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  1. What's your all time favorite story game?

    Doki Doki Literature Club.
  2. Fenix is the new Hero!

    damn he looks fun
  3. Cards Against Humanity

    ill be dere
  4. construction games

    Terraria is by far my favorite. ive ground that game into dust.
  5. Hey guys this is the official sign up sheet for the inhouse Overwatch games. Please post your name as you see below. Overwatch in house is currently scheduled for 3/25 at 8:00 EST if you can make it please let me know and post as you see below! Caster Attending: Yes Available at start time: Yes
  6. Intro: Alanvien

    Join US!!!!!
  7. Netflix!!!!

    Psych is too.
  8. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

  9. Netflix!!!!

    Do you have some Amazon Prime? Theres some good stuff on there.
  10. Movie Suggestions

    Horror movies are the worrrstttt
  11. I paint in 8-Bit!

  12. favorite characters to play

    I think so far Junkrat has been the most fun for me
  13. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    Lol thats awesome Cookie
  14. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    Hey guys I'm going to go ahead and set a tentative date for this event on Wednesday the 28th of March. Spread the good word! Hopefully we can start around 7 or 8 EST depending on peoples availability.
  15. I need a new playlist!

    Yasssss Hollyowod Undead wOOOOWHWHWWOOOOO!