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  1. Pushover’s Perfect Postgame - The forum thread where Pushover talks you through the replays and teaches you the 3 P’s of league of legends: Preperation, Power, and Flaming teammates. Coming soon.
  2. So is it 4 weeks of the same topic or? I guess I’m a little confused on the wording “second week of four, first week of newest topic”.
  3. I think you are making more out of this than intended Epic. While his comments are very sarcastic, they are not negative in nature. Nobody's work is being attacked here. Considering what I said above, this just comes off as a rude comment to me. My 2 cents, take them or leave them.
  4. I wouldn't drive an hour to see my mom, I'd rather die than drive to Dallas to do stuff.
  5. Only way C9 doesnt go to group B is if G2 or EDG get knocked out.
  6. I think both FNC and TL both got off a little easy. Group B looks pretty rough with Gen G and RNG.
  7. What is everyone's thoughts on the Worlds groups? My first thought on it is that if G2, EDG and C9 all make it out of play ins which is very likely, then C9 is guaranteed to go to Group B by the draw rules. EDG and G2 could only slot into group A or group C.
  8. "Tanks haven't been feeling so hot in recent patches,..." but they didn't buff any of MY tanks
  9. I have an eternal burning hatred for EA. I used to play Star Wars: The old republic back in its glory days... well long story short they permabanned my account of 3 years for something I didn't do but their "experts" said I did. Didn't matter how many people from their support staff I talked to nothing could be done about it. Sucks to suck and now I do my best to avoid purchasing any of their products.
  10. Player Name: TheMaesen Level: 98 Preferred Roles: Jungle / Anything but top Rank: Plat V I am signing up as a free agent. (aren't we all signing up as free agents? lol) I am willing to captain.
  11. Hmm... I would think a healthy mix of both would help. Meta champs are usually, not always, the stronger champs on the patch so your chances of winning are much higher on those champs, but if you are skilled enough on a champ then regardless of meta you can still find wins against a lot of the meta picks.
  12. Welcome! If you're interested we are having a League event in like 30 min so come hang!
  13. While I agree that an issue with play time could arise, especially with an expanded roster, I believe it is the better alternative than having too few players such that we needed to bring outside subs into the game. And to address the comment of expanded rosters leading to fewer teams in the league, we only had 3 teams this time. There isn't much further down you can go, but I do see your point. I believe what I mentioned earlier about people who sat this one out due to not being able to make the week to week commitment would give more players, leading to more than 3 teams even with expanded rosters.