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  1. Here is a recent cover that I think does an amazing job of the song.
  2. Ridiculous siege cannons!

    This is very true. I still won't put my hopes up though.
  3. Ridiculous siege cannons!

    Part of me wants it, and then the other half of me says that riot will quickly put an end to that xD
  4. Hunt: Showdown

    Anyone else in here have an alpha key yet? Kinda sucks playing solo or with rando's.
  5. Hunt: Showdown

    NOICE, I got the closed alpha key
  6. MIA for a little while...

    Oh im still gonna be around. I just can't commit a month for candidacy cause the military doesn't give me that amount of time home really xD
  7. Hunt: Showdown

    Im hoping to.
  8. Intro - Mikeanike

    Welcome!, hope to catch ya around!
  9. MIA for a little while...

    Definitely will buddy Its not the first time this has happened xD
  10. Anyone looking forward to any movies?

    As much as I am looking forward to all the marvel movies coming out, there is one series that kinda peeks my interest. Its called Altered Carbon and one movie that is looking really good is Mortal Engines
  11. First try at digital painting

    Very well done, I'm lucky if I can draw a stick figure correctly lmao xD
  12. MIA for a little while...

    Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to try out for MCG. I had a blast playing with all of you and will have many more in the future. But given that the candidacy process is too long for me to be able to go through will my current military schedule, I will not be re-applying because I cannot fulfill what is required for the process. So I am sure I will see most of you around and I will be on discord every now and then. Chat with yall later
  13. KToader's Introduction

    Welcome! Hope to catch ya online sometimes for some games!
  14. MadCast Welcomes: Icarus Swarm

    Congrats friendo!
  15. Town of Salem

    I have it, bought it a couple years ago. I enjoy it from time to time