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  1. Oh man. I had a good laugh from these responses. Thanks guys.
  2. Didn't learn much. But enjoyed my time with the people. Perhaps there can be role masters that can offer coaching advice from higher to lower elo. I wanted to learn about being a better support main however, I ended up choosing an off-role to keep things balanced. I don't have suggestions at the moment because I haven't been consistent with the event but, these are my thoughts from my experience today. Thank you. -Verdinas
  3. Yep. Next event, would be looking forward to teaming up with MCG.
  4. Hey all I haven't quite found a team for the Clash event Friday. I know it's a little late and people may have already got a crew but I'd like to participate and so if there is anyone that has space or need an extra person let me know. IGN Verdinas Primary role: Support Champs: Janna, Leona, Karma, and Nami Secondary role: Jungle Champs: Warwick, Evelynn, Vi, Shyvanna, and Sej Check out my for any other stats related. Thanks for checking out this post. -Jay
  5. Very in depth information on game play and provided constructive feedback. I was never offended by any of the information provided and in the end the idea is to help everyone get better and grow. As long as the environment fosters this, I have no complaints.
  6. Hey my name is Jay and I play League of Legends. My IGN is Verdinas and I'm pretty relaxed and I just like to be with a group of people that enjoy having fun and are respectful to one another. I do ranked and normals mostly. So far I'm happy with what I've seen from MadCast Gaming.