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  1. I've heard that it's nothing like the movie, and that you can't even compare the two.
  2. I only paid $9 for a ticket, but it was most definitely worth it. If you're going to see this movie, go see it in theaters! Best way to watch it is on the big screen due to the fantastic visuals!
  3. Wish that I could have been there, work sucks </3
  4. Oh, for sure. this game is great fun if you're a fan of rogue like games, or you're just looking for something new to play. I bought it on release and stopped playing after a little while because of how many steam games I have (lol), but I would definitely recommend picking it up!
  5. I got a crested gecko 2 weeks ago, and I just thought some people would enjoy him and all of his cuteness!
  6. Wow, finally a Thursday I don't have to work! Looking forward to it!
  7. Thanks so much, Of course I accept and agree to the terms of full membership!
  8. Not much that will affect my bot lane, but I'm excited to see the new mage items! I also haven't seen if they kept the baron buff and banner of command siege minions, did they!? That's hype if they did!
  9. I saw this on Reddit and had to share. With the new baron changes and banner of command, you can turn cannon minions into turret shredding machines!
  10. I'll probably miss out tonight due to work Maybe I'll pop in if there's a spot open after 9:30! Hope all goes well though!
  11. This is one of the coolest stories recently. Watching the boosters land was so freaking cool! It was pretty funny listening to the broadcasters react to the main booster crashing though, because they weren't ready for that! haha. Also, the above picture will make such a cool wallpaper! I've already seen HD versions of it and my god is it sexy. Here it is, though I suppose it's not necessarily HD, it's just been edited to look a bit less blurry/pixelated!
  12. People were speculating that Ivern's golem Daisy was actually Annie's sister. I thought it was a really cool concept until a Rito employee on Reddit said it wasn't true. I'm still gonna go with it though because I like the thought!
  13. Will be there for sure! Being an ADC main, I think i'm Alright-ish at wave management, but I know I have a lot to learn! Super excited!
  14. I was just wondering if anyone is excited for any new movies coming out? I love claymation, so I'm really excited for Isle of dogs and Early Man! Please share anything you're looking forward to seeing!
  15. Doesn't it just feel amazing to get that 6 man ult?
  16. Advice from me, is not to let your team tilt you if they're losing lane. You don't want to have a lane pressure you to gank, and then end up dying because their lane is fed. Just do what you feel is best, and make sure your laners try to set up some easy ganks for you!
  17. Said they're going to release is within 8 month's for pc. Such a hard wait
  18. I voted yes. Although I didn't get to play, I was still really excited to play against some higher tier players! If my game would have worked, I would have been against Epic, and I was really excited to hopefully learn something from his playstyle! I think people need to just open their minds and actually try to learn some things from the higher elo players on their team. And as for the higher tier players, try to give some more feedback to your lower tier players, and help them win their lane! If you're going to get upset that a Diamond player beats you in lane when you're bronze, I think you're more worried about just winning than actually learning something. The event is called "League of Learning"!
  19. No work tonight, so I'll be there! Reinstalled and ready to go!
  20. Seems scary. I play mainly squishies, so I'm spooked now!
  21. Welcome! It's super fun around here (: Hope you enjoy!
  22. I bought pubg on release but haven't played much. We'll need to play sometime!