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  1. Hey all, Just a reminder that we'll be doing a League of Legends Mafia event on Tuesday 7/23 @ 9pm ET Thanks!
  2. That looks awesome Support! Also, Team Smite looks hilarious. We should play that one!
  3. A few things: How does this work if you have a comp where a lvl 2 is the earliest you can get (like Demon or Glacial) and one of them isn't available in the carousal? Do you just pick that 1 person and roll with them until you get a Demon or Glacial? How you handle things like Imperial where they have a lvl 1 unit (Darius) but your next unit to complete the 2/2 buff isn't until Kat at lvl 3!!! Further to that, Phantom would be awful. Sure, you get a Morde early, but you can't get the 2/2 buff until Kindred at lvl 4 (ouch) I personally think Noble, Wild, and ESPECIALLY Knight are super abusable. Those 3 can all be completed by getting only lvl 1 characters, but Knight can do 2/2 with three lvl 1 options. Are you allowed to pick anything in the carousal or do you have to pick based on your assigned comp? (I.e., can I pick something not from my comp, but they could have been from someone else's comp, for the item and then sell them.) --- In my humble opinion, you should only be forced to go into a starting class that can get you to the requirement using only 1 and 2 lvl champs. but need both? Things like: Brawler (WW + Rek/Blitz) Ranger (Vayne + Varus) Sorc (Kass + Lulu + Ahri) Assassin (Kha + Pyke + Zed) Void (Kha + Kass + Rek) seem like they would work. I think you could add Demon and Glacial as well if you allowed people to at the very least fill out your roster with randoms so you were maxed to 3/3 champs on the field. Just don't allow people to make those champs 2 star. If you pick a random to fill out the max, you cannot upgrade it? Then when you got a Glacial or Demon (both start at lvl 2s) then you sell your randoms 1:1 That gives you 7 comps. I'm not sure what the 8th could be to round it out. Maybe Yordle since Trist + Lulu + a frontline character to fill out the 3/3 is somewhat viable until the lvl 3 champs become options. --- I could be totally off here, but I think if you get Knight, you have an extremely good chance of completing it within the first two PVEs and then you can do whatever while others suffer. Wild and Noble somewhat similar. --- You and I should play and pretend we've got a few of these and see how it feels.
  4. Hey everyone, Come one, come all to the first League of Legends Mafia event. --- Mafia works like this: * Teams group up into 5v5 ARAM (or 4v4, 3v3 - minimum needed is 6 people) * One member from each team is randomly assigned to be the mafia, the other 4 on each team are villagers. The goal of the mafia member is to lose the game without their team suspecting that they were the mafia. * After the game, you vote on your respective teams on who you think the mafia was. Then after points are totaled, we do another game with 2 new mafias. * Note: If you want quicker games, you can play an optional rule where the game ends upon the Inhibitor being destroyed instead of Nexus. --- Points Breakdown: * Each villager player from the winning team receives 1 point off the bat. * Losing team villagers gain no points. Losing team mafia gains 1.5 points. * During the voting, if you guess the mafia right on your team, you receive 1 point. * The mafia on each team gains 0.5 points for each person that doesn't guess them. --- I'm going to run this event as a one off just to see how people like the format and then tweak it from there. Coach and Shattered are doing awesome work trying to get the LoL Mafia Bot ready to roll as well. Once we get that squared away, we'll probably try and make this a weekly event with a running point total (and possible prize at the end of the month!) --- Looking forward to seeing you all there! Thanks! -Dez
  5. Safe travels Nimli !!! Hope you have a blast over here and your recovery goes well on the shoulder.
  6. I agree with Push, that said, I still like the idea of 3 week in house, 1 week norms, but I think it would be nice if when we do the 1 week norms, we had 1-2 people speccing the game and break it down afterwards. I'd be glad to sit and not play to help with that if needed.
  7. Thank you so much @MadCast: CoachRivers !!!
  8. Meee----owwww Looking good Muns!
  9. Thanks for sharing Double!!! I'm going to watch Boy Erased soon! wig