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  1. i am curious to see what happens next with this game
  2. so steam has a free to play game out right now that i just found out about tonight, Splitgate: arena warfare. i dont fully understand how it works but its portals meets halo/apex. fun to play even though i am real bad. If anyone has interest to play hit me up. only played tonight a few rounds but seemed fun!
  3. Hey, talked to you today, welcome! I play Apex as well (im not good) but feel free to message me any time! Welcome!
  4. just got my "first" win (got the final kill) tonight. it was awesome! EDIT: Origin is Crippledcookie99
  5. Just saw that I had a Award for Fellowship Commendation. I would to thank who ever that was and also say that it is a huge boost to me. I love this community and all it is. I am happy to have come across this great place. Thank you all and have a great day!
  6. had any more inquisitions about this?