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  1. Intro - tiide

  2. Settlers of Catan?

    yes, there was a pay to play option that i had got but i dont see it now. it was so you could make a party and play with friends otherwise the free to play was just joining random games.
  3. Happy New Years!

    Thanks to everyone at MadCast for another wonderful year! Have a safe and fun night! Looking forward to another great year!
  4. Drum roll pleaseeeee

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. I made a human.

    welcome Madcast: LittleDommer! when can we expect the twitch streams to go live since you have stopped streaming? Congrats BRO hope all is well
  7. MadCast Holiday 2018

    Happy Holiday sand New Years! and I appreciate everything about this community!
  8. MadCast Welcomes: 3footmonkey!

  9. Atlas

    worth the read! good stuff
  10. Atlas

  11. Kitty's Charity Livestream - December 12

    I will be working during this but I will try to remember to at least open twitch on my phone and donate the bits I have.
  12. "Shooty Gunny Movies"

    Free Fire... might still be on netflix
  13. Happy Thanksgiving MadCast!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!
  14. Champion Finally

    why did you *** my name out? congrats!
  15. Sea of Thieves noonish (central)

    so both of us forgot but should be playing in a hour or so if anyone wants to join