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  1. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Player Name: Chick Fil Atio Level: 70 Preferred Role: JG heavily. Can Support if needed. Rank: Gold 1 I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  2. Sweet punching justice

  3. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    What time is the Discord chat for the workshop? I've got a soccer game at 4pm ET that Saturday, so might be late if it's on at 7pm or earlier.
  4. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    Will this be on the Discord?
  5. Introduction- ArcaneArcher651

    Welcome mate. Best of luck on your candidacy!
  6. Going to be playing a little HotS off and on

    I've added HotS to the old system. Still a major noob, but would be glad to play.
  7. MadCast League Season III Offseason Feedback

    I like Maesen's ideas. It would be really cool to play have some week with 1 game, some weeks with 2 games. It would also allow some cheesy strats with Bo1s. Generally be a little more involved. Balance would be nice. There was a major 1-2-3 this year as TFA never dropped a game against TBD/TDS, but LoL never dropped a game at all!! As much as our team of Silvers and Golds fought hard, it's ultimately not that awesome knowing you are going to get stomped by a Diamond, Plat, Plat, Platokenn, and Gold in the final game of the season. Captain drafting with people submitting their highest MMR account (if they play on an alt) would be cool. Then Bo3s for playoffs. If all teams play in a night, you could maybe have an MVP for the night as well? Based on a single game instead of cumulative. That all said, I super enjoyed myself. It was a lot of fun playing in the MadCast league!
  8. League of Learning 6-21-2018

    GG boys. Some nice ARAMs after LoL last night.
  9. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    Cool beans. Best of luck Kitty!
  10. Untilting?

    I don't really tilt much, but if I lose 2 games in a row, I'll just call it a night and play something else generally.
  11. MadCast League Season III Regular Season

    League of Losers holding true to their name PLAYOFFS BABY! TFA - TDS/TBD
  12. Chess Tournament 6/4/2018

    Ahh, anyone going to be streaming their games?
  13. MadCast Welcomes: majorhoward

    Congrats @MadCast: majorhoward
  14. League of Learning 5-31-2018

    I like the JG ward video, but I'm a little worried some of the prioritization of those wards may have changed with the introduction of plants and scuttle changes. Some of those that may have been more secure are probably a lot more vulnerable now.
  15. Patch 8.11 Notes

    Tryn is my must ban.