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  1. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    pubg going on now!
  2. WE MADE IT!

    nice, congrats
  3. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    Custome pubg going on now!
  4. Rocket League (04/22/2018)

    its alright. nbd
  5. Rocket League (04/22/2018)

    cookie/sneptune/ and we need one more.
  6. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    doing another round of custom games of PUBG at 9pm central id Shattered is back to host it.
  7. PUBG Custom Game Access!

    SWEET! Death races and zombies
  8. Rocket League (04/22/2018)

    here is a link to the reddit post if anyone was looking for it.
  9. New Stream Needs Madcast Participation

    good job to you and jon, even thought his mic sounded a little off.
  10. Rocket League (04/22/2018)

    who wants to go down in a blaze of loosing with me...?
  11. Overwatch Games 4/18/18

    if im not working ill be there. have you played the new mode yet?
  12. MadCast Promotes: Caster

    does this mean you'll show up to the overwatch event now , congrats
  13. New Stream Needs Madcast Participation

    cant wait
  14. RFM application Caster

    Good luck
  15. Rocket League (04/15/2018)

    crippledcookie99/sneptune1? Team name: Eddie Spaghetti Nipples