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  1. Intro: Darren Coach

    Thanks Baal Thanks Maro was fun playing games with you to Thanks maro was fun playing games with you too
  2. Intro: Darren Coach

    Yes i am MadCast: Epic
  3. Intro: Darren Coach

    Hi MadCast gaming I am Darren Coach and i really like to Play League of Legend and CS-GO. This is my second time around did not work out the first time so i have come back for the second time cause i really enjoy everyone on the sever and would like to try again. I also really enjoy playing soccer and watching hockey. Hope to see a lot of people playing league and see everyone on the rift
  4. Intro-Grand Finale

    Welcome will see you on the rift.
  5. Intro: Dez

    Hey welcome to MadCast Gaming i hope you enjoy it here. Hopefully we can get a game of League or CsGo in but if not ill see you around.
  6. Intro - Nexus13

    Hi welcome im a little late but i wanted to say my welcome i also main ADC. I can tell we are going to get along ill see you on the rift.
  7. Intro: Edge Queen

    I m a little Late but Welcome to MadCast Gaming hopefully see you around.
  8. Intro: RopesAreRad

    welcome to the MadCast Ropes see your around. I enjoy playing with you.
  9. INTRO/mgroves1114

    Thanks RacerDelux MadCast: Epic yeah i have been there every time that league of learning has been on try to help people out as much as i can and thanks for the welcome.
  10. Introduction - Lanthun/Lanth/Lan

    Hey welcome back i don't know you hopefully see you around.
  11. Introduction - spilo

    Hey Welcome to MadCast it was fun playing with you today hopefull see you on Thrusday night it would be awesome.
  12. Introduction - Lanthun/Lanth/Lan

    Welcome Back don't know you but don't mind meeting you see you around.
  13. Coaching for LOL X-Masters

    MadCast: Flying Fairy Let me know when you are free and i will tutor you.
  14. Coaching for LOL X-Masters

    i would like to help you with that just let me know when you are free and i will get back to you Great sounds good let me know when you are free and we can talk about it.
  15. Coaching for LOL X-Masters

    Hello everyone hope you guys are having a great day. IM an x Master player main roles are adc/support/mid. I am here to help out anyone that needs help i would love to help you guys. Teach every role but top lane LOL. i would like to teach you everything i know about the game and help you guys reach the rank you Desiree. its going to be alot of work but if you guys are down to put in that work i promise you will climb. i use to be bronze in season 3 and from then i learn more about the game cause i put the work into it and now im an x Masters player. Message me on here if you need help or anything ill will get back to you as soon as i can.