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  1. the 16 gigabytes of ram is intimidating for the rquirements though
  2. Word up. i usually end up playing healers lol
  3. Ooooh DSO that sounds hella tight. @MadCast: doublestufforeo
  4. I used to be part of a Star Wars forum based story community in high school. It kinda died out but I always wondered if anyone else ever did anything like that or wrote fanfiction in their personal time. Any takers?
  5. I've been playing a ton of Overwatch lately. The new ranked season starts here shortly and it would be great to have some teammates if anyone is interested (by here shortly i mean in 8 hours from time of post).
  6. Lots of vets around here man! Welcome aboard!
  7. Finish med school Become father Better husband All the stuff the major said (specifically guns) World domination (if theres time)
  8. Looking fine as hell boiiiii. Keep it up man! Life is about improving and you certainly are!
  9. I play all the brass instruments, guitar, piano, drums, banjo. We should try to put some sound clips together of madcast peeps!
  10. My wife makes food from the fallout video games! I'll post some recipes!
  11. Fruit is gross. Pizza rocks. Fruit pizza is extra gross. Just like fruit cake. People like cake. I assume people like fruit. Fuit cake is gross.