. INTRO/mgroves1114

    EARLY ADVANTAGE ^^^^ XD. welcome dude! looking forward to playing more with you!
  12. I need a new playlist!

    will definitely be checking these out!!!!
  13. MadCast Promotes: Daddy

    OMG!!! Yay!!!! Congrats man!
  14. I need a new playlist!

    Checked them out and loving it! fav so far is Knock me Out
  15. I need a new playlist!

    Whats your name on Spotify i will add you! you can PM me if you would rather!