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    Art, traveling, video games, sleeping.

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    My names Milk, which is kind of ironic because I'm lactose intolerant, but that's okay. I love to eat and sleep.
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  1. INTRO/mgroves1114

    It was nice playing with you and receiving great feedback on how to improve! Welcome!
  2. I paint in 8-Bit!

    Aww these are so cute
  3. I got a gecko!

    He is such a cutie, precious little Mochi ❤️
  4. Movie Suggestions

    Mr. Nobody, The Truman Show, What Happened To Monday, The Fundamentals Of Caring, and I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore are all really good movies on Netflix right now. Black Mirror is also really good, it's a series, but each episode is like a mini movie. The End Of The F***ing World is also a show, but it's extremely good and you can watch it in one sitting so I had to add it!
  5. MadCast Promotes: Daddy

  6. MadCast Welcomes: Milk

    Thank you all so much! I have read and I agree to all of the terms of full membership.
  7. Intro-BlueRose

  8. Ridiculous siege cannons!

    This is just terrifying.
  9. First try at digital painting

    That's really awesome for your first time! I love digital art but I haven't explored much in painting. Your shading and lighting is really well done. I don't know if you do this but something that helps me when I'm trying to figure out where the shadows should go is to draw a little sun in a corner or wherever I want my light source to go, so it reminds me how the shadows would look! Also with the anatomy, something that helps me is looking at a bunch of reference photos of different people, but real-life references are much better; I'm sure it'd be a little weird to have a shirtless man in your room to paint though, lol.
  10. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    I am not a car expert whatsoever, and barely know much about them. But, out of all the cars you listed I think I like the Mini Coopers the best. I just love the aesthetic and vibes it gives off! I personally love the style of older cars, so. This is just more of a style-based input lol.
  11. Falcon Heavy Demonstration Launch

    I've seen a little bit about this, but it's freaking awesome! Could you imagine how much that car would cost if it was brought back down to Earth for sale. It would probably feel amazing to brag about how you had a car from space haha.
  12. Intro - Mikeanike

  13. Sviðskógr Rusling -- Introduction

  14. League of Learning Feedback

    League of Learning last night (2/1/18) was a lot of fun, but also became a bit stressful. I was excited to learn more about minion management as I am not the best at knowing when to push or freeze lanes. Biscuit and I ended up volunteering to be a part of the higher elo game as they needed 2 more players, and I felt like I would learn a lot more since they have a better perspective on the game. I was having fun but I feel like the game started to be taken a little too seriously, which seemed to make some people a bit stressed. At the end of the games I did learn a lot, like different items I should have built, etc. But I feel like there wasn't as much focus on wave management as I would have liked. Everything else was a blast and I feel like I came out of the games more educated, but I feel like for the next League of Learning we should focus maybe just a little bit more on wave management
  15. New Annie Animation

    Annie is my main as well! She has to be one of my favorite champions too, and I'm glad that they really cleared up her lore. Before it seemed a bit dull, but seeing the little changes they made and animating it really makes you understand what she went through.