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  1. Karaoke Night

    This weeks crazy for me (I find out bout where I’m spending the next two years of my life on Friday), once things settle a little I might have a better idea of my availability.
  2. Intro: Dez

    Greetings fellow candidate!
  3. Netflix!!!!

    My Netflix binges have included: - the office (prison Mike is my spirit animal I’m pretty sure) - parks and rec -the 100 (hyped it’s starting back up) - series of unfortunate events (nostalgia OP) - friends -how I met your mother (it pissed me off but I still binged it) -Jane the virgin (lots of laughs but it did make me cry ) -new girl!!!! (The last seasons on Hulu with a new episode each week omg omg omg)
  4. Werewolf Vol. 12 Signup Thread

    I’m new to the game but I’m definitely down to try it. I’ll look ever the old thread :)!
  5. Karaoke Night

    Do we got a date in mind?
  6. Karaoke Night

    @MadCast: Baal I’m always down for karaoke!!!!!
  7. Intro: RopesAreRad

    I live in the central part of NC where the mountains and coast are almost an equal distance apart. It’s funny though I think NC is plenty humid and the mosquitoes here seem to be obsessed with me so don’t get your hopes up too much
  8. Intro: RopesAreRad

    Welcome!!! I’m surprised that someone’s coming to North Carolina of their free will, I’m living here and hoping to get out. We have the prettiest spring-summertime though so I guess that’s a plus.
  9. Intro: Edge Queen

    Well if I’m being honest I don’t think I’ve played much lately. But I’m usually always on discord though so maybe I’ll catch more of you around.
  10. Intro: Edge Queen

    In the mean time tell him to tp bot lane and I’ll crush him
  11. Intro: Edge Queen

    Zyra is definitely bae for me. But I’m hoping to take up a different role soon (top maybe).
  12. Intro: Edge Queen

    Quoting is a chore but thanks everyone :)! if you haven’t added me on league and wanna don’t be shy, I don’t bite people anymore.
  13. Intro: Edge Queen

    I got it! I might be on earlier than my normal late night gaming so I’m hoping to play with some of the server
  14. Intro: Edge Queen

    Thanks!! Thanks and Will do!
  15. MadCast League Season III

    Player name: Edge Queen Level: 50 Preferred Roles: support I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain