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  1. Clash Team

    I will probably be available and interested that weekend
  2. Intro- Usefully Useless

    I will be moving to a small town called Bernie soon, closer to Cape there. I go to St. Louis probably 10-15 times a year, concerts and Cardinals games.
  3. LF Duo partner! (P5 ish)

    Seems legit lmao!
  4. Intro- Usefully Useless

    You are from Cape Girardeau?? I literally live like 50 minutes away
  5. LF Duo partner! (P5 ish)

    Yeah man.. I was so deflated when I got demoted to P3 and my D5 buddy couldn't play with me. I think he actually unfriended me
  6. LF Duo partner! (P5 ish)

    Hi guys! I am feeling less burned out about ranked recently and have decided to make a push back to P1 and hopefully Diamond. As most know , I'm a Zac jungle main with adc off role. Anyone that would like to test out a ranked push feel free to message me in game , Discord, or reply here! Thanks in advance guys!
  7. So it seems as more information comes out about Pyke, we are going to have our first true assassin support. What are your thoughts / concerns?
  8. Fortnite anyone?

    Hey guys, I know a lot of the community from League but not too many from other games since the only other game I play is Fortnite currently and there doesn't seem to be a Disc channel for that so I wanted to make this post and see if anyone was interested in duo / squads? I'm a newbie honestly. Haven't played FPS in years so my aim is cringe-worthy... But if you're willing to come along for the ride it sure beats the pick-up squads! My in game name is Usefully Useless as well.
  9. Intro- Usefully Useless

    Hey guys, I'm Kevin. I'm 33 and I play League of Legends. Currently Plat 3, working on climbing. Saw you guys on the LoL forums and was interested in joining for duo's and maybe coaching if you have anyone high ranked. Anyways, my IG name is Usefully Useless as well as Discord so feel free to add me! ****** Sorry guys, I did not realize but I do want to apply for full membership. Thanks guys! With work and living alone the chores / life duties add up so I don't always get to explore these things in depth.