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  1. is there a group chat for the draft? going to try to make it.
  2. I would be interested as well. I have put in so many hours on all the CS games over the years.
  3. Can i get the entire Blues team because we all know they are going to get 2 in a row... and ill take them again next season for the triple!
  4. Thanks Admins/ everyone including Madcast Epic, Madcast RedJustice, Madcast Mike, and Madcast CoachRivers (sorry if I forgot someone) for helping me get my Discord account right. It was a pain believe me. I really do appreciate all of your time spent to help me get back on the Discord channel. Much Love!
  5. is my junkrat not up to par for you?! lol some new people would be nice... healers
  6. Welcome!... so my discord got unlinked to my account or i cant remember the email so i made a new account. the discord button on the site sends me to the web version which says my account is registers (duh just made it) so i cant get past that point. can some please send me a discord app link, Thanks EDIT: or my new discord is crippledcookie99#0353, my discord is being wack.
  7. for sure, lovely game and we do go plundering from time to time.
  8. sorry my comp was having troubles but its fixed now. hope to make it to the next one!
  9. Welcome glad to see you applied
  10. not that i will win but the $50 prize. is that for 1st place only? how will it be paid out, like steam/ gift card or like a venmo. just curious.
  11. pineapple is a fruit. tomato is fruit(and a main ingredient in most pizza sauce). veggie or meat pizza are made and sometimes combined to make something amazing. some people even like some sardines or other living things from the water on their pizza. im sure in some remote village in south north of east jesus they like tree top hanging grubs with small slices of fresh apple. pizza is such an amazing thing and toppings shouldn't make people choose sides. eat what you like and love, the cheese that you love, the crust, the sauce, the toppings. no matter how few or how many.... but all in all PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA FOREVER.
  12. i have a free key for anyone deserving/ will actually play it... i want it to go to someone who will use it... i guess is what im saying.
  13. anyone interested in getting back into this game/ starting for the first time? is this game still played? sorry its been claimed