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  1. MadCast League Season III

    who can I talk to about information regarding this? I would rather message on like discord or league or something so we can have a quicker conversation than catching replies on here
  2. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    My limit is 4k until next years tax season minimum, so I need a fun daily (more like used once or twice a week) , not a project. Likewise I never intend this to be a full on project, more so a car i slowly do stuff to over time. Also it can't be a 2 seater, because on the off chance I need to take a kid somewhere there needs to be a small backseat. however i thought this was funny, that i found this this morning.
  3. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    To drive when i feel like it. If I'm going with the full family we just take our normal car, this would be a " if i feel like doing anything when wife is gone" car. Or a " I'm gonna go grab food or something" car.
  4. Too late to begin the game?

    In destiny 1 i didn't start playing until late into the cycle and it made it tough to find anyone to play with because everyone was doing the dlc at that point. Is it too late to jump into destiny 2?
  5. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    Any kind of input is appreciated
  6. First try at digital painting

    This was my first try at painting in photoshop, i did it a couple weeks ago, since then I haven't done a whole lot at all unfortunately. Yes I know the anatomy is off.
  7. Incremental Games

    What's an incremental game, like an idle game? if so then i played realm grinder as well as zombidle a decent amount.
  8. Anyone looking forward to any movies?

    Same! michael b jordan has steadily become one of my favorite actors. I would even wager to call him the will smith of the 2010s.
  9. Anyone looking forward to any movies?

    game night movie actually looks pretty good from the trailer.
  10. Planning on buying a car in a few weeks.

    This isn't my only vehicle so I'm not worried about snow, I'm in kentucky it's cold here like 2 months out of the year. I'm not worried about a small insurance change either. Doesn't really matter to me either, but i would disagree with the imports vs domestics price difference. Theres far more used imports in my area than domestics (besides early 2000s mustangs) to get used parts off of a lot cheaper than having to order them. ( exception is the euros that is ) My issue is that I don't really have a very specific want or need other than " a car I'll enjoy after I buy it". Thanks for replying I wasn't expecting a reply so soon.
  11. What's your all time favorite story game?

    I really liked the story of FF14 , as well as FF10, I guess typical stories that i like do come from final fantasy games lol. Those or star wars games.
  12. So I've spent the last 2 months or so looking at cars nearly every day while waiting for income tax to finally get here. Since then I've made a pretty substantial list of cars that I would consider, so much so that when I finally get the money making a decision sure is going to be tough. This will be the first car that is "mine" and not a shared family car that I've had in nearly 10 years. It will likely be another 5-10 years before I can buy another car of my own. With that comes the issue of not wanting to fuck up and buy a car that I won't like after having owned it a while. I will be trying to find a car for 4k or under it does have some wiggle room but not much. This will not be a drive every day family car, or a drive to work every single day etc etc, this is a car for me to have fun with. Things I like or dislike - RWD,FWD,AWD: I'm alright with any of these honestly, I've never owned anything that isn't FWD though. So I'm kind of excited at the idea of buying something not FWD also. 2 door or 4 door: I'm alright with either, from a visual standpoint i prefer 2 door cars a LOT. But there are a few 4 door cars out there that also look really good. I cannot buy a 2 seater because sometimes I will need to drive my kids around. Imports, Domestics, Euros: I highly prefer Japanese imports or European ones, I'm not really into MOST American cars. The ones I do like I can't afford. Turbo VS Non: I've never owned a turbo vehicle before, but I think I would enjoy it. However I am fine with either turbo or nonturbo, but for nonturbo I would want a higher trim level for a better engine. Cars Options - Mitsubishi Eclipse (2nd Gen) - I've loved the look of these cars since I was a kid. (I was born in '91) I would want to either buy the GST trim ( turbo) or the convertible (better engine than nonturbo coupe) Volkswagen GTI (MK4 or MK5) - I have a fondness in my heart for hatchbacks and these ones come in both 2 door as well as 4 door. These also come in both turbo and NA. My first car was actually a VW. BMW 3 series (E46/E90) - These come in 2 door and 4 door as well as different trim levels. The issue with these is that a LOT of them are silver, and I'm not a huge fan of silver cars. Mini Cooper - I like these cars, but what I'm worried about witht hem is that I won't have another car for quite a few years, and there is very little you can do with these past stock for cheap. ( meaning exterior changes interior changes engine stuff etc ) Mazda Speed3 (1stGen) - While I think these cars are super cool, I don't know if I'll be able to find a speed 3 for 4 grand without something being wrong with it. There a LOT more options as i check craigslist every day and keep researching, but these were the ones at the top of my favorites currently. Discuss
  13. Unfortunately I never got very far in swtor, and it felt like that a lot of the servers were already dead or dying whenever i finally got to giving it a try. Is anyone still around playing this?
  14. Let me start by saying I have 3,000 hours into the game, so while to some who have played since launch thats minimal, but I'm by far not a new player. Over my time spent playing I found myself nearly all of the time disagreeing with the main mindsets held in this game. Namely the "meta" and the communities hold on it. While it holds true that if you're min maxing certain builds do absolutely do better than others. There are also builds in between the best build and the worst build, some of which are very viable to play. Among other things that would be a novel to read, the game itself is great, lore is a 6/10, custom character builds a solid 9/10, and the over all world is a 8/10 for me, but the community is about a 3/10 compared to other games I've played over the last 15 or so years. Sadly this was enough to finally kill the game for me, and while i try to go back every few months and play some, it never lasts long.
  15. Swain | The Noxian Grand General

    Rest in piece my precious bird man.... I'm very sad about this change, I'm an adc main but a LOT of the champions that i play outside of adc and thoroughly enjoy have been reworked completely or changed int he last 2 years.