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  1. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Like I said lad, i manged to drop a meeting, which means I can do it, I once again apologize, I was thinking somewhere around 8:30-9:00 EST.
  2. Continued Film Drinking Games

    Well, people would tend to prefer this event on a Friday or a Saturday night, time to recover and all, for the weaker among us. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested, I know this is short notice, but I've managed to get myself free tonight if anyone is game for a good time with films and alcohol.
  3. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    Congratulations lad.
  4. Continued Film Drinking Games

    So, Lads, after what i would consider a decent turnout to my former event, the Monty Python Holy Grail drinking game, and after a few people got in touch with me about doing more such events, i thought that I might want to turn it into a monthly event, (some peoples' livers need time to recover after all) . In particular, i was encouraged to set up one for this month, before Halloween, which unfortunately i shall be unable to do, but I got in touch with MadCast: Baal, and he said that if a date could be arranged that worked for him, he would be okay with hosting this month's iteration. If anyone is interested in either a, making this a monthly event, either on a set date, or when it can work for the majority of people, or b, even just in the short term doing this before all hallow's eve, post here for either case, and we'll try to work something out
  5. Movie Tuesdays! (Monday was taken...)

    Mine has booze. logic follows...
  6. intro; doublestufforeo

    Welcome lad, look forward to having a few games with you.
  7. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    abandon it voshay, priorities man, priorities.
  8. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    Just throwing out a reminder that this is tomorrow at 8:00 PM EST. (a number of the people I've talked to have forgotten)
  9. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    Disappointing Kitty
  10. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    The 22nd at 8 PM EST then?
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Don't mind if i do" Cú chuckles. Cú's laughter quickly takes on a sinister tone, whereupon he fills his lungs to bursting and bellows out a battle cry Three of the statuettes break off of Neulratol, with a mind to either kill Cú or die trying. Swinging from the heels, Cú flawlessly strikes down both the statuettes assaulting himself, and knocks one of the bastarding things attacking Neulratol, and stuns it. "Pay attention you miserable excuses for adventurers, that is how a true warrior deals with such a pesky annoyance" 20/23 health left Six statuettes remaining, one of which is currently stunned.
  12. 2018 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    I'll throw $100 USD to the drive, and i also have some games on steam that i could be putting into the prize pool, copies of: Don't Starve Together, Frozen Synapse, two copies of Insurgency, and a copy each of Portal 1 and Portal 2.
  13. Monty Python's Holy Grail Drinking Game

    So lads, what say we about the 22nd?
  14. MadCast Welcomes: Suixide22

  15. Flex anyone?

    after two rooms and a boom, I'd be quite happy to join, been meaning to rank up my flex