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  1. December Film Drinking Game

    Putting out the call for any want to be drunks, this Saturday, at 8:00 EST, Life of Brian style fun is to be had, with alcohol!
  2. Funday Monday 12/17 @9EST

    you're finally learning @MadCast: Suixide22, one does not simply show up to a MadCast event run by Baal with "drink".
  3. MadCast Welcomes: 3footmonkey!

    congratulations lad.
  4. JackBox Party Pack Event~

    If I can make the time, so will I
  5. Movies, movies, movies

    Aguirre: the wrath of god It is a 1972 German film by Werner Herzog that is one of my all time favourites.
  6. MadCast Promotes: Kitty Stark

    oh god help us, the first sigh of the apocalypse is here, Ragnarok approaches.
  7. Self Care: Let's Talk About Mental Illness

    Not to be a downer, Kitty, but be careful with different types of meds at the same time, after I got out of the laughing academy, they had me on a few different meds, and it felt like they were working for a while, then they took me over a metaphorical cliff. If they are working for you, and continue to work for you, that is fantastic, all I am saying, is be aware sometime some meds don't play well together.
  8. "Shooty Gunny Movies"

    you think we're taking this seriously kitty? More fool you.
  9. "Shooty Gunny Movies"

    God Bless America
  10. Period Pieces

    Enjoy lad, is a great place to find such things[]=year%3A"1960"&and[]=year%3A"1959"&and[]=year%3A"1958"&and[]=year%3A"1957"&and[]=year%3A"1956"&and[]=year%3A"1955"&and[]=year%3A"1954"&and[]=year%3A"1953"&and[]=year%3A"1952"&and[]=year%3A"1951"&and[]=year%3A"1950"&and[]=year%3A"1949"&and[]=year%3A"1948"&and[]=year%3A"1947"&and[]=year%3A"1946"&and[]=year%3A"1945"&and[]=year%3A"1944"&and[]=year%3A"1943"&and[]=year%3A"1942"&and[]=year%3A"1941"&and[]=year%3A"1940"&and[]=year%3A"1939"&and[]=year%3A"1938"&and[]=year%3A"1937"&and[]=year%3A"1936"&and[]=year%3A"1935"&and[]=year%3A"1934"&and[]=year%3A"1933"&and[]=year%3A"1932"&and[]=year%3A"1931"&and[]=year%3A"1930"&and[]=year%3A"1929"&and[]=year%3A"1928"&and[]=year%3A"1927"&and[]=year%3A"1926"
  11. Intro #2 - Raeden

    best of luck my lad, hope to be playing with you.
  12. Not So League of Learning 11-22-2018

    every day is weight gain day when you live life properly like me, Kitty.
  13. Hello! It's yer mum

    Welcome Welcome, and you needn't be concerned about wasting space, wasting space is a little bit over half of what i do, both here in MadCast, and in real life.
  14. The Birthday of Justice

    A robot is not born, it is built, Happy Activation Day @MadCast: RedJustice
  15. Intro - Carahdras

    Welcome lad, and old man my arse, you've got three years on me, and I'm still a drunken youth at heart.