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  1. MadCast Welcomes: Al Shifra

    Congrats and welcome!
  2. Major, what's your opinion on the greatest of all wines: Cheerwine?
  3. MadCast Welcomes: majorhoward

  4. Patch 8.11 Notes

    Patch notes for 8.11 are out. Definitely some interesting AD and marksman changes!
  5. TotalBiscuit passes away

  6. TSM, We need to talk about this...

    The DragonBall Abridged version of Ginyu force was somehow almost less ridiculous than the actual thing.
  7. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    Is it just Soup or does he wear some sort of crazy outfit/suit like other mascots?
  8. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    You clearly haven't seen the houses LCS teams are living in now - they've upgraded to mansions. But we might need sponsors to go that route. What if we just become a challenger series team and then stream? We can make all the money with less stress and travel!
  9. Great Games Go!

    @MadCast: Baal I know you said no losses, but I have one game that is just too hilarious not to share. Turns out Mundo's really good when the enemy has 0 DPS and doesn't build grievous wounds until their 5th or 6th items.
  10. Great Games Go!

    This is the most one-sided ARAM I've ever played.
  11. League of Learning 5-17-2018

    If you figure out how, will you teach me? I'll be there!
  12. Clash Team

    Oh poor you 😝 More notice definitely would have been nice though; 1 week before is really short.
  13. Do you believe? (MSI)

    Totally agree.
  14. Pyke: The Bloodharbor (Revealed)

    I highly doubt he'll be played mid as he has lower base health than Sona and can't build bonus health because of his passive; he would get bullied way too hard. I think it's a similar situation top, so that leaves only jungle and support. His clear is probably rough because his gray health passive only procs on damage from champs, but it really depends on the base damages and ratios of his Q and E I think. If those are decent I think he'll be played in jungle more than support because his W (camo) is way more useful coming from jungle rather than from a lane. All in all he looks really cool and I'm excited to see him played!
  15. Do you believe? (MSI)

    What was with TL's draft in the last game though? They clearly showed that they play 1-3-1 comps poorly but play well when DL is on a (hyper)carry with a low-econ mid and tank top; then they pick vlad top and impact looks awful. Doesn't help that Rekkless suddenly remembered how to play champs other than sivir.