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  1. My other love in my bipolar musical taste is electronica. A couple of must haves on my playlist.
  2. Little progress pic here. Doing a little bulking! Can't seem to get that lower abdomen leaned up, though. Diet incoming
  3. Bo got a hoodie today because he had to get a haircut and he shivers nonstop. Pretty sure he hates me now
  4. I feel like the terrible original trailer has ruined this for me.
  5. For those of you in MadCast who have served any branch of our military -- Thank you for your service! Because of your sacrifices, we continue to live freely and without fear of tyranny. We may become numb to the fact of how amazing and free we are able to be but we owe you our greatest gratitude! Thank you!!!
  6. I've mentioned marijuana in passing because I'm prescribed it medicinally. This comes somewhat as a surprise to have a blanket policy on marijuana. It's a passionate subject for me as it has tremendously improved my condition and I would feel crazy slighted if I were reported discussing it. If anything it should be encouraged, medically speaking.
  7. This is kind of lame of me to ask, but does anyone play Marvel: Strike Force on their phone? (Insert Blizzard soundbyte here) I just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and it came preinstalled - figuring it was just another crappy mobile phone game and I was absolutely wrong. It's the best phone game I've ever played. Anyone else play? If so , I'm new to the game but would like to join / start an Alliance if we had the numbers.
  8. Ahhh.. I just got home from work. Perfect music for the timing. Thank you!
  9. I'm an avid metal fan as well. I'll try to catch you around when I get settled in and able to play more
  10. Yeah, these are Octane. I usually surf 37-41 for mine, which is Octane -Ozzys - *80s rock channel here* - Liquid Metal (when they aren't on the Cannibal Corpse-ish stuff) - Turbo
  11. Siriux XM has been on point with new music lately. Although I enjoy the heavier, more nuanced metal and rock, this chill rock hits the spot too! This one hits home so I really felt the lyrics.
  12. Finally, I was able to get a chance to go see "Joker" the new movie that tells the origins of the Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix. Firstly, this is not your mother's comic book movie. It is a gritty, DISTURBING piece of art. Phoenix is masterful, if he doesn't win awards for this performance the world is just not right. I'm not going to spoil anything -- but I will tell you this is a very different movie for this whole comic book umbrella of cinematography. Some of you may not like it, it's deep with very real mental health issues. Unnerving at times, but a masterpiece in my opinion. It may not be the best movie you'll ever see but it is definitely the best Joker solo movie you could ask for.
  13. The entire new Tool album is amazing but the two I have fallen in love with and put on repeat are: Pneuma - 7empest -
  14. After thinking about it @MadCast: doublestufforeo , what if this were more focused on coinciding with the rotating game mode? If it were supposed to be cheaper anyway, us chipping in to provide game codes (akin to what Shattered / CoachRivers provide on OSR) into a "guild bank" wouldn't be very costly and maybe more people could get involved in our monthly stuff. I do to plan to get back into the swing of all things MadCast in about a month-ish and I feel like it's a pretty good idea and not too far fetched.
  15. What if we eliminated the money side of it and instead of directly having someone ask we could have some sort of "wishlist" with a game or expansion request and people could buy and donate codes and just loosely have someone control it in the odd scenario that someone would act in bad faith, although I wouldn't see that as a problem. Something similar to those wedding gift registry things where we have a list of what we have and what someone possibly wants. Obviously with a limited amount of withdrawals, etc.