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  1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Wait-a-minute. I thought Assassins Creed started in Ptolemy Egypt, how does this fit in the lore?
  2. RFM Application: Lurama

    Best of luck to you.
  3. MadCast League Finals (LoL)

    @MadCast: bigdommer, @MadCast: Epic, @MadCast: RedJustice If you had to give odds for the finals next week, what would they be?
  4. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    I like to play the position of No Skill Hanzo. It is an art form that has been in my family for generations and to watch it in action is to watch a masterpiece being created in front of you. The beauty will cause you to go blind. It is the stuff of legends. It is the artwork that billionaires will pay trillions for in 20 years.
  5. Realm Royale

    This game was a pleasant surprise for me. I recommend it if you're interested in battle royal especially since it is free.
  6. Fanfiction: A Monstrous Love That Fills The Void

    Not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed.
  7. Great Games Go!

    Insert clickbait about how Zoe is busted. Zoe (me) vs. Irelia mid.
  8. Chess Tournament 6/4/2018

    For the Round Robin yes but you will play everyone twice. And I did not know about the game replay system. That is really cool!
  9. MadCast Town Hall 06/11/17

    Is there anything in particular on the docket or is it a free for all?
  10. Chess Tournament 6/4/2018

    I don't think so. That is up to the individual players.
  11. Chess Tournament 6/4/2018

    @MadCast: Gokudera @MadCast: rife170 @MadCast: Mike @MadCast: RacerDelux @MadCast: majorhoward @MadCast: Pushover @MadCast: VoShay Thank you all who signed up this should be a fun tournament. I randomly shuffled the groups because I did not know skill level and prior chess experience. The link for the tournament is, click this to find out which group you are in and check standings. The first stage is a Double Round Robin from now until July 1st. Please have all matches reported to me by that time. If all the matches conclude before the deadline we'll move on to the next stage. 1) Participants will earn 1.0 points from a match win and 0.5 points from a stalemate. 2) The move timer will be set to 10 minutes. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. (Bad wording, message me if you are confused.) Please report all scores to me, @MadCast: Icarususing Discord or the Forum messenger. The final stage will be Single Elimination which will start July 2nd or after the Group Stage is concluded. 1) No ties. Play until there is a winner. 2) Move timer will be set to 15|10. 3) In challonge, the participant listed top in the matches will be on the white side. Please message me if there are any questions. Good luck!
  12. MadCast Welcomes: majorhoward

    Wow they'll let anyone in here nowadays! Congrats!
  13. Opinions on Pyke?

    If Pyke is underperforming that is a scary thing. It means that he's going to get overbuffed if he follows the trend of the last couple of champ releases.
  14. Opinions on Pyke?

    I have played against pyke top and jgl. Both were bad but jgl was better than top.
  15. Opinions on Pyke?

    Haven't played with, as, or against Pyke yet but his kit looks overloaded. It looks like feast/famine. What are his cooldowns like?