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  1. It was my first game of werewolf ever and the timing went bad for me irl so I apologize if I made an underwhelming wolf. Who were our doctor and psychic?
  2. Is no one going to comment on Daddy emerging from the shadows and suddenly wanting to hang everyone 😰
  3. I forgot I’m not supposed to edit but I was fixing a typo feel free to discount that post. Before I go ahead and repost my vote here..the vigilante is as good as dead but psychic and doc are presumably maybe both alive. Can who ever the psychic is do me a favor and check Icarus? After Stan and prince he’s my pick for who the third wolf is. Anyway VOTE: Stan
  4. I’m not sure why were continuing to let Stan call the shots when his gut suspicions have been wrong in the past. if I have to vote... VOTE: Stan
  5. I’m pretty sure I was right about Icarus but I’m reluctant to follow Stan’s intuition since his last target kind of wound up deadzo with no fangs. Anyone else with a suspect for the day?
  6. Dania wasn’t too shocked to hear that she was a suspect. Yes. Leave it to the herd to single her out for not wanting to be a sheep. But still...if it was necessary to embrace the mob mentality in order to make it through the night, she could compromise just this once and not try to swim against the current of suspicions and fear that was sweeping the town. VOTE Lurama ((Also my posts are brief af due to rl being a little hectic —-off to write a ten page essay due in 7hrs))
  7. Dania intently listened to the men making the case for trusting their ‘guts’ —-a notoriously useless body organ. “Can a gut actually think? Debate? Deduce? Of course not. I say we trust my brain which has already proven to function better than half the brains in this town.” VOTE Icarus
  8. Dania was hardly phased by the news, she was as indifferent to the deaths as she was to the hurtling of accusations. This is what the wolves probably want. Everyone turning against each other, but as they say...when in Rome... ”Icarus, I find it mighty hard to believe you could actually be so clueless. Perhaps you’re covering up for how much you do know.”
  9. Dania couldn’t help but scoff at the latest self proclaimed “musician”. She couldn’t help but call out to the townsmen, “With a name like “daddy” he must be a predator!”
  10. Dania wasn’t sure why the village seemed so cheerful today. Don’t they remember what happened? Don’t they remember what always happens? She shuddered at the memories, the bloody, horrific memories that still haunted her at night. She had lost her brother in the last wolf attack, his mangled corpse an image forever branded in her memory. The cheerful chatter of the innkeeper and his potential guest brought her back to reality. “Good, stay at the inn. All grouped up, defenseless and cozy. That seems like a wise idea,” she muttered as she walked by almost subconsciously clutching the dagger she kept sheathed at her waist. Was she a little paranoid? Maybe. Did the townspeople notice? She didn’t care to dwell on their opinions.
  11. I have read and agree to these terms hereby voluntary giving part of my teeny tiny soul to this community.
  12. Edge Queen

    Karaoke Night

    This weeks crazy for me (I find out bout where I’m spending the next two years of my life on Friday), once things settle a little I might have a better idea of my availability.
  13. Greetings fellow candidate!
  14. My Netflix binges have included: - the office (prison Mike is my spirit animal I’m pretty sure) - parks and rec -the 100 (hyped it’s starting back up) - series of unfortunate events (nostalgia OP) - friends -how I met your mother (it pissed me off but I still binged it) -Jane the virgin (lots of laughs but it did make me cry ) -new girl!!!! (The last seasons on Hulu with a new episode each week omg omg omg)