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  1. I found this video as a hilarious way to translate how I felt about the final season -- MAJOR SPOILERS --
  2. I'm not disappointed in the who, I am disappointed in the fact of how. The reason I fell in love with Got was because of the complexity of the characters and the unpredictability of the storytelling. This season, characters have become oversimplified and the plots are ultra predictable. I have no issues with who dies in the final season.. my resentment lies in the lack of grand climax for events and characters who have been built up for seasons, only to result in anti-climatic twists and endings. This theme progressively gets worse as the season goes on and it looks to be reflected in the link I posted. Clearly, the production value is off the charts. Music and cinematography is absurdly good. Acting is top notch. The writing, however, doesn't match up. They seemed to have gotten lost and tried to scramble and tie up loose ends at the end. All good things must come to an end I suppose.
  3. Well this pretty much sums it up for me: "A series that took the world by storm ended with just a whimper"
  4. I've always had good experiences with Epic and their application / store. Their maintenance and upkeep on Fortnite (regardless of your opinion on the game) has been top notch and they react to super strong / super weak items pretty rapidly from what I've seen. It seems that the only negative that will come from this will be the doomsayers and elitists (?) from a super popular brand occupying their niche. Not a big fan of big companies buying other companies normally - see my League of Legends ten cent rants for more - but Epic has been doing good things with their monthly free games and constant work to put out content. I'm actually having positive feelings about this and even contemplating getting a controller this weekend to actually try to get decent at Rocket League (bad timing with Mother's Day though).
  5. As dark and demented as my usual meme humor is - I have a couple of rare gems I hold onto!
  6. It's been a minute since I played OW, although I didnt put much time in it I would be down for some games. Not sure if I'm interested in ranked though
  7. I would think a monthly poll would fit best. In a situation where people really like a game that has won a poll - perhaps continue the won game in the next month's polls and look at a longer-term solution should it win multiple months in a row?
  8. Our ideologies are pretty similar. In a lot of today's problems, there really aren't a lot of concrete solutions or logic behind most abhorrent behaviors we are witnessing.. which leads to a lot of secondary blaming and bickering (i.e. guns) that do not solve the primary problem. In a world where everything is accessible and the focus is on perfection and a divine happiness that we can share to the world via instagram, we have opened the wormhole to infinitely more letdowns, self-consciousness, and desires for social acceptance. Coupled with our societal umbrella of everyone wins, the coping skills for dealing with disappointment are disappearing. This leads to a mentality of "bring others down to your level". In addition, our diets, medicines, and wealth of knowledge bring a heavy burden along with the benfits. TL;DR our basic human instincts have a hard time unlocking today's world and it's causing some major breakdowns.
  9. I am usually more willing to try new games that are F2P as I am somewhat frugal and enjoy a good return on investment when I decide to buy / support a F2P model. As to how to pick - that's the tough one. Maybe a monthly poll on a genre (RPG , FPS , etc)? Possibly a secondary poll after that to gauge interest to see if it's worth committing a month's time supporting said game?
  10. I've been hopping around several games and I'm on a Warfare kick right now, feel free to join me anytime. I'm usually down to try other games as well.
  11. **UPDATE** Holding steady at a lost 40 pounds right now. This journey has helped me so much in many different ways and I'm thankful for starting and sticking with it. If there's anyone interested in some weight loss or diet plans (specifically keto) , I highly encourage you to reach out to me or do some research and give it a shot. You might be surprised at how much it could improve your life!!
  12. Thanks buddy. I really appreciate it and well done to yourself brother!! 80 pounds lost is no slouch!! Thanks Dez, I appreciate you too buddy!
  13. You no longer enjoy GoT??? I cannot wait!!