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  1. Intro: Alanvien

    Thanks a lot, Mike! Glad to see another hoops person among us. Who's your team?
  2. Intro: Alanvien

    Hey guys and girls, My name is Jeremy, a 32 year old avid gamer, and someone who's looking for a community to join. I found you all on the HoTs forum and decided to chat with STSO04, after which I decided this is a community I'd be interested in playing with. I play primarily WoW (have 15 110s and multiple other 100s). I also play Overwatch, HoTs, D3, Path of Exile, and numerous other games on Steam. I'm interested in getting in to PuBg but want a group to play with. I'm someone who strives to get better and be the best player I can be at whatever game I'm playing. If anyone wants to play some games, let me know, Klora#1409 is my Battlenet ID, and Thetachi546 is my Steam user name. I'll be around on Discord, as well. I look forward to playing with you all One final thing, because I'm watching the game, I'm a huge University of Kentucky fan! GO UK in the tournament (if you're a March Madness fan, hit me up, too!)