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  1. Stellaris Battle Royal

    Now that the MegaCorp expansion has been out for a week or so and people have had a chance to learn it, I want to try and get a multiplayer game going. If you're interested in a game, there's a link to a doodle survey. Fill it out and let's see if this can happen!
  2. MadCast League Season IV Feedback

    I do not think this was a successful season of MCL for many reasons: 1) The draft was subverted by the addition of players halfway through the season. 2) The "regular season" didn't matter. Every team made playoffs so why not just start there? Comments: The draft didn't balance the teams (it made for some interesting power imbalances- which I liked so net even there). Honestly I do not think it is possible to do long seasons of MCL modeled after the LCS anymore. A best of n tournament with brackets would be the solution to all the problems listed. The tournament can be held over multiple weekends, like once stage per weekend, but nothing too major like 3 months. A shorter event also means that if a player is on a failing team, they will not be stuck there for very long. Random idea: Going forward, I believe that shorter tournaments could also be used as a recruiting tool. There is potential to give outside teams a chance to participate and potentially stay around. Let's post it on the forums, reddit, etc. I think it would be better if we allow teams instead of individuals so that MadCast teammates aren't negatively impacted by a random player not showing up, but I feel that is a topic that should be discussed outside of this thread.
  3. I was promoted...

    As you may or may not know, I am a proud member of the American Viola Society. I've been playing the viola since I was 10 years old and I am in college because of a viola scholarship. HOWEVER I am a man that recognizes how to climb in the music world. So when I was offered money to play a violin I took it. I am finally moving up in the world! ***This post is total bs.
  4. League of Legends Patch 8.23 (Pre-season)

    I have one follow up question. "Is it meta?"
  5. PATCH 8.23 Hello everyone! This is the first of the major preseason patches and boy is it a dooosy. If you're a noob like me, I would recommend watching one of the many patch rundowns on youtube. I personally like what Scarra has to say about patches so I would recommend that. You can find that HERE. What is you favorite part of the patch? I'm personally looking forward to figuring out preseason.
  6. Icarus's Mahler Experience

    I would describe the Glière Horn Concerto as a fun celebration, the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. 2 as what falling in love sounds like, and the Mahler as one of, if not the most glorious sound mankind has ever created.
  7. Icarus's Mahler Experience

    Hello everyone, I just want to let you all know where I've been the last week. My university is putting on a major concert featuring Joshua Williams (youngest winner of the International Horn Competition - Professional Division) playing the 3rd movement from the Glière Horn Concerto, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. 2, and the Finale from Mahler's 2nd Symphony. In order to pull off a concert of this scale, the university has had to pull almost every single classical musician in my town and then some and its been an incredible, and difficult experience. There are two concerts, tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. I'll be around after my performance season is concluded. I encourage anyone who enjoys classical music, but hasn't heard any of these pieces to find a recording of these pieces. The Mahler and Rachmaninov are my two personal favorites.
  8. Continued Film Drinking Games

    I'm in just tell me when and where. (unless I have a silly thing like a job interview or a deadline the next day)
  9. LoL Patch 8.21

    Greet-ins everyone, Click the link to see the patch notes for 8.21. I'm excited to read all the hate for the new ZOE BUFFS (Hell yea!). Kaisa and Alistar recieved some nerfs (among others) but you can check those out for yourself. I am particularly happy to see "Tree Daddy" Ivern receive some buffs, but that's just me. Discuss below what you think of the patch, and until next time I'll see you around.
  10. LoL 8.20 Patch Notes

    Hello everyone! Here comes the Ezreal rework and some jungle nerfs. As always feel free to discuss below!
  11. LoL Patch 8.19

    Hello everyone! Worlds Patch is here! There are quite a few buffs to a couple of MadCast favorites! Feel free to comment below about the patch and share your thoughts!
  12. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    I have a school the next day. I could do a Friday or Saturday.
  13. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    You know my 23rd birthday is next Friday...
  14. Patch Notes 8.17

    I personally love Blitz but the "Blessings of Caitlyn" is total B.S.
  15. Patch Notes 8.17

    Whoops! I forgot to post this when it happened but hey its here and what are your thoughts? Comment below!