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    Hi, I'm Al, and I am someone who loves video games once I get really good at them, otherwise I hate them xD. I love cars, every type or car (besides classic cars) and I can't shut up about them. I also love boxing and running, because I get to punch people in the face and it be okay to do.
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  1. Omg, please don't start this again, but water is not wet, fire is not fiery, and oil is not oily.
  2. I've seen every single marvel movie at least twice, but one of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion is the Dark Knight.
  3. I personally think that my generation has gone away from the truths and inspirations of rap, and have moved on to the songs about gangs, killings, having plenty of women at the same time, and being prod of all of it. Most new raps are about sex, money, drugs, and success, and I think that says a lot about a generation. Personally the raps that I listen to are known as "lyrical raps" which is a separate category from "Mumble rap". My favorite rappers are 2 Pac (RIP) and J-Cole, Logic, and the one everybody likes, Eminem.
  4. This really put it into perspective for me, I was never quite understanding of why the LGBTQ+ community was always so hurt, but now I understand that the rude and discriminatory language used against them in everyday reactions and language defies their legitimacy and a valid group in society. I am going to make a conscious effort to watch myself during games and otherwise for the language I use, because until now, I never realized the certain effect it had on the people I interact with.
  5. I completely agree with this, the point of a sports car is to be able to use ALL of it, u don't need to go fast or hit the quarter in 9 seconds, but once u hit a windy road, you should be able to handle every twist and turn with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I was watching a video about someone's 2019 911 GT2 RS, and they had said "it's too easy to drive, something this raw and powerful should require more effort and offer a better connection to the road". I agree wit this statement a lot, personally, once I have made enough money, I am gonna buy a dodge challenger hellcat with a manual transmission. What I love about that car is that heavanly supercharger whine and the grumble of the V8 along with the amazing, big america seats, it makes for a great GT.
  6. I used to be a massive JDM guy when I first started geting into cars, hell, I just saw an R32 Skyline on the highway a couple days ago (imported from Japan), but nothing like the sound a big rumbly V8 that gets 3 miles to the gallon xD. I used to watch Top Gear with the original hosts, they have changed top gear to be more suitable to the general public, which is alright but I would highly recommend watching The Grand Tour, it is a fantastic show that is on amazon prime video, if you don't have prime and ur still interested in wathcing it, then I'd love to send u a link to a free site.
  7. I completly agree with this statement, though I am not heavy into the MMA and UFC world, I have been boxing for close to 2 and a half years now, and we haven't had the issue of integrating trans people into the sport yet, but the amount of boxing politics that will be generated will be unimaginable. Also, knowing that nearly every boxing promoter is just a snake, they would promote the hell out of that fight and exploit the fact that one of the opponents is a trans person.
  8. Hello madcast, I am just posting to see if anybody is having trouble signing in to this site. Every time I close out and open it again/just refresh the page, I enter my correct username and password and it says that they are incorrect. This leads me to reset my password every time that I have to log in. Signing in through steam doesn't work either, it just says "there was an error signing in".
  9. I believe that whenever someone says something racist or homophobic it is rarely out of some deep desire to to cause hurt to the person. I think it is more of a spur of the moment action that had no thought behind it. When I am with my friends, the amount of things we say to each other (especially when we are mad) are insane to think about sometimes. However, if I do run into a toxic person or someone who is better than me at a game, I often do cuss and say racial slurs, not because I hate certain races or groups, but because I am simply mad and I don't think of it as a genuinely hurtful phrase. If I had a penny for every time I said "faggot" or "Motherf-er" then I'd be able to by a Lamborghini by now. The people who say these things on impulse are simply doing it because they were taught that saying these things is not big deal because at that particular time, it wouldn't mean anything.
  10. I 100% agree with this statement, there are absolute extremes on all sides of every religion, and I (as well as every other brown family I have interacted with) have suffered the consequences for it being called a terrorist, being questioned for multiple hours without reason, getting pulled over for stopping at a stop sign, etc. However, it is a reality that I have learned to deal with. This society has become a tough one to live in not only for the racist and ignorant remarks, but because it is so easy to be the same. So many groups and crimes and discrimination that needs to be recognized, and the hypocrisy that I hate the most, is the one where my parents always complain about discrimination but they are automatically judgmental and are quick to conclusions once they see someone who openly identifies as something other than straight.
  11. I personally disagree with the LGBTQ+ community purely on the sense that God has created men AND women, and I believe that it isn't a coincidence that one can not reproduce without the other. However, speaking on a more modern area of this subject, I also disagree with integrating trans athletes into the division of the sport that they identify as (especially for trans women in women's sports). This is because it is scientifically proven that men have much more muscle mass and are, on average, faster and have better stamina then women, thus leaving the biological girls a disadvantage in the sport that they play. For example, I remember reading an article about a biological boy that identified as a women and went on the women's wrestling team and became the state champion (when the year before he came in 3rd for the state competition as a boy).
  12. @MadCast: Baal I am so glad to have found another car guy in this server! I used to watch road kill a lot, I am a huge muscle car guy and live a good hot rod when I see one. I appreicate u posting this and we should have a chat about cars soon!
  13. I'm really glad that we have a community in which we are able to have open discussions like this. My opinion in unpopular, but that does not at all imply I have anything against the people of the LGBTQ+ community. Ever since more and more people have been becoming more open and I have seen many trans, gay, and queer people at my school, I have begun to ask myself questions as to what changed? How did the mindset of society change so drastically from post WWII to now? It still blows my mind how quickly we are evolving. These questions left me to go down a road I never thought I would go down; a religious one. My parents are extremely religious because they immigrated to the U.S from Pakistan, after my father served for the Pakistani military. I have been taught that the core actions and motives of the LGBTQ+ community are wrong, that being gay and having same-sex relationships is wrong, and that being something other than God intended you to be is also wrong. But the teachings of Islam are also very difficult to follow, and the interpretations of Islam are often on very polarizing sides. On one side we are taught to be loving, excepting, and unprejudiced, for we are unaware of one's inconveniences and life experiences. But then we teach our children to hate those who go against these same teachings? Though I haven't even gone through all of high school, I think that I am finally beginning to find a good medium between strict religion and acceptance. I find no coincidence that the more people start coming out of their shell and and discuss these once taboo topics, the more I see people saying they are Atheist, and the more I see "God" becoming a bad word. In my book, The Quran, there are 25 signs that the world is coming to an end. Here are just a few. People will stop offering the prayers Dishonesty will be the way of life Falsehood will become a virtue People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain Usury and bribery will become legitimate There will be acute famine at the time There will be no shame amongst people Many people will worship Satan There will be no respect for elderly people People will start killing each other without any reason Others include that mankind will build buildings that touch the sky, and the world will slowly begin to run out of water and basic resources. This does scare me, and since these signs are written in a book that was brought to mankind around 609 C.E, I have been making a conscious effort to get closer to God. So though I do disagree with same-sex relationships, etc. I don't hate those who involve themselves with those activities. Because those are not the core actions of motives of the LGBTQ+ community, it is acceptance, and acceptance is something that at this day and age, we all need to familiarize ourselves with. So though I disagree with you, I don't hate you, and I hope that this doesn't divide any future people I meet or any future friends I make, thanks.
  14. Why is this a debate? Who is forcing who to eat pineapple on pizza? My mom likes it but my dad doesn't, do they get half with pineapple and half without it. It's not rocket science people.