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    Gaming, PC Building, Mountain Biking, My dog :P

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    I'm your typical Canadian dude, I just like to eat food, sleep, play video games and work. Between these tasks I spend a lot of time with my rescue dog, Dude. He is the best.
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    wF 1
  1. I went 6-4, ended up Silver 1, from Gold 5. I started putting into practice what I picked up in the League of Learnings we played, mostly the tips from @MadCast: Epic and @MadCast: Kyro about sticking more with my AD Carry instead of roaming as a support to catch waves, not face checking, playing more for the team (like Kyroo) rather than for my KDA and sacrificing myself if it means carries will live. I ended up with the following champion specific stats, I'm a Bard main but Bard isn't very good for carrying right now so my priority is between Naut, Taric, Braum, Nami and Bard. I tracked how each game went down and watched key points in the replay and realized I got caught out a lot going for deep wards and should have concentrated on safer wards and then moving my vision line up instead of going for really risky wards. I don't know if I want to climb or if I want to just get gold for the rewards and relax with draft as I always do, I feel like I could get to plat if I played more support centric champions and less Bard.
  2. Tuesday Tempest 1-16-2018

    I might come, every time I do it's good fun, except for when Stan hits us.
  3. Introduction-Namflow

    Played with this guy tonight, A++, 10/10 would play again. Except for the part where he played Hyena warwick.
  4. HoTS Special Comps

    I've never really thought of playing HoTS as a game where I need a specific comp, more like specific heroes for specific maps however there are definite combo's like Zarya + AoE Ults/Damage that work really well based on what I've seen in the last few days of playing. Personally speaking I find that any combination of CC with a high damage/burst based mage (such as Jaina / Li-Ming, QT, etc) to be very strong.
  5. Smite!

    I think Paragon was really pay-to-win for a while there and they tried to redesign it again to remove those elements, when I played it I wished there was an auto-run feature, holding W for hours to run was too much strain with work + gaming so I gave up on it.
  6. chilli cooks off!

    I just throw a bunch of crap into a slow cooker and wait for 2 days, most of the time this does NOT include BEANS! #NoBeanMasterRace.
  7. MIA for a little while...

    Thanks for serving, :). Let me know if you're on and want to play, I'll bring out the legendary Bard Support, Mid, Jungle, Top or ADC.
  8. The Dojo

    I haven't played HoTS in a while but I'm interested in playing it here and there when League starts to bore me.
  9. Whats your PC setup like?

    I feel like this is asking for an upgrade, lol. Rick and Morty fan I see, no wonder you seem so intelligent :P. (I was pivotal in spreading Rick and Morty around my workplace, such a good show).
  10. League of Learning 1-11-18

    This time I won't go full AD Jarvan and feed,
  11. Whats your PC setup like?

    When I switched to arms I felt like I had so much more room, I had to get rid of my arm because it couldn't be used with my new monitor but I'll probably end up mounting this HP Omen 32" vertically and buying a larger curved 1440p/144hz monitor when they start going down in price in the next few years.
  12. Whats your PC setup like?

    Thats the secret that we never share, our desks are clean for one picture and then right after all of the various crap gets put back into it's spot. I have a Camera, two notebooks, my wallet, cellphone, jars, a muffin, a ruler and a bottle of wine that immediately went back on the desk after the picture.
  13. LoL - Patch 8.1

    The upcoming Sightstone changes seem interesting, I like that I don't have to buy SS but I feel like if I get behind in lane my sightstone is going to be extremely delayed. The changes this patch to Zoe in-lane losing Gunblade is good, I've seen her win lane off lucky proc's and I'm only in gold.