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  1. I'd like to nominate @MadCast: RedJustice for some type of award ( I don't know which or if she has it already). I previously spoke with her about helping me with my resume and found her in Discord last night. She asked me to send it to her on google docs, which she guided me through. I thought I was dropping it off , she'd check it out in a few days, get back to me in a week , etc... Red literally stopped whatever she was doing and decided to walk me through, step by step, until we had completely renovated my entire resume. The whole process took around 30-40 minutes or more and I was shocked (but happy!) that she took that much time and attention to work with me on something that was neither beneficial nor enjoyable to her! Red deserves the shout-out if nothing else is applicable. Again, thank you so much! You are awesome!
  2. As a sufferer of PTSD and depression, my personal experience is pretty similar to most of the recent posts on this thread. I've come a long way in a very short and recent period of time and would like to share a few things that have helped me progress. 1) Set achievable goals that go outside your comfort zone. For me, it was getting away from video games all day and going to the gym. I felt horribly self-conscious but as the pounds fell off my confidence started soaring 2) Don't view yourself in a negative light. We've been victims of various instances or people so let's not continue to beat ourself down. Your past does not define your future, no matter how bad seems thing to get 3) Unpack your box at least once a month. Either via friend or therapist, releasing built up thoughts or frustration is one of the healthiest things you can do... which brings me to how amazing this thread is. Having a forum to unpack all those feelings goes such a long way. 4) The easiest ways to comfort yourself are usually the worst for you. Cramming in a boatload of junkfood, becoming an alcoholic, overloading on meds are instant gratification but in time pile on to an already existing problem. Trust me, I know it is hard, almost feeling impossible... but you can do it. Once you overcome this your life just seems to explode with a new and positive outlook. 5) If you are on medication and it makes you feel sick,tired,gray,robotic,etc... Don't settle. Consult your doctor asap and be firm about your feelings and not wanting to continue. Ask to be swapped to different meds until you find one that works. Our bodies all respond differently so please find what works for you!!
  3. 650 Titan - I will bring the Warlock as needed after I get the boots
  4. Welp here goes again - this guy is my bro!
  5. 650 Titan. Although gearing up my Warlock seems to be a good choice for comp purposes
  6. For those of you who may not have interest in the event of Sunday, February 3rd or for our comrades not confined to the United States of Bacon.... I wanted to give a visual representation of who is playing in this year's pinnacle of sports.
  7. Yeah what Griffey did in Seattle was first ballot alone. Reminds me of Pujols. Regardless of how bad his career was for the Angels his Cardinals stats are enough for first ballot. The voters are super weird about their picks.
  8. Sometimes they let barely above average players in on a first or second ballot and other times legitimate HoF locks go multiple rounds. Really doesn't make much sense sometimes.
  9. Well one reason may be that the player usually picks a team of his choosing, if he has played for multiple teams, to represent his HoF jersey and since Halladay has passed that right was more than likely given to his widow whom made the decision. Every PED user was skilled. Some more than others. Perhaps the steroids didn't even make up a huge deviation in performance, but, the unknown and "what if" mentality that it brings overshadows actual skill. Perhaps the HoF has some sort of "integrity" factor as well, although I have not seen any research on it. Maybe Bonds has 4,000 hits and tons of SB's but significantly less HR's in his career minus the roids. Maybe Clemens throws a low 90's fastball instead of a mid to high heater. Those are all arguable physical enhancements that may or may not have impacted aspects in which we would view a player as HoF worthy or not. The differential between them and Rose is that what Rose did was theoretically wrong (my viewpoint would drastically change if he had bet on another team or in any position that changes what he does negatively to force an outcome) but had no physical impact on his strength or coordination. Also, the steroid era left a bitter taste in people's mouths because it was actually enjoyable to watch during that time. The McGwire / Sosa race was amazing and dramatic, just to realize disappointment when it was all tainted. The problem is that there will always be an asterisk by some of those players and unfortunately it has just not made it cut and dry on who or what should be looked over during consideration. It's a topic very near and dear to my heart so I tend to get a little excited about the subject.
  10. Weird that Mussina got more than Schilling. Probably his recent public comments hurt his votes. Clemens and Bonds should stay out imo. If Pete Rose can't get in for betting on his team then anyone suspicious of steroids shouldn't get in either.
  11. Waiting on the 25% overall damage nerf. I'll come back for that!
  12. I'm down. Also, I could use a Nightfall on my Hunter and would be willing to help people get their weekly NF's done this evening.
  13. I'm going to try out Ashen. Supposed to be a lot like Dark Souls 3 without the super tight corridors **AND** with Co-Op!!!