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  1. Called amazon and they said there is nothing they can do about it. Held onto it for almost a month now.
  2. Hello everyone, Are you or anyone you know, looking to build a computer or upgrade your current PC? If so I have a Radeon R7 260X video card and a 500W power supply brand new in box that I am willing to sell close to 50% off. In all honesty they were miss-shipped to my address and are not much better than my current hardware. But I took it as a sign that I do need to upgrade none the less. I am hoping to get $100 for the pair, or like $75 and $25 for each. Feel free to contact me with offers. Offers over asking price will be acceptable.
  3. This is the majority of the picture. Not too sold on this case though, not as ventilated as i would like. But I can't find any good powersupply case combos.
  4. And yes, I will need a keyboard, but mouse and monitor I already have take care of.
  5. Hello folks, I am planning to purchase parts for my first desktop/gaming PC, and would greatly appreciate any input. I currently posses a Radeon HD 5770. This is the only component I have to build this rig around. I have about $600-$700 I am willing to spend on components. I hope to tear a dvd drive and HDD out of an old computer I have here (unless someone can convince me otherwise that this is a terribly idea, or terribly way to save money). The only thing I plan to use this computer for is gaming. I don't currently play very many graphically intensive games seeing as I only have a laptop, but I don't need anything super awesome, just hoping to get 60fps on the games i currently play. If you have any suggestions on good motherboard deals or motherboard processor combos, I would greatly appreciated it. I also would love any input on what kind of RAM I should buy and how much I really need. Once again I will be forever grateful to anyone who could share their knowledge of computer components with me and help me through this purchasing process.
  6. I just figured out what was wrong with my Teamspeak. I couldn't get onto TS for the past few days, just to realize that my bookmark was corrupted. Hope this helps anyone with current connection issues.
  7. Summoner Name: A Bunch of Nuns Level: 30 Primary Role: Mid Secondary Role: ADC Least Preferred Role: Jungle Willing to Captain: No
  8. Check out this review on a new game coming up called Superhot. I'm kinda conserned it may just be a one trick horse and will get old after a few levels. Then again it may just blow my mind. What do you think?
  9. I game name: A Bunch of Nuns currently Silver III currently available almost any time at night (7pm or later Central) schedule will change next week seeing as I am getting a new job prefer MID/ADC MID: Lux, Diana, Ziggs, Kat, Akali, Talon, Morde ADC: Ashe, Draven, EZ, Quinn, Vayne? Add me and we can play a few matches, i'm always down for a good Duo partner
  10. Best beard ever conceived, hands down.
  11. I defiantly need the Sound System one. Which one is your favorite?
  12. Just stumbled on this video about shooting guns under water, after having a convo with I believer Osiris about shooting guns underwater. Thought i would share for those who are interested also.