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  1. I'd love to participate in this. I already have an account and everything.
  2. I was really worried when Shaco support was locked in, but after a big outplay to secure a kill 2v3 when the enemy ganked my lane the game was over for their bot lane. Good thing a fed trist/rengar is better than a fed ori/yas.
  3. I would like to reserve a spot! I really hope I can make it work into my schedule. I'm not sure if I will be a "brave adventurer" but I would be something!
  4. Sorry for the delay folks! Here's the deal. Patch notes here ------> Comments below \ | / \|/
  5. @MadCast: Vyoletta Don Giovanni, Il trovatore, Carmen, and Nixon in China are on my bucket list of things to play before I die. Nixon in China is mostly because I enjoy Adam's other compositions like Phrygian Gates and Short Ride in a Fast Machine.
  6. I'm in. Name the time, place, and drink.
  7. I would love to but I have a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game the same time. Good luck with the game though!
  8. I'm in my final semester of a Bachelors in Music Ed. I'm primarily a violist but I can play any of the classical 4-stringed instruments. I also do some orchestral percussion gigs, mainly auxiliary, and I perform in my college's West African Drum and Dance Ensemble. I want to pick up electric bass and the viola de gamba one of these days but that'll be when I'm no longer an "indentured servant"... I mean a student teacher.
  9. If you are into the LCS, you should look at the Netflix series called 7 Days Out. The show follows the 7 days leading up to a major event, such as Westminster Dog Show, Chanelle beauty show, and the finals to the spring NALCS. Its does a really good job of telling the story of TL, 100T, Echo Fox, and Riot's set up team doing everything in the 7 days that lead up to the event. It tells Doublelift's story really well too. If you follow the scene at all, DL's parents were stabbed by one of his brothers and his mother died before the finals.
  10. @MadCast: VoShay You're my hero for those ref. memes Also pineapple is great on pizza.
  11. Now that the MegaCorp expansion has been out for a week or so and people have had a chance to learn it, I want to try and get a multiplayer game going. If you're interested in a game, there's a link to a doodle survey. Fill it out and let's see if this can happen!
  12. I do not think this was a successful season of MCL for many reasons: 1) The draft was subverted by the addition of players halfway through the season. 2) The "regular season" didn't matter. Every team made playoffs so why not just start there? Comments: The draft didn't balance the teams (it made for some interesting power imbalances- which I liked so net even there). Honestly I do not think it is possible to do long seasons of MCL modeled after the LCS anymore. A best of n tournament with brackets would be the solution to all the problems listed. The tournament can be held over multiple weekends, like once stage per weekend, but nothing too major like 3 months. A shorter event also means that if a player is on a failing team, they will not be stuck there for very long. Random idea: Going forward, I believe that shorter tournaments could also be used as a recruiting tool. There is potential to give outside teams a chance to participate and potentially stay around. Let's post it on the forums, reddit, etc. I think it would be better if we allow teams instead of individuals so that MadCast teammates aren't negatively impacted by a random player not showing up, but I feel that is a topic that should be discussed outside of this thread.
  13. As you may or may not know, I am a proud member of the American Viola Society. I've been playing the viola since I was 10 years old and I am in college because of a viola scholarship. HOWEVER I am a man that recognizes how to climb in the music world. So when I was offered money to play a violin I took it. I am finally moving up in the world! ***This post is total bs.