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  1. Nice one @MadCast: Shattered! Big ups! I still need to try out that RLM stuff you guys have been talking about.
  2. Overwatch is one of my favorite games, I'd love to start playing with some new folks!
  3. Hey gang, I haven't been on as much lately but @MadCast: crippledcookie and I have been playing Sea of Thieves quite a bit as of late... Specifically him and I are trying to max out our fishing xp... Anyone interested in joining us? It's definitely chill and not always action packed... Cookie and I more so play it to relax. BUT if anyone else is playing on their own, you might as well join us; the more the merrier
  4. I'm down - this sounds fun.... and all I gotta do is just play normal, whether I'm mafia or villager 😂😂
  5. Report for Booty is taking place tonight at 7:30 CST We will be playing Sea Of Thieves and discussing the announcements made today about the new content being added in September! See you in the Other Games channels!!
  6. So I bought BF1 a couple weeks ago while it was on sale for $15... I played it for a couple days and really started to enjoy it... THEN in the middle of the night the game was randomly refunded to me by EA. After having an online chat with someone for 30 mins... I was able to talk to someone on the phone. THEN after 90 MINS on the phone with them... They admitted that this happened to a number of other people too. Their solution was for me to REPURCHASE the game at FULL PRICE and then they would LOOK INTO THE POSSIBILITY of refunding me. Very frustrating... Out of principle I am having a hard time wrapping my head around giving them any more of my money...
  7. I'd like to thank The Academy... JK Thanks guys! I'm very excited! PS. I have read the terms and conditions of Full Membership and I agree to them.
  8. Hey, I remember you from the tournaments! Glad to see you're applying! I'm pretty sure you applied right... One of the SFM's will comment and confirm. Best of luck on your candidacy! See you around!
  9. I'm interested! I'll prob watch the stream first before purchase, but I have been interested in this game!
  10. For some reason, it wouldn't let me post or log in for a while... Lately I haven't had issues though.
  11. Count. Me. In. So happy that’s you’re back in action, Coach! This is one of my favorite weekly events.
  12. Has there ever been any discussion of having a MadCast app? I finally got the website to work on my phone but I figured I’d ask... it would be nice for notifications and whatnot.
  13. Good luck Abex! See you in the Other Games channel!