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  1. Call of Duty: BLOPS 4

    kind of like rocket league?
  2. Controller suggestions

    I really like the Steam controller.....but I wouldnt buy one because i think they are cheaply made. I think the design and idea is great but not worth the $50. mine only works when it is directly plugged in now and I know someone else who had to replace theirs after 2ish years due to buttons not working.
  3. Intro: Simaniac

  4. Intro: Wazap

  5. Cards against Humanity on Friday!

    starting now! come join us in other games channel
  6. Cards against Humanity on Friday!

    It is back up?!?! nice!
  7. Report for Booty 8/28 7:30 central

    we are getting those win every week lol.
  8. St. James Winery makes a Blackberry wine that im in love with. sssssssssoooooooooooooooo good.
  9. MadCast Welcomes: Al Shifra

    congrats, welcome!
  10. what is your opinion of fruity wines like a blackberry? are they made the same way?
  11. Rocket League Tournament

    RL Tournament sunday 26th of August at 2:00 PM Central. Hosted by Shattered. any questions or team formations, message him. I will be streaming the event because BigDom will not be able to. I think PCJon will be casting the event solo. My twitch is look forward to seeing you there/ all the players!!! soccer league of legends rocket car battle star galitca
  12. Final call for Cards Against Humanity!

    playing now!
  13. Rocket League


    Looking forward to seeing everyone this SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!!!! I will be streaming the Rocket League Tournament. BigDom will be AFK and I should be assisted by The Cheese. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  14. Battlefield V

    so didnt see a post on this yet but there is not a BF1 or V in the Battlefield topic. so on Origin it give like 3 different release dates/ early access, then on two different website it gives different dates. all are around mid october but does anyone know a date. like Origin access dates to actual pay full money for that game date.
  15. Need a Fortnite friend tonight

    +1 me