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  1. Thursday is the only day im available.
  2. yo Only have my hunter. 640 by then probably
  3. @MadCast: Vyoletta or anyone else interested in what an old dog has to say about his massive daily pillbox. To start youre definitely going to need a journal. Preferrably one with alphabetical tabs that will allow you to alphabetize all the medication and flip to specific ones when reccommended. Non-Alphabet tab journal: If you cant get an alphabetical tab one a normal journal is fine but leave the first 8-10 pages blank and make an index leaving a few lines for each letter so you can alphabetize and number them. Number all the pages in the notebook so when you write how a specific prescription makes you feel you can put it at the index in the beginning of the book and know exactly where to flip to if someone reccommends it again. The entries wont be in alphabetical order but the page numbers and index will tell you exactly where to go if you ever need to lookup how it made you feel. Alphabet tab journal: This one is super easy. Put the prescription under the right letter in the journal and enter the name and how it made you feel to keep better track. I absolutely reccomend doing this no matter what. My logs are written in pencil while I'm on a drug and penned in if I'm taken off of it so I can edit them as I feel is necessary while I'm on them. I have short ones and long ones. Some of them (cause they is brain drugs) say stuff like, "feeling quite listless today. It seems as though colors are less bright and the very sunshine does not warm me as it once did." To possibly my favorite penned description in all caps, "FUCKING. ENDLESS. HEADACHE." So every drug effects you differently. These are the two best ways I've found to keep track. Thanks for the time and I hope this helps. Alphabet tab journals on Amazon: Non-Alphabet journals with doggos (cause theyre an anti-depressant):
  4. I vote for Daddy. He seems eager to be hung.
  5. In the end you just have to play characters you like. There are some that are difficult but all of them are great once you've built up some play time. Murky can be especially annoying and so can abathur.
  6. Caster stared at "Stan" in astonishment. "Surely anyone who doesn't speak the same language as us is a miscreant, a foul beast unable to communicate in the simplest of terms." Caster said with a shout. "He should be hung immediatley for surely he is trying to entrap us and pit us against each other." Caster grinned roguishly and slinked away knowing the other villagers had heard his shout.
  7. thats one of the first tricks i teach
  8. Ill be posting more shortly hopefully
  9. And now he's got some sick custom graphics in his stream on a serious note I would love to help be a caster if you ever need someone to fill in @MadCast: bigdommer
  10. is it guarenteed tob be in 3D? i rather enjoy 2D lol
  11. oh man! that trailer is dope. I love castlevania. I might have to pick this up