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  1. construction games

    Have you played No Mans Sky? you can build ships and travel forever.... 40 hours spent doing the same thing, it was a blast. highly dont recommend!
  2. Overwatch Sign Up for 3/25 in house shennanigans

    id love to confirm a yes but i have a D&D group Sundays at 7 EST. it may have ended so i should know more this Sunday. I will update my post this Sunday when i find out more.
  3. RFM Application: Shattered

    "other games" channels!!! yes on the pubg and rocket league stuff. good luck!
  4. Intro: Alanvien

    welcome, hit me up for some PUBG
  5. PUBG Shenanigans 14 March 8:30pm EST

    i have to work at 6:00 pm but should only be 2 hours but then a half hour drive home so i dont think ill make it. sorry. i have still have some free pubg shirts to give away.
  6. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    I want to get it but im going to wait until i build a new PC
  7. PUBG event(s)

    items are now available for trade.
  8. Netflix!!!!

    also Netflix has Red vs. Blue which is amazing if you like halo
  9. I paint in 8-Bit!

    whats the dimensions on those?
  10. What's your all time favorite story game?

    Halo for sure, just recently bought them again for the campaign
  11. Netflix!!!!

    the Grand Tour!
  12. Humble Bundle game share.

    so i have the yearly subscription to Humble bundle and a lot of the games they give you are download games that im sure are of no interest to anyone but they are not key bound. i was wounder if there was a place i could put them like a cloud storage of something so the Madcast community could download them if they so desired.
  13. question about cube

    yeah back when i played there was a icon you could click to see... if i remember correctly
  14. I got a gecko!

    whats his name?
  15. Overwatch Shennanigans (per Epic's request)

    if you like overwatch you need to watch this guys youtube videos for a good laugh.