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    Hi, I'm Al, and I am someone who loves video games once I get really good at them, otherwise I hate them xD. I love cars, every type or car (besides classic cars) and I can't shut up about them. I also love boxing and running, because I get to punch people in the face and it be okay to do.
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  1. Hey dude and welcome! I'm Al, I play Rainbow 6 and Rocket League as well as Apex Legends and GTA, if ur interested in playing, lemme know!
  2. Depending on the time I should be there! (What time?)
  3. Dude that's awesome! Congrats! and thanks for your service.
  4. Yeah! You're right, we are using evil apples, feel free to join! Looking forward to seeing you there!
  5. Hello again! I am really hoping this will get to everyone participating in Cards Against Humanity tonight better than a discord message. But I just wanted to let everyone know that you need your phones for this one! and just so that we can get right into it, please download the Evil Apples game on your phone (IOS and Android). This is gonna be a blast!
  6. absolutley Major! the More the merrier! Heck ya Lilli! Got almost all the O.Gs in here!
  7. I honestly love almost all music (unless it's country, no way I do country), there was just something special about this album. I mean, it hit #1 listened album in 70 countries! I also love Till i collapse, and Berzerk, so i respect and agree with your choices.
  8. Heck yeah man! Looking forward to seeing you there!
  9. Very true, I honestly think that he pushed as hard as he could to return back to form after revival, this is a massive step in the right direction. I think he is slowly but surely gonna return back to his old form, maybe not the lyrics being the same, but the feels will be. Haha, I liked revival once too, but i was shown the light to some of his older songs, I recommend you listen to those, then you'll see why everyone hated Revival.
  10. I totally agree with you, however, the songs and general aggression and tone of the album have grown on me.
  11. Absolutely! Come when you can! Looking forward to it!
  12. Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well, I just wanted to see who here has heard Eminem's surprise album, Kamikaze? I personally love Eminem, but his last album was not good at all. This album is a good return to form, he does diss a TON of people including but not limited to: Lil Yaghty, Drake, Mike Pence, The guy who threatened to kill Eminem's daughter 5 years ago, and many, many more. If you haven't heard the album, I highly recommend listening to it, there is not a single bad song in there. Please, feel free to list comment and thoughts below! I promise I won't call you trash if you don't like him or the Album xD. P.S- I know it might come as a shock to you that I like rap at all, know... literally everything about me xD. Have a good day and thanks for reading!
  13. Hi! I am making this thread to get a count of how many ppl want to play cards against humanity on Friday at 9 PM EST. Looking forward to seeing all of you!
  14. I'll be there! Looking forward to my first town hall!
  15. You are absolutely right, however, I have been raised as "the nerdy kid who is a goody 2 shoes to his teachers". Which is sort of true. What I mean by that quote is that I have been raised to learn self control and respect of others, thus basically insuring me that I have enough control over myself not to go around hitting everyone that pisses me off.