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  1. Look at my foster cat, Pierre!

    Time to derail this thread with a doggo pic.
  2. Thursday Night Raids 9pm 1/17/19

    Count me in bro!
  3. Atlas so far

    I was pretty suspicious about the 45,000 online at once claim and also weary of games where you lose your valuables if someone else kills you but I was keeping an eye on it through videos and streamers and a few things stuck out: 1- 45,000 population servers = A streamer did the math and it was like a couple thousand max? The servers were super unstable like most games are on launch , however, it would still not be even close to that claim if they were. (Hint: I don't like companies that make false claims) 2- Zerg mentality = Seems like the only people having success right now are joining mega guilds and just zerging anyone that moves, making starting areas a nightmare and even progressing almost impossible. 3- Resources = Some individuals are getting spawned on islands that lack the resources to progress. 4- The UI / interaction boxes are pretty awkward. Flags with information on top of structures that hold the flags that have their own information make it a jumbled mess at times. 5- Creature / ship interactions = This one is pretty hilarious. Bulls bouncing all over the place, snakes flying , ships crashing because they're violently shaking across your screen and randomly hitting land. 6- Visuals = The in game content is nowhere even close to the advertised videos. It's literally night and day. Awkwardly out of proportion physiques and disappointing graphics are a letdown. 7- Islands = Turns out the islands are all basically the same shape or variation of a small group of shapes / designs. Kind of a buzzkill on the exploration side of it. On a side note, people found a hidden menu by connecting a controller into the main menu screen and scrolling down. It's a "ARK: Survival" menu and has lead many to believe that this game was intended as an ARK expansion rather than a standalone title. I'm always intrigued by the next "big thing" but this game is probably something I'll never get into. If they make some major strides I may come back around and give it a tryout.
  4. 1 more day for free SubNautica!

    Get it while it's free! Really good game, especially when it's free and normally a 25.00 game. Head over to and grab the Epic launcher and claim it before it's gone! Even if you don't have time now it would be wise to download it and play it at a future date!
  5. Merry Christmas!

    As we are with our friends and families today, I am thankful to have a community of whom l consider great friends. Through better or worse, MadCast Gaming has made 2018 a great year for me and I wanted to share my sentiments on a holiday where we let our sentiments be known. Merry Christmas MCG!! Enjoy your friends and family, eat , drink and be merry!
  6. I made a human.

    Congrats buddy!!
  7. MadCast League Season IV Feedback

    A couple of things: #1 - Yes, I was on the winning team. No, it didn't feel as gratifying as it should have. a) The team drastically changed and was a bit too strong from the original team , however.... b ) the original squad was ok but still a bit weak, attendance was atrocious. #2- There's no possible way to equally balance teams 100% -- but next split the team captains should all be similar MMR / rank / capability. Or have no captains and try to do a straight "fantasy" draft by putting players in roles and assigning rank / worth to those positions . Automatic draft maybe? It's really hard to designate a player's skill because I feel like we have a plethora of players who don't actually push ranking and are far much better than their rank indicates... So who knows what the right solution is. #3- Scheduling - Not a fan of Saturday night stuff. Sometimes I play games all night , sometimes I do stuffs like an actual human being. Either way, I like having a choice. I would be intrigued if we could get 8 teams involved somehow to do the riot prize tournament.
  8. Share Your Gaming Music

    I swap between EDM and Metal. Recent favs : EDM = Metal =
  9. Subnautica

    I'm sure most of you saw Prince's post in Discord saying Subnautica was free until Dec. 27th so I wanted to share my experience so far in case any of you were teetering on the edge whether to download it or not. #1 The game is BEAUTIFUL! Sure, the actual ships and stuff look kinda weird but the ocean waters and the ocean floor and wildlife are breathtaking at times. #2 I downloaded this game convinced I wouldn't like it.. I was wrong. It may be single player but it is crazy addictive. Even doing the mundane farming things for basic materials doesn't feel tedious. #3 It's FREE!! Take advantage! It may not be something you sink days of time in but it is a super cool side project to release some stress. Anyway, just wanted to share my opinion. Aeryx also downloaded it and really enjoys it as well.
  10. MadCast Welcomes: 3footmonkey!

    Congrats bro!
  11. Anyone else excited for this????

    Pretty sure this is his first project since then
  12. Anyone else excited for this????

  13. Fortnite - Season 7

    A new season has arrived! Anyone interested in some Battle Royale hit me up or add me "Usefully Useless" with a space. The game is free to play only skins / season challenges cost anything!
  14. MadCast Welcomes: doublestufforeo

  15. League of Legends Patch 8.23 (Pre-season)

    I can tell you what is meta : DARK HARVEST