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  1. KToader's Introduction

    Welcome! Hope to catch ya online sometimes for some games!
  2. MadCast Welcomes: Icarus Swarm

    Congrats friendo!
  3. Town of Salem

    I have it, bought it a couple years ago. I enjoy it from time to time
  4. Smite!

    I never really found it to be pay to win, the unlockables seem to be pretty easy to get. Has a decent leveling system and gameplay I actually really enjoy.
  5. Smite!

    So I have played smite, and its not bad, but right now i find myself leaning towards paragon recently
  6. MIA for a little while...

    Will do buddy Thanks
  7. Intro-Caster

    Welcome Caster! Well you come to a great place, a good crowd and you seem to play the most popular games that we play around here. Hope to catch ya around!
  8. MIA for a little while...

    Hey everyone, So before anyone asks, yes I have already notified the people who need to be notified, I ain't that dumb So yes, as of this coming Wednesday ( January 17) I will be going away for a military excercise for roughly 3-4 weeks. Just in case anyone wonders why I won't be around for that time, that is the reason. Now im not sure if I will have internet access where I will be but if I get some down time I will probably end up hotspot'ing my phone so that I can get some LoL games in. Sadly if I do this I won't be able to hop on discord as well cause it will eat up my data. Will update this for when I get back and into the swing of things back home!
  9. Friday Night League 1-12-18

    Sounds good!
  10. MadCast Promotes: Aeryx

    Congrats buddy!
  11. League of Learning 1-11-18

    Will be there!

    Yes I have played this before, its gaining quite the bit of traction with many people. If you follow Sp4zie, then you have probably already heard of the game. I do enjoy this quite a bit if you like just straight up team-fight action!
  13. MadCast Welcomes: tacobellah

  14. Overwatch fans...

    So I play Overwatch from time to time. But the way sky does this is hilarious. Keep in mind there is some swearing so watch the ears! https://twitter.com/SkyWilliams/status/950921683422011393
  15. LoL - Patch 8.1

    To touch on what you said Kyro, right now im seeing more supports go for straight up damage instead of investing in the sightstone anyways at least when it comes to AP heavy supports. On another note my thoughts about this patch goes as follows. I'm happy about the heimer R nerf. >:) I don't like him anyway. Its nice that they are buffing a thing with skarner. not like I see him alot in ranked anyways. Increasing the passive on brand, meh its alright but I think he already does enough damage. Syndra's notes goes as follows......Sphere's.......Sphere's...........More Sphere's................Balls.........Oh and more sphere's. And this one cracked me up: Energy or resourceless champion—such as Riven or Yasuo—can no longer stack Tear of the Goddess. Their allies can still stack tears, however.