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  1. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "MY LEG!" Screams Benito as he lays pinned under the rock. He looks to his left and see's Cu getting up after getting knocked into the wall. He looks to the right and sees his friends, and the cleric, preparing to receive another volley of rocks from the Golem. I have to do something. Maybe if I can get a little bit of leverage... no that won't work. Benito takes another survey of his surroundings and watches the Golem carefully. @MadCast: VoShay: What is about to happen? +1 Forward when acting on the answers. "Lookout! Duck! Look there under the left armpit, a opening!"
  2. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Tanks got a indirect buff due to Trundle nerfs. So one less troll stealing your stats.
  3. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Doing great Cu!" Benito screams as he notches an arrow in his bow. He threw that boulder which means that a weak spot should be right about THERE! Benito takes aim at the opening of the rocks and fires at the arcane energy keeping the golem together. Miss, damn. I'll have to take another shot! This one hits but scrapes off the a piece of stone. Benito reaches for a third arrow but there but notices that he only has a few more arrows left. (Ammo -2) Three armour, fourteen HP left.
  4. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Hello everyone patch notes are here! Check them out here. Feel free to post below about your thoughts on the patch. Enjoy!
  5. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Hello everyone patch notes are here! Check them out here. Feel free to post below about your thoughts on the patch. Enjoy!
  6. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Wheeler takes a moment to chuckle and checks to see if his revolver is loaded. "Hey Blades, I'll bet you round at the bar he only gets 5 steps before he steps on a trap." "I'll give him 8." "Deal" and with a nod of acknowledgement the contract was signed.
  7. Running White Plum Mountain-Advice?

    Has anyone run the dungeon, White Plum Mountain from the 5e book Tales from the Yawning Portal? Its not my first time DM'ing but it is my first dungeon crawl of this style. Do any other DMs out there have any advice for me.
  8. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Sure I'll help you. Just don't expect me to lift too much because I'm not very strong. I would hate to have that smell in my dreams." Benito takes out a pair of gloves and puts them on as he prepares to work. "Tell me Priest, do you have a shovel?"
  9. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Looking for more people to join! We need four+ more people minimum to get 4 full teams. Subs also wouldn't hurt either!
  10. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    After seeing Chris follow Stav with his assault rifle, Wheeler realizes he left his revolver in the glovebox. Joshua you idiot, stop leaving the car without your piece. He again walks over to his crippled Precious and opens the glovebox and pulls out the .357 magnum and walks back over the vehicle. Wheeler has visited enough to know not to walk in Eliza's yard, unlike those three stooges. Instead of following Chris and Stav, he walks over to Blades. "Hey I'm sorry for the shit Jessica pulled in the car. You know Stav is too smart to fall for that, right?" "Oh he knows what'll happen to him if he touches that whore but I don't think that bitch knows what'll happen to her if she pulls that stunt again." Blades starts to finger her hunting knife with a cruel smile on her face. "Well Jessica won't get any tears from me but be careful. Jessica has pissed a lot of people like you and she's still alive." Wheeler chuckles a little at the sight of Chris tiptoeing over all of Eliza's active traps. "Hey Chris! Let me know when it is safe to come into the yard!"
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Well that is 3 gold each and 2 days of food each of these poor bastards. Tell me something priest, are you going to want us to bury these saps or can we just throw'em over there in that ditch?"
  12. Weekly Replays

    I have one of me getting a quadra kill on GP then running straight into a Chogath who ulted me but I'm having trouble getting it to show up.
  13. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    "I have no idea if this is going to be a problem because that guy hanging upside down leads a gang of bikers and not the wannabe type like the guys you shot earlier today, real slavers. As for why he's stupid enough to be hanging upside down... well its because people like us keep refusing to let natural selection take place and cut him down" says Wheeler with a chuckle. I hope you know what you're doing Stav, because we're all going to die if you don't handle this right. "Hang right here Chris, I'll be back gotta grab some'in outta my vic." Wheeler gets out of the car and heads over to Precious's passenger side door and reaches into the glove box. He grabs the small scope and heads back to Chris. "Here, this is for your gun. Bethany, right? Anyway, I found it on some poor bastard out in the wastes and I thought you could use it." Wheeler hands Chris a 4x scope. "Oh and you might want to stand around looking tough, it helps the town image."
  14. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    [OOC: Imagine the hardest break check in your life after the "pump me for information" line.]
  15. Apocalypse World Play By Post

    Wheeler loves driving. There is nothing quite like making a car go sideways at high speeds, kicking up dirt, and letting everyone know with the roar from the engine. But this isn’t driving; this is chauffeuring. He didn’t mind driving people around, especially if they paid him, but a cheating ex in the backseat while towing your beloved car to the mechanic can ruin any car ride and turn it into a special kind of hell. “Shit Chris, if I knew you were going to blast 15 holes in Ricardo and his boys I would’ve been here days ago. They were scumbags, but that Garcia kid could sure make a good burrito." Wheeler turns onto the twisting road that leads to Eliza's shop. "Tell you what, I won’t transfer his poker debt to you. Actually, I found something for you two while I was out. When we get to Eliza’s shop, I’ll give it to y’all.” Jessica rubs Stav’s leg and shows a semi-toothy smile, “Nothing for me Wheelie? I’m disappointed because I have something for you.” “Oh, didn’t recognize you with out a full set of teeth. If I knew you were going to be in town I would’ve gift wrapped it, but I saved something for this occasion.” Without taking his eyes off the road he reaches back and extends his middle finger at Jessica, “What are you doing here?" Jessica pulls her hand from Stav's leg and puts pushes Wheeler's middle finger down, "Prissy gotta job for Stav and it pays." Wheeler retracts his hand as if he touched a rotting corpse, "Touch me again and I’ll drop you off at the nearest Ca-nab camp with broken legs.” Wheeler looks in the mirror at Stav, “I don’t care if she talks to you about whatever she’s here for, but I would burn those pants if I were you.” Why is this bitch really here? 1) Is your character telling the truth? 2) What’s your character really feeling? 3) What does your character intend to do? [OOC: Ca-nab is Wheeler's slang for cannibal.]