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  1. Intro- Usefully Useless (again)

    oh nice! how was the Metallica concert? wish i could have seen them play the S&M show years ago. still love to listen to it.
  2. ROCKET LEAGUE (7/1/2018)

    will this be streamed on twitch or has Dom finally retired?
  3. RFM Application: Lurama

    Good luck!
  4. Realm Royale

    its a fun game! hard but fun once you learn all the classes (5 of them) and their abilities.
  5. Intro- Usefully Useless (again)

    good luck, pop down into the "other games" channel if you want to branch out with some new games. there are a few free to play games im into at the moment. realm royale, dauntless, and Quake so it will only cost you your time.
  6. Quake Champions

    Quake Champions is free on steam right now. Decent so far, but its hard or I just suck. You can do a max of 4v4 and the fighting is fast and intense. I am not sure if you can party up because I have not had anyone to play with to test it. Just thought I spread the word of a free game.
  7. Realm Royale

    ive been playing it a lot, if you want to team up let me know.
  8. Intro - Krokaine

    welcome i play overwatch, realm royale (a lot now), rocket league, HOTS, and pubg. let me know if you want to play!!!
  9. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

  10. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    make a official introduction on the forums expressing your interest in applying. someone will then message you to let you know they acknowledge your submission and then a mentor will message you. there are a few forum post explaining it all in better detail. if you click on forums and then "new to MadCast" or "introductions" you should get a good idea.
  11. Realm Royale

    New free to play battle royal game on Steam. i think its a lot of fun. Think fortnight minus the building but with 5 classes and a few abilities. Plus a horse mount.
  12. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    been watching a twitch streamer who has this sound bit and then seeing this title, i had to post it.
  13. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    nice, do i make the cut to get in? awesome news
  14. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    6 straight hours today; Coach and I leveling people. solid and fun game. honorable mentions: Lurama, Shattered, Bigdommer. was fun!
  15. Dauntless - F2P Monster hunter game

    just downloaded the game last night