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  1. World Cup

    @MadCast: crippledcookie I don't like to gamble
  2. World Cup

    I'll be watching! If I watch from home I'll def hop on and chat! I would love to see Croatia pull the upset but I think France is going to take it. Hoping for a good match either way!
  3. New future/weird bass tunes

    hahaha to each his own I guess
  4. Mini St Louis meet up

    Not sure yet. I'm free all day pretty much... just let me know!
  5. New future/weird bass tunes

    I'm honestly not even sure what they're calling this genre anymore... It's either weird bass or future bass, possibly just "bass music" - I'm not sure and it doesn't matter. This new shit that's coming out is really really creative next level production. Honestly, it's giving me hope in electronic music again. I feel like heavy bass EDM music has really been in a plateau the past 2-3 or so years. I'm talking about dubstep, trap, etc. (drum and Bass has always been kinda doing it's thing) I'm specifically talking about the new G JONES album forthcoming and the new SHADES album that just dropped. If any of you guys are looking for some new heavy bass music, I suggest checking out the links below... ***YOU CAN FIND BOTH OF THESE ON SPOTIFY AS WELL*** New GJONES tune: ^ You can def tell that he has been working with Bassnectar with this one.. and I'm not even mad about it. This reminds me of the old school Bassnectar tunes. Super hyphy. Super loud. Def a festival banger, I heard he closed his set out at EF and Camp Bisco with it... New SHADES album: ^ This album is just out there. It's got a very deep and dark vibe and has been getting an insane amount of praise by other EDM producers of all styles. It's a bit more calm than the G JONES tune but def has a vibe throughout the whole record. SHADES is a collaboration of 2 producers, the legendary EPROM and Alix Perez from the UK.
  6. Mini St Louis meet up

    Dang guys! Def will, @Usefully Useless I am a talent buyer and a tour/stage manager. I work gigs at the Amp all the time... I think the next metal show I'm going to is Parkway Drive, I believe @MadCast: Shattered is coming too. Join us! Llama and I both live in downtown St. Louis if anyone is ever in the area, give me a shout! The venue I currently work at is called Old Rock House.
  7. Just bought the game!

    I'll keep an eye out for you guys! I've been having a good time playing so far... There is definitely a bit of a learning curve but I think the game will be easier with time, once I learn what is actually going on.
  8. Intro - Krokaine

    Hey man! Stoked to play some PUBG and Rocket League with ya! See you in the Other Games channels!
  9. Introduction- ArcaneArcher651

    Welcome man! I don't many RTS or MMO's but if you're ever down for some PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Dauntless, or Overwatch. Hit me up!

    I know we already have a large Rocket League group here but anyone who is on the fence... I HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot. ANNNDDD it's onsale for $10 right now... I think that's a steal for the game. I paid $20 and I've been more than satisfied. Hope this helps!

    @MadCast: ShatteredI am down anytime! Lets find a date to make this work.

    Open to pushing this back to a later time if anyone is interested... Also open to moving this to 7/4 during the afternoon before people go out for fireworks. Comment with interest @MadCast: Shattered

    Hey guys, I know a lot of people have 7/4 off work/school so we were hoping to get some MadCast private server action going tonight... maybe 7:30 CST? Comment below with interest!
  14. Parmejon Cheese (again)

    Hey guys! I'm going out of town this weekend so I wont be online at all until next week after the holiday. I hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend and stay cool!
  15. Report for Booty

    It's fun man! I'm down to play tonight if you want... We haven't been playing as much because Coach Rivers computer broke and he lead the Report For Booty weekly event.