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  1. Intro: mcjagger

    mcjagger has some mcswagger.
  2. Tis the Season!

    Let's go 1-4 Falcons!
  3. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    Thanks Mike <3
  4. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    Solid games so far. Do we have updated standings anywhere? Maybe we could have a separate Discord Text channel for MadCast League?
  5. MadCast Townhall 10.01.2018

    Hey congrats Wazap! Awesome job!
  6. LoL Patch 8.19

    Pick/Ban in Worlds for Pyke if this is the patch they are playing on.
  7. League of Learning 9-20-2018

  8. New Ranked Tiers

    @Simaniac Yep. We played two together. Obviously the two Rioters work for Riot and then Voseph is their friend. mcjagger is my brother. My favourite part is the Rioter banning Akali both games RIP
  9. New Ranked Tiers

    Fun fact, but I played two games with the author of this, Mr. Sapmagic himself.
  10. Cards against Humanity on Friday!

    I'm down to play!
  11. MadCast Welcomes: TikiSoCheeky

    Heck ya! Congrats Tiki! Now you can focus your energy into MadCast league
  12. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Player Name: Chick Fil Atio Level: 70 Preferred Role: JG heavily. Can Support if needed. Rank: Gold 1 I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  13. Sweet punching justice

  14. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    What time is the Discord chat for the workshop? I've got a soccer game at 4pm ET that Saturday, so might be late if it's on at 7pm or earlier.
  15. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    Will this be on the Discord?