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  1. Thank you so much @MadCast: CoachRivers !!!
  2. Meee----owwww Looking good Muns!
  3. Thanks for sharing Double!!! I'm going to watch Boy Erased soon! wig
  4. Hey Dauntless friends. If you play Dauntless and have Twitch Prime (free with any Amazon Prime account!!!) they are offering a code to get you some free goodies. It's live right now. More info on how to redeem on the dauntless website: --- Also, if you are interested in getting into Dauntless, it's a super fun, easy to learn, FREE TO PLAY game that I'd be glad to play with you. Send me a friend request on Epic games to "dezmodez" ❤️
  5. I cannot believe the changes made to the channeling + blind nodes. What were they thinking? It's going to make a major impact on like 2-3+ builds. Luckily, they ain't touching my totem spam. --- This message brought to you by the "knows 3% of what Craiden says about POE alliance".
  6. Hey all, If you are looking to get into Dauntless, I'd be glad to play with you. Just shoot me a friend request on Epic Games (name is dezmodez) Also, if you are in MadCast, @MadCast: The Prince can get you invited to our guild! --- It's really fun and getting better and more content with each update!
  7. Anyone up for some Dauntless tonight? I'll be on around 9pm ET
  8. Thoughts on the re-work? I'm very interested to see how this goes. He can solo lane pretty easily now and his ult seems awesome. 7 seconds is pretty broken. I wonder how tank morde support with zhonyas would look. You could pull in the ADC or Support right when your JG is ganking to completely turn it into a 2v1. If you take a few ADC, then the remaining people have a much easier fight for 7 seconds and you can Zhonyas to avoid most of the dmg from the 1v1 anyway. --- I think he sees a lot of bans in pro play personally.
  9. Hey all, We've got a pretty good Dauntless guild going. If anyone else is interested, it's a fun game similar to Monster Hunter, but not as hard to get into. A bit grindy, but you can just pick one set of Neutral gear to start with and save time. I put some of these pictures in Discord, but figured I'd put them here as well. If you have any questions about getting into Dauntless, I'd be glad to help!
  10. Thanks Munsa! Be glad to see you there.
  11. Haha accepted. I tried looking up pro binds, but literally everyone has their own way. What is best for a keyboard warrior moving to a controller for the first time in any game in their life?