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  1. Cards Against Humanity

    Will do! Have fun!
  2. Cards Against Humanity

    Im trying to organize a Cards Against Humanity game for inhouse Madcast!! Theres a website where we can all play it for free together. Stay as long as you want and come play a few rounds with us on Tuesday 3/20. Just hit me or Caster in Discord. We are looking for lots of peeps to come out so let me know if you can come! Tentative starting time around 7 EST. Website:
  3. Settlers of Catan?

    I've never played before But I'm down I'll do some research on it
  4. Overwatch Sign Up for 3/25 in house shennanigans

    BlueRose Attending: Yes Available at start time: Yes
  5. I paint in 8-Bit!

    8 x 12:) Thank you!
  6. Intro: Alanvien

  7. I paint in 8-Bit!

    Thank you!
  8. What's your all time favorite story game?

    Life is Strange is really good probably my favorite right now
  9. Movie Suggestions

    Horror movies YESSSSSSSS
  10. I got a gecko!

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!
  11. Movie Suggestions

    I was thinking about watching Black Mirror and End Of The F***ing World But I wasn't sure if they were good or not thank you for letting me know!
  12. Movie Suggestions

    I need some good movie suggestions! Genre doesn't matter
  13. Burn the witch!

    My husband does!
  14. Show us your fur-babies!

    I can't handle how cute she is!