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  1. Agreed. I mean, we definitely have Other Games stuff and it's nice, just wondering if having an Official MadCast Featured Game of the Month would be a tool to have some fun and reach out to people that don't know about our awesome community.
  2. I really like the permanent featured games MadCast has. It's awesome knowing I can pick up one of those games and there is a community already there and ready to play. That said, there are a lot of games out there. Obviously, when a game comes out, some of us pick it up and play and have a blast, but I'm wondering if we could consider maybe having our permanent featured games and then a "Game of the Month" that has the same status as featured with top level Discord space that month (along with Forum space.) Preferably something with low to no cost of entry. I think it would be cool and could help lead to more recruitment from people that play the game and may want to check out other things MadCast does. Anyway, just a thought. I was mulling around because now that CS:GO is free to play, I thought it could be a good trial one. Thoughts?
  3. Some nerd on reddit actually had the Bolts getting swept. Freaking ridiculous. Went to Game 2. Sadness all around.
  4. From Zac to Xin Zhao Buff Daddy! Thanks for sharing UU. It's always tough to open yourself up to others and I appreciate you man. Much love man. --- Very proud and happy for you!
  5. Congrats on all promotions. Well deserved!
  6. Would love a CSGO role if possible! I think we've already got a Rocket League one.
  7. @MadCast: Support Welfare Here's a quick 6 minute video that Riot just put out and I find very interesting that goes in hand with this week's topic: It's about Lane Priority and how comp picks with your team and snowball a game. Things like priority in 2/3 lanes because of ranged vs melee, or waveclear, etc. And how to rotate (even if you know it's over a ward) to give little micro advantages to your team. I think it's well worth the 6 minutes.
  8. 2019 and still watching this before bed after a losing streak so I feel better about my games. Thanks for your service Mike!
  9. What up! Welcome back. You play Braum? If so, we should get some games in. As a Shyv main, I love me some Braums
  10. @MadCast: Shattered @MadCast: CoachRiversWhat up? So this Keyboard+Mouse monkey beat the beginner bots Season in offline mode. Played some standard games, watched Shattered, Silencer, and Coach beat up some people, then played all my placements last night and ended up... Plat 3. Six hours played last night and I'm addicted. Ordered a controller.
  11. Just bought it. I feel like I've seen a pretty big contingent of players on it. @MadCast: Shattered. Do you guys have a regular night you play?
  12. Thank the lord. Now I can ban a new champ.
  13. Theory Craft: I tested Shyv today and the drag clear is a lot healthier. The extra 10% to dragons felt a little memey, but it means you can take down Ocean + Mountain pretty easily w/o starting Armor. In the past, if I wanted 6 min drake, I had to do AS/Armor/HP, now I can take MR and still get drake.