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    Art, traveling, video games, sleeping.

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    My names Milk, which is kind of ironic because I'm lactose intolerant, but that's okay. I love to eat and sleep.
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  1. Golf With Your Friends

    I love this game and would love to join it, just depends on when you all plan on doing it! I'll be leaving my town soon, so if I miss it I'm sure we can plan another one in the future if this one goes well!
  2. Koi Nami Found Sushi!

    Thank you so much!
  3. Koi Nami Found Sushi!

    This was my contest entry for Riot's Memotions contest! It was a lot of fun drawing her and gave me a lot of practice. I can't wait to see who wins, make sure you go check out everyone's entries!
  4. Neat Picture!

    That is actually terrifying, lol. Looks like something straight from my nightmares. Also looks cool though.
  5. Just recently came across Oliver Tree. Amazing music video and I can't stop listening to Alien Boy.
  6. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    Welcome! It's awesome to see more artists as I'm an artist as well. Would love to see some of your work 😊 Hope to see you in the rift!
  7. Fanfiction: A Monstrous Love That Fills The Void

    What a truly amazing love story, never seen a better happy ending :,)
  8. Charity Event

    Many of you may have seen this already, but I thought it would be nice to share! Blizzard is currently having a charity even going on right now for breast cancer awareness! There is a new Mercy skin that you can buy for $15, and 100% of the proceeds go towards BCRF. They are also donating an extra $100,000 on top of the donations received. Not only that, but every day for 2 weeks, a different streamer will be streaming for the cause, and 100% of the donations and bits will go towards BCRF as well! Those who participate will also be rewarded with sprays and icons for watching the streams for certain cumulative hours. I believe this is an amazing step that Blizzard is taking, and I hope to see more like this from them in the future for other fundraising. Click here for more detailed explanations if you want to read more, please consider donating or even participating in the streams. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated ❤️
  9. LoL - Patch 8.9

    I am so excited for the Beemo skin, Riot keeps tempting me to have no soul and play the little devil again! For Blood Moon Evelynn, I really hope they make some changes; she just doesn't seem "Blood Moon" quality, I've seen many other summoners say the same thing. In fact, the artist Erai Violett created her own version of Blood Moon Evelynn, which looks a lot better imo. I feel like if they simplified a bit of the details in her version (since a lot of it would be washed out anyways when put on the scale of in game), Evelynn's skin would look a lot nicer overall, and have that Blood Moon feel to it!
  10. Funday Monday 4/30@9PM EST

    I can't wait for my semester to be over with so I can finally do a Funday Monday again 😓
  11. Mechanical Keyboard?

    I've heard a lot of good things about them, and I decided to get one myself. I personally don't really enjoy them as much as a typical keyboard, just because of how clunky it is. I think it's because I have such small fingers though, so I trip up trying to type sometimes, lol. I also notice that I type a bit slower on the mechanical keyboard and make a lot of errors, but typing isn't a huge aspect with most games anyways, so it's not much of a big deal really. But they are very loud, which was mentioned. In general, I think it's mostly personal preference, I don't hate them, but I also don't prefer them, but I'm kinda stuck with one lol.
  12. INTRO/mgroves1114

    It was nice playing with you and receiving great feedback on how to improve! Welcome!
  13. I paint in 8-Bit!

    Aww these are so cute
  14. I got a gecko!

    He is such a cutie, precious little Mochi ❤️
  15. Movie Suggestions

    Mr. Nobody, The Truman Show, What Happened To Monday, The Fundamentals Of Caring, and I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore are all really good movies on Netflix right now. Black Mirror is also really good, it's a series, but each episode is like a mini movie. The End Of The F***ing World is also a show, but it's extremely good and you can watch it in one sitting so I had to add it!