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  1. Yeah, these are Octane. I usually surf 37-41 for mine, which is Octane -Ozzys - *80s rock channel here* - Liquid Metal (when they aren't on the Cannibal Corpse-ish stuff) - Turbo
  2. Siriux XM has been on point with new music lately. Although I enjoy the heavier, more nuanced metal and rock, this chill rock hits the spot too! This one hits home so I really felt the lyrics.
  3. Finally, I was able to get a chance to go see "Joker" the new movie that tells the origins of the Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix. Firstly, this is not your mother's comic book movie. It is a gritty, DISTURBING piece of art. Phoenix is masterful, if he doesn't win awards for this performance the world is just not right. I'm not going to spoil anything -- but I will tell you this is a very different movie for this whole comic book umbrella of cinematography. Some of you may not like it, it's deep with very real mental health issues. Unnerving at times, but a masterpiece in my opinion. It may not be the best movie you'll ever see but it is definitely the best Joker solo movie you could ask for.
  4. The entire new Tool album is amazing but the two I have fallen in love with and put on repeat are: Pneuma - 7empest -
  5. After thinking about it @MadCast: doublestufforeo , what if this were more focused on coinciding with the rotating game mode? If it were supposed to be cheaper anyway, us chipping in to provide game codes (akin to what Shattered / CoachRivers provide on OSR) into a "guild bank" wouldn't be very costly and maybe more people could get involved in our monthly stuff. I do to plan to get back into the swing of all things MadCast in about a month-ish and I feel like it's a pretty good idea and not too far fetched.
  6. What if we eliminated the money side of it and instead of directly having someone ask we could have some sort of "wishlist" with a game or expansion request and people could buy and donate codes and just loosely have someone control it in the odd scenario that someone would act in bad faith, although I wouldn't see that as a problem. Something similar to those wedding gift registry things where we have a list of what we have and what someone possibly wants. Obviously with a limited amount of withdrawals, etc.
  7. I've been thinking over the past few days of an idea that I've had and I recently ran it by @MadCast: Support Welfare to see what he thought and I would just like to bring it up to see if it garners enough interest to put some thought or actions in motion. At the core, I've always wanted to help out this community in other ways than donating towards the operating costs and giving my time and / or thoughts on matters. SO - Would there be interest in setting up a MCG community box with excess game codes and some sort of accessible PayPal (or other) account that we can donate funds to charitably to help people that may be going through a difficult time to be able to play an expansion / relatively cheap new game? There are a lot of kinks to work out and I don't even know if it's possible. I'm throwing this out there to see if something sticks. I've heard a lot of situations where myself and others were going to hop on a game but the one member of our party couldn't afford it right now and I wanted to alleviate situations like this. Possibly designate a secretary or two over it , have some kind of vote to ensure people are validly using the funds (privately of course, no need to shame someone publicly about financial situations). If we were to kickstart this, I'd be willing to do some sort of matching donation to get us a solid foundation. Thoughts / Ideas / Concerns?
  8. Hey guys! I know I made a LoA post a while back and I was around a tad after that and then disappeared so : here's my life as of late! 1- Work. I started the job I was waiting on a little earlier than expected. I work nights 11p-7a and I'm on an expedited training process so I currently work 6 nights a week, my off night being Tuesday. Sleep schedule is still iffy. 2- College - Decided to start wrapping up some degrees so I began with my Associates. Taking Chemistry Tuesdays-Thursday 11a-2p. With an hour drive commute, I get home at 8, nap until 10, 30 minute drive to class, home then sleep before work. Will be done with this AS in Health Sciences in December and start on the last year of my Bachelor's in Finance in the Spring semester. 3- Gym- Every day that I don't have class I'm bulking up. Seeing some progress! (Pic below) 4- House searching - Ready to establish some roots in a community so I'm currently in the process of looking for and hopefully purchasing within the next few weeks / months. Hopefully something I can affordably customize. 5- Return - I plan on being off the training schedule within a month - month and a half where my schedule will transition to nights Friday-Monday. Should be around more as long as I'm not moving / remodeling / etc. Hopefully back to a sense of normalcy within 2-3 months. Just letting you guys know! I will pop in from time to time and shoot the breeze but as you can clearly see, time is not a commodity that I have much of. Updated picture as promised :
  9. My opinion on the Straight Pride parade : Bluntly, I don't care. Nor do I care about Gay Pride parades or Video Game Nerd parades or any parades. I guess it's the cynic in me, I don't really celebrate holidays or my birthday that much to be honest. HOWEVER -- Here's my point of view. I think it's shitty to say "Ok we get to do this and you can't because it doesn't make sense when you do it" . I'm pretty sure we celebrate straight pride every day as heterosexual human beings -- BUT --- I'm pretty sure you celebrate your lifestyle vicariously as well! It really does irk me about the atmosphere that some of these groupthink mentalities of "The goal is inclusiveness but we present exclusiveness in situations". What I mean by that is there are certain things that I feel like protected groups have (and they should have) and try to put their stamp on it as "Only we should be able to do this". I understand this isn't the thought process with most of the population groups I think about, but as the targeted demographic (Straight, white male) I don't feel like I should have any more or less of a right or an option to do something as well. As long as it's not a satirical, tongue-in-cheek type of scenario I say that to say this : I am tired of feeling guilty for being happy about being me for what I am. I shouldn't have to care if you are gay , trans , black , Muslim, Asian, etc .. The fact is I don't care. I care if you are mistreated BECAUSE of who/what you are, but I'm not gonna break out the kazoo every time someone says they are an affected group. But isn't that the goal? For us to not care what your lifestyle is? My first thought when meeting someone is "This person seems like a warm person, pretty chill personality" and I engage in conversation. It is not whether someone's gay or trans or a minority race This whole social atmosphere that we are gravitating to sucks. I don't think people should be spoonfed to be one way or another or that one lifestyle is better than another. I think the only "norm" standard we need to have is how we treat other human beings. People seem to get lost in the weeds and miss the forest from the trees and I feel like that happens in today's society. I don't mean to sound heartless , this may present itself as such, but I don't want to see anyone discriminated against. If you don't hire someone or allow someone into a college based on a lifestyle -- you should be shut down. But I shouldn't be condemned for my vision of life, which is don't care what you are just be cool to me and I'm cool to you and if I see someone bashing / discriminating I'll blow the fuck off on them. But you won't catch me at a support rally and I think people that view that in a negative light have some soul searching to do as well.
  10. After 13 long years without a new Tool album, we have our first track available off of "Fear Inoculum" which is available Aug. 30th! Us Tool fans are a unique bunch. We love Tool because of the slight nuances and intricate details more than the catchy riffs , melodies , hooks of mainstream music. People that are giving Tool a new listen probably won't like it. It's something you have to listen to multiple times and start pointing out things you didn't hear the first time. Unraveling the details of a Tool song is so rich and rewarding for me! And here we are! I have gave this about 20 listens so far, even repeating it during my gym sessions. 1st listen: This song is meh --- 2nd listen: Ehhhh it's alright --- 3rd listen: This is a f*#@!#% masterpiece!
  11. As I've stated in my LOA post - I will be out an undisclosed amount of time starting now. Best case scenario, be back around in a month and a half or so. Worst case, December. I can browse the forums a bit and play some single player games offline but I will be M.I.A. for all things latency related until then and no Discord. Wish you all the best until then, except Support and Aeryx. Jk. See you guys around!
  12. There is a basic, fundamental foundation instilled in each of us. Whether it's from inner personality or our upbringing - this our core. For me, I grew up hardcore Christian (i.e. Pentecostal). I was taught a lot of things earlier that took a while to shake off (bits of racism and hate for LGBTQ, as well as differing religions, etc. Pretty sure Pentecostal hated all walks of life besides Pentecostal). ** To be fair, Pentecostal has come a long way since I was a kid. Hate has transformed into more of a line in the sand type of thing. Progress can be made even in the most extremes of society, I suppose**. Our cores don't just instantaneously change nor do they mean someone is a bad person. It's important to remember that when someone may have an abrasive point of view in your eyes. As I've become closer to Agnostic than Christian, I still adopt a lot of the Christian lifestyle in my core beliefs and not only myself, my parents as well, have become aware that previous generations were only taught the previous generation ideology, in essence : ignorance was being passed down. With that out of the way I just have a few things that I believe are important to the argument. 1) Our experiences, beliefs, interactions do skew our opinions one way or another. Logic will interfere with compassion at times while compassion hinders logical judgement in some events. It does not mean you are more or less right, unless being facetious or hateful about it. 2) In arguments like this - correcting someone on facts can be done without demeaning. This is the breaking point that usually turns a conversation into an argument. No matter how righteous or truthful your viewpoint may be, being a total asshat about it negates your argument for the opposing side. Nobody will be browbeat into seeing your point of view, it has to come gradually over time. Sometimes, an individual's opinion will not change at all SOLELY based on your language or demeanor. How many times have you said "He's an asshole but he's right" compared to "I don't agree with that but I get where he's coming from". And more times than not, the second scenario is more likely to sway an opinion. 3) At the end of the day, we don't know what it's like to see through the eyes of another. That is NEVER a one way street. Even the most hateful of spiteful people have a root area that spawned their ideologies. Those instantaneous remarks that we often spew out without regard are often through frustration of "How can they not understand MY point of view???" are hard to swallow but I truly believe we can get further in these conversations if we not attach ourselves too deeply in conversation. Speaking to myself on this, it's an everyday struggle. I only say that because I can see some tension brewing and I would like to see these conversations without the knee-jerk reaction comments.
  13. Not saying people are evil deep down but in our current climate kids are not taught that you can lose gracefully. Everyone gets a trophy and people can't stand losing so bad or are unhappy with their own life that they want to bring other people down. I know personally that since the last couple of years of hard times, it's much easier to rage put now than in previous years.
  14. Jonathon Morris has a good quote that I try to remember when having any discussion on controversial topics: "The greatest evidence of authentic good will is the way we treat people with whom we passionately disagree with" That being said, I have really no qualms with LGBTQ other than trans and sports. Specifically male transitioning to female in female specific competition. If there were some regulation on hormones and testerone levels I would like to see some research on how level the playing field would be. As of right now, I wouldnt want to see a UFC fight between a male and female, the thought makes me cringe as domestic violence infuriates me and this gives me similar vibes. Other than that, as long as nothing affects someone negatively, I'm pretty much OK with everything else. On a side note, I hate this mob mentality belief system. For example, I lean conservative but I don't stand behind every single belief that conservatives do. I also believe that church and government needs to stay separate. Sin and law are not the same. I believe people lose the ability to think for themselves when they label themself. Also, I truly believe we are in a period of awakening in the sense that people realize that some hate or bigotry that was passed down from older generations was just out of ignorance and we are learning how to be better people. HOWEVER --- our culture has so much hate and selfishness towards humans in general that we lash out and say things that are interpreted as bigoted,racist,homophobic when it is a much deeper problem. You see this in video games a lot. People will get so mad that they will find a weakness in your armor and try to exploit it to break you down. Racist remarks, homophobic slurs.. I believe they come from deep self disdain and the desire to hurt others more than just simply being racist or homophobic and I truly believe this is the root of a lot of problems and conflict in our society today. I'm sure some of you might roll your eyes because of hearing me say some grouchy or mean things sometimes but I realize I have diarrhea of the mouth at times and I do try to apologize when I do and it is something I work on and wrestle with daily.
  15. Looks pretty awesome other than it was built by a lil bish. Lmao! Jk bro, good work! If you do some more fiber optic stuff I'd like to see what you can come up with.
  16. Are we talking comics or movies? I love both equally for comics... the movies are just not even in the same galaxy to me. Marvel movies are well produced and with great acting, usually. DC movies (as of late) seem to have a dark production quality and the storytelling other than Wonder Woman was pretty bland. Justice League was a crazy let down. Loved most of the Batman movies pre-Affleck and the Superman movies have been pretty decent with Henry but I stick with Marvel, generally.
  17. I like a tiny bit or sour cream on a baked potato and home made burritos but it grosses me out in large amounts. . Avocados in any amount will make me vomit
  18. I love ranch on chicken and bacon subs and also with spicy wings but it disgusts me on anything else. Mayo is the worst for me followed by plain mustard. I can't eat anything with mayo I gag thinking about it. Same with plain yellow mustard. Also, Worcestershire is not far behind as a condiment but I do not mind cooking with it as a marinade .
  19. I found this video as a hilarious way to translate how I felt about the final season -- MAJOR SPOILERS --
  20. I'm not disappointed in the who, I am disappointed in the fact of how. The reason I fell in love with Got was because of the complexity of the characters and the unpredictability of the storytelling. This season, characters have become oversimplified and the plots are ultra predictable. I have no issues with who dies in the final season.. my resentment lies in the lack of grand climax for events and characters who have been built up for seasons, only to result in anti-climatic twists and endings. This theme progressively gets worse as the season goes on and it looks to be reflected in the link I posted. Clearly, the production value is off the charts. Music and cinematography is absurdly good. Acting is top notch. The writing, however, doesn't match up. They seemed to have gotten lost and tried to scramble and tie up loose ends at the end. All good things must come to an end I suppose.
  21. Well this pretty much sums it up for me: "A series that took the world by storm ended with just a whimper"
  22. I've always had good experiences with Epic and their application / store. Their maintenance and upkeep on Fortnite (regardless of your opinion on the game) has been top notch and they react to super strong / super weak items pretty rapidly from what I've seen. It seems that the only negative that will come from this will be the doomsayers and elitists (?) from a super popular brand occupying their niche. Not a big fan of big companies buying other companies normally - see my League of Legends ten cent rants for more - but Epic has been doing good things with their monthly free games and constant work to put out content. I'm actually having positive feelings about this and even contemplating getting a controller this weekend to actually try to get decent at Rocket League (bad timing with Mother's Day though).
  23. As dark and demented as my usual meme humor is - I have a couple of rare gems I hold onto!
  24. It's been a minute since I played OW, although I didnt put much time in it I would be down for some games. Not sure if I'm interested in ranked though