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  1. League of Learning 12-14-17

    went great tonight! Had a lot of fun anddd.... THE CANDIDATES BEAT THE FULL MEMBERS!!!! 5 V 5 and we were the victors!!!! really though love playing with yall and I think we did well focusing on objectives this week!
  2. Couple of pictures from my time away

    This looks beautiful! I'll have to add it to my places to see list! and your little one is adorable!
  3. Support Mains?

    I love healers for sure! and hey hookers are always fun 😂😂😂 Pic of my Nami Kat!
  4. Support Mains?

    hell yea group sounds awesome! I have been playing Nami for about a year now she's definitely my favorite haha. hell my dogs name is name! ill attach a pic of her!!! 😁 that's different! I have never seen that before tbh!
  5. Introduction: Toystore

    Add me! I'm on baby leave right now so I am on league most days! Would love to play sometime! my name is tacobellah!
  6. Support Mains?

    haha that is a great philosophy! I'm thinking about breaking out of my shell and trying some more powerful sups, though nami will prolly always be my favorite!
  7. Introduction - Satich

    Good luck! look forward to seeing you on the rift!
  8. MadCast Angel 2017

    This is awesome! I am loving this community more and more every day! I will be donating next check!
  9. Support Mains?

    Love it! a lot of people underestimate the power of good vision!
  10. Support Mains?

    Who all in here are the support mains? Who are your favorite supports? Favorite items? My main is Nami, but I also play Lux, Morgana, Sona, Soraka, and know how to play a few others and I would have to say my favorite item on almost any of them is Ardent Censer.
  11. say good bye to morg supports and hello to more brand supports haha😢
  12. Anyone watching the NA game?

    Anyone want to watch the NA/SEA game?
  13. What is your favourite book?

    currently reading and loving the Tigers Curse series by Colleen Houck!
  14. Recommend me some shows

    Try Lost Girl on netfix I'm hooked!
  15. Who do YOU main, and WHY?

    Nami. Without a doubt my favorite and best champ. She pairs so well with almost every ADC and SHES A FRIKIN MERMAID... need I say more?