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  1. I am making this post to see if there are anyone in the Xbox MadCast Community that still own and play the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2., And if so do you enjoy the Quick Scoping Black ops 4 maybe in the cards as well. please Pm or add e on Xbox MadCast Ghonzoh. i would like to game with the lot who still enjoy a good Quick scoping match
  2. Player Name: Ghonzoh Level:68 Preferred Roles: (MID or Support) Rank: Silver 3 I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  3. That sounds Great i would like to get a better grasp on this game. I was gold in season 4 and have not been back there since, been on a nasty losing streak this year and most of the time its me messing up. i would like to know how a master ranked players' brain works around the game and how you improved your game!
  4. Player Name: Ghonzoh Level: 61 Preferred Roles: Mid, Jungle I am signing up as a free agent. I am/am not willing to captain. PS. i can play any role. just have the bigger champion pool for mid and Jungle
  5. If i can get back on the computer at that time i would love to show up i really need to learn wave management
  6. I have read the Full membership terms and very much agree to them. Thank you for the acceptance i have had a blast this past month and look forward to being apart of this community.
  7. My Favorite Story game has to be Styx: master Of shadows a great sneaky assassin game quite difficult if you like games like Theif, i highly recommend this game more fantasy then real life since you play as a goblin assassin. i was so addicted to the game if my pc could handle it i would so be cak playing i miss that game so much
  8. Looking for some people that play Rocket league on Xbox one i have been playing it a lot lately i am ranked Platinum 2. i would like to find someone from the MadCast community to game with since i have been running solo and haven't been having a lot of fun.
  9. I own PUBG on pc and Xbox one i play it more on Xbox one because i have a really bad Frame rate probably around 10-15 fps. so if anyone has it for Xbox One and would like to add my GT: Ghozoh ill be more then happy to game with them
  10. Exactly i'm so glad they cleared a lot of stuff up i read her new bio after the video and it is really well done
  11. This game looks intense. but i will be buying it on Xbox one as soon as i have the spare funds to do so since i know my pc will not be able to handle this game.