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  1. League of Learning Feedback

    I feel like jungling is the worst position to play stress-wise. If a lane loses - jungles fault. If an enemy jungler ganks - jungles fault. It could easily feel that way. A few good points to single out as we go into next week would be : 1) What is our win condition? Under said win condition , is it a weak early game champion? If so , we put priority on other lanes early in the game. If it's feasible to make a smart play on the opposing laner let's be proactive and clear out wards / place pinks AHEAD of time. Facerolling into a lane not knowing if vision is there drastically reduces our chances of a successful gank. The goal here is to be proactive and make them react. 2) If you are losing lane the % of something good coming out of a gank are pretty low. As much as I would love to gank a pushed lane with no summs and no vision, it just doesn't happen very often in upper elo groups. 3) Sorting out the comms. 3 lanes at once saying "Come mid" "Come bot" "Come top" - I have to make a judgement call. It may not turn out to be a good call or the best call may to be just farm sometimes. Someone is going to be left out, it happens in those situations. Saying " That was a bad call.. that was a bad play .. that was terrible" does nothing positive for the game. It is a waste of time and energy. DO NOT HARP ON SOMEONE FOR MAKING A JUDGEMENT CALL - we can go back to that after game and say "During X play, what were you thinking? ... Ok , well I feel that you would be better served going X and doing X" If we all use communication correctly we should be able to clearly lay out a concrete plan and adjust to that plan as the game goes, however, if we just randomly go into the game and react to how the game is playing out we will be behind. Gotta be one step ahead by planning things out!
  2. Boom!

    I normally don't post any replays but this one was *mwuahHhh* Bullet drop and all!
  3. Boom!

    Yeah it's Fortnite... but it was a pretty calculated aim that actually worked out for once! P.S.A. - **EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING**
  4. League of Learning Feedback

    When I make mistakes , most of the time I will say "My bad" or "My fault". For example of what I do wrong sometimes, I will get a little frustrated when someone doesn't collapse on a scuttle. It's initially frustrating but I know later it was my fault for not being aware of my surroundings. That being said I only have a couple of issues -( #1 )... with an exclamation point (!). If I make a mistake the last thing I want to hear is a condoning voice saying "THAT WAS TERRIBLE DON'T EVERY DO THAT AGAIN". My absolute WORST pet peeve is being "scolded" when I already know I've made my mistake. I'm human and sometimes intoxicated, I'm going to mess up. We're supposed to be learning in a cool , calming environment. This is why I wanted to voice my opinions about going away from these "in-houses" style of games because it promotes high competition which initially can bring the bad out in some people. That being said ( #2 ) - If you are upset. If you don't feel like playing. If you are tilted. If you just don't like it anymore... Don't come! If your previously negative spirits come into a game it's infectious! In my opinion it's better to have 10 people that want to play instead of 14 that do , 6 that don't - mix them up , shake them around and let the tilt spew. It's not necessarily a personality problem or an individual problem, just be aware of your attitude. Probably not a great idea to lose 4 ranked games in a row and slam right into a League of Learning. Trust me, I'm speaking for myself here as well so don't think I'm getting on a soapbox! I've got 2 fingers pointed right back at me. Just food for thought.
  5. League of Learning Feedback

    To go even further on this idea, there are multiple decisions or plays that can be discussed such as : scuttle is coming up bot side river - can we set up a push bot and mid to time it with the scuttle? can we set up some vision to make a more informative call on this? if we can't get it or it seems risky - can we allow the wave to push in top and gank / rift / counter jungle? These are super specific calls but to give them a topic name - Being proactive? Being proactive vs being reactive? Most of the time you want to be proactive in games so plays happen quicker and more fluid. Most of these are more geared for the upper elo I would say, but make for a very intriguing learning experience.
  6. Junkenstein's Revenge: Weekend Spookfest

    I will be around Rife!
  7. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Welcome bro!
  8. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    Welcome bro!
  9. New Ranked Tiers

    Seems like there will be a high demand for Push. I , personally, will devote 100% of my ganks to Push. There was my spiel. Hope you like it @MadCast: Pushover
  10. MadCast Welcomes: Suixide22

    Welcome dude
  11. Intro: Wazap

  12. Flex anyone?

    That will work
  13. Intro: Wazap

    Welcome. Do you have the Battle Pass for Fortnite? That's usually all I get on to do. Those and dailies. However, your belief in pineapple pizza concerns me. Will take bribes of normal, GOOD pizza for candidate comments. (J/k, unless you like sending pizza)
  14. Flex anyone?

    Finally going to try to rank up my flex. Was placed S2 , played a few games to get S3. Not sure of my mmr, I get around 26 points per win. If anyone wants to do some , the more the merrier.
  15. League of Learning Feedback

    I gave it a bit of thought and I came up with something that feels like a good start. 1) People will play roles / champions that they aren't necessarily comfortable with and want to become better at. 2) Since we have 2 games, one game can be for X set of people to learn (let's say 5, not all on the same team) on uncomfortable spots and then in Game 2 , reverse. I think it's very important to go against someone that knows the position so that they can give you positive feedback on where you're weakest at. 3) Focus on different facets like we have been, maybe just have a floating rotation. Thoughts?