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  1. MadCast Welcomes: Usefully Useless

    I have read and agree to the terms of full membership.
  2. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    Well I would like to play with madcast and raid. So I may do something weird like xfer my druid to raid server , boost 110 to MC server.
  3. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    I'll be playing the new expac. My characters (Horde) are on Kil'Jaeden and Ursin. I'm probably going to move (1) character and boost another to the same server. I prefer to high end raid, so whatever that works out to be , I'm going to try doing that with MC members.
  4. This one is unique. It's like Lord of the Rings metal hahaha. I find it entrancing though.
  5. Mini St Louis meet up

    When is Parkway Drive coming?
  6. Mini St Louis meet up

    OMG really!? I literally live like 20 mins from PB hahahaha... Wow! Took nursing classes at TRC
  7. Mini St Louis meet up

    Kinda restricted at the moment but next month I will be getting out a bit more and I'll definitely keep in touch. I'm checking out rock / metal concerts in the near future. The amphitheatre usually has some good bands.
  8. Mini St Louis meet up

    Man I wish I would have known this. It's about a 2 hour drive ish but I love me some Cards / STL
  9. IRL friendship in all its glory

    Not seeing a picture!
  10. Wow this is an old thread Baal. Lol
  11. Music Thread

    OMG I have wanted to know the artist /name of song for THAT SONG for YEARS!!
  12. Intro: dae

    Welcome. I used to be hardcore LoL but now I play HotS - Fortnite - WoW - D3 - Rocket League (not good at FN or RL but hey..) if you want to play any of those just hit me up. Always in Disc in the evenings.
  13. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    Depends on your MOBO. If your MOBO supports the new vid card / PCU / etc I would say just upgrade. If your motherboard can't handle the modern technology you might as well build a new one. At least that's my opinion.
  14. Champion pool question

    This. Purely learning match ups based on the other side is amazing for learning your limits in matchups. If you get railed by certain champs, play them and figure out what their kits are and the weaknesses. Then it becomes a game of chess