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  1. LoL 8.20 Patch Notes

    Hello everyone! Here comes the Ezreal rework and some jungle nerfs. As always feel free to discuss below!
  2. LoL Patch 8.19

    Hello everyone! Worlds Patch is here! There are quite a few buffs to a couple of MadCast favorites! Feel free to comment below about the patch and share your thoughts!
  3. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    I have a school the next day. I could do a Friday or Saturday.
  4. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    You know my 23rd birthday is next Friday...
  5. Patch Notes 8.17

    I personally love Blitz but the "Blessings of Caitlyn" is total B.S.
  6. Patch Notes 8.17

    Whoops! I forgot to post this when it happened but hey its here and what are your thoughts? Comment below!
  7. Mediocre Shoutcasting?

    The biggest thing I can say is keep your eye on the mini map. If you decide to focus on someone top you need to be able to quickly look somewhere else and catch the action. Basically if the other caster is talking you should be looking at the mini map. But good job Kitty this was enjoyable.
  8. League of Learning Feedback

    If you want to improve the lower elo League of Learning it might be beneficial to get actual high elo players who know the game very well to spectate and listen on coms. Afterwards they will give a debrief of the game and coach from there. Its hard to learn shot calling when the basics aren't understood by everyone.
  9. League of Learning Feedback

    I disagree that shot calling is a role taken by one person. I think it depends on team chemistry and knowing WHEN to contribute. For example I don't want to get permission from a shot caller if I see an instantaneous fight that needs to be taken because then it'll be too late. The fact is jungle has the responsibility to make plays happen early because they are the pressure. A jungler shot calls just by being at a location on the map. In my opinion, it is easier for the jungler to shot call early plays by announcing their presence. Let's say the jungler ganks top, 3 thing happen: 1) Pressure is added top, 2) Pressure is lost bot, 3) Future pressure can be predicted based on the vision. This has huge implications on the options that a team can make. Also in lower elo, people have enough crap to think about in lane so to add half-ass micromanaging a different position is absurd. Sure there's calling for a gank but the jungler has final say in that PERIOD. If they don't want to do it they aren't going to. Even in LCS, shotcalling is a roleplaying system. There have been many interviews where pros describe the coms and usually there is a primary voice but everyone is feeding into it and there are differences in the coms based on the team. THAT BEING SAID, throwing the least experience person into that role is a very very bad idea. Ultimately there is no point in designating a shot caller in lower elo league of learning because there is only one play, win lane and whoever gets picked less wins.
  10. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Hold up. Let me look ahead, because Golems aren't the only danger in a place like this." Benito takes his hands and gently presses it against the wall feeling for any subtle changes in the wall that indicates a trap or secret passage. @MadCast: VoShay: Is there a trap here and if so, what activates it? What does the trap do when activated? What else is hidden here?
  11. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    I hope everyone has a fun time this season! Good luck everyone you'll need it.
  12. Ok here's a question. What 3 wines would you serve someone if they had never had wine before?
  13. I tried trolling you with a Bud Light question but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Congrats Major!
  14. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Bull! I've never seen a Silver II player getting complimented on Scarra's stream.
  15. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    History: I've been playing the viola for 12 years and it was my biggest #1 stress relief. Sure I had performance anxiety like almost any human musician but it was still relieving stress, not adding it. 4 years ago I started attending a small university in South Carolina to become a music teacher. I didn't realize until my first lesson that the stakes were much higher for playing my instrument and for the first 2 years, my playing was not at the level it needed to be. I had a horrible relationship with my viola instructor and I dreaded every lesson. It was very difficult having the biggest stress relief become my biggest stressor and I had nothing to replace it. It finally got so bad I changed my major to elementary education, after all the classes were very easy to me, but it didn't really go away. My 3rd year of college was miserable as an elementary major. It wasn't my calling and I had to switch back. That was a very costly decision (about an extra $8,000 in out of pocket tuition plus about $2,500 in loans for a 5th year of undergraduate) I made when I was overstressed and likely depressed (I was not officially diagnosed but a very good and professional source said it was likely). I've come to the realization that I'm not the best musician in the world but if I dedicate myself to developing the talent I have, I can be better than I was yesterday. I think that can be applied to anything about anyone. DISCLAIMER: I am willing to talk with anyone about this subject. HOWEVER, I am not a medical professional and the main point I am making here is to seek medical help if it is needed. Be open and honest with your medical expert and trust the treatment that they give.