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  1. Furry friends post

    I haven't a video camera capable of interfacing with my computer, but this is my dog, the one that youse lot are all so used to hearing on coms, name of Saoirse, just over a year old now.
  2. Total War: Three Kingdom

    I used to really love the Total War franchise, but I've recently found that they've been going downhill quick like. I'm probably going to wait a while, see how it rolls out myself.
  3. February Film Drinking Game

    I will take you suggestions under advisement, haha.
  4. February Film Drinking Game

    righto then, given that we have what I would call sufficient responses already, i'd say we firm of the scheduling of this for this Friday at 1900 EST, aye? (I MIGHT have just been waiting for Baal)
  5. February Film Drinking Game

    Where have you been living Kitty
  6. February Film Drinking Game

    Alright lads, I was thinking that it was about time to get this going again, I was thinking for either this Friday, 15th, or the next, the 22nd. How does that work for all interested parties? The film I propose is Rocky Horror Picture Show, objections? suggestions?
  7. Apex Legends

    I'm looking into downloading the game myself, I'll give it a try, and if I stick with it I'll let you know
  8. Secret Hitler For February the 8th

    This is the website we'll be using
  9. Secret Hitler For February the 8th

    Fair enough, i forgot, was thinking in my time, then converting for yanks. say 7:30 PM EST? (games themselves don't take long, sort of like in two rooms and a boom, and you can jump in and out)
  10. Secret Hitler For February the 8th

    Alright lads, given that people have shown interest, how does play a few games of Secret Hitler on the 8th of February at about 7:30 PM EST sound then? If enough people are good with that date, we'll get something together (five people minimum, better with up to ten). If that doesn't work for people, we can arrange an alternate date or time. That is the website we'll be using, particularly the rules page, which explains how to play the game.
  11. Secret Hitler

    entirely free
  12. Secret Hitler

    I'm gauging interest in the community to play Secret Hitler. It is a game made by the creators of Cards against humanity where the object is to discover and kill Hitler, to my mind, it is a riot. I'm just seeing if there is interest in getting together a few games of it. ta.
  13. LoL 2019 Ranked Changes

    please please please no
  14. Who here are musicians?

    Likewise @MadCast: Vyoletta, I love opera, Wagner in particular, as of this coming summer, I've been attending the Bayreuth Festival for four years running. if you ever want to talk someone's ear off about opera, I'm your man.
  15. Membership

    Welcome lad, glad to have you here i'm sure, looking forward to playing with you.