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  1. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    With a grin as broad and as brutal as the fierce northern seas, the newly reinvigorated Cú runs headlong for the charging golem, intent on not having to listen to the bloody righteous priest's whinging and lecturing after the fight. Reaching it, Cú swings at the exposed weak spot with all of his brutal strength Flawlessly finding the weak spot, Cú bears in and makes his strike WEAK SPOT HIT, SIX DAMAGE, -ARMOUR = FIVE, GOLEM HAS SIX HEALTH LEFT. Take that you big bag of blundering boulders!
  2. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Cú, afraid of nothing but dishonour, defies the danger yet again, and thrusts his sword at the oncoming strike. Unfortunately, the Golem's arm, being rock and all, just sweeps the sword asideand continues on its path.
  3. PbtA PbP Out of Character Thread

    we're bloody well got it, don't be talking pish
  4. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Well, Cú thinks to himself, bugger this hootsy pile of blasted stacked shite" and with that thought he gets up a head of steam, and screaming rage and fury, the blood singing in his ears the music of the battle joy, he uses his brute strength to power himself on (because dwarves are natural sprinters don't you know, not long distance runners} he gets running up quite fast, and shouting a shout of blood-curdling nature charges headlong at the beast. Due to his small stature and frankly, quite magnificent speed, Cú doesn't even notice when the Golem throws a boulder at him, and charges right on to get to grips with the foe, shouting back to the rest of the group, "What the devil are you cowardly cunts waiting for, this is more like it, come join the fun" So saying, he swings his great sword, striking the beast with great force, but unfortunately, not with sufficient accuracy and deftness to avoid a response, he nonetheless, draws first gravel. Dealing six damage (nine damage - three armour) and taking five (six - one) Cú screams at the sky above his new favourite pincushion, defying any to say that he is not magnificent and glorious, having come to grips with the beast where so many before have failed, before circling round to the golem's rear, ready to make another strike as soon as the oportunity presents itself, the loot of the temple is as good as in his pack. Three armour, fourteen HP left.
  5. Game suggestions for detilting / unwinding?

    If you're not played it before, and like deadpan humour, play The Stanley Parable, its good for quite a few laughs. Another thing that I play is the major trilogy of paradox games, Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, and, sometimes, if in the mood, Stellaris, especially the first two though, if you like grand strategy style games, they're not about how you win, its about how you lose, and can lead to some really hilarious after action reports (shall i cite for an example, this
  6. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "you want them buried, bury them yourself stump shouter, I've more important things to discuss with my flask and my bedroll" With a flask of the finest spirits in his hand, and singing an ancient song, Cú takes out his whetstone and begins to lovingly sharpen is sword, before oiling and re-sheathing it. Finally, his only important task done, and his flask empty and belly full, Cú todgers off to sleep.
  7. Play Diplomacy

    I used to play days long games of Risk style (read, in house rules, no permanent allies) Axis and Allies, this is my style of game
  8. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Foolish bloody halfling, out the blasted way, let the adults handle this" There is no glory to be won here, they're just blasted beasts. Cú swings his great sword, hearing it swish as it cuts though the air as easily as it will cut through the hides of the animals before him. and with effortless, almost careless skill, the stout swordsman dances around his feline 'foes', killing two in a single blow, not even deigning to think for a second that such a horrid little cat could do so much as to scratch his skin. "Take heed Benito, this is how a blade works" 2/5 cats left alive
  9. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Cú, seeing that Neulratol can't handle himself even against just two foes, turns about and blood ringing in his ears, charges the men assaulting the cleric. "Come on you useless excuse for adventurers, put up a fight!" Using far more strength and force than would truly be necessary (but excess is enjoyable, don't you know!) Cú, in the blink of an eye, has knocked the first enemy off his feet and knocked the wind out of him by sheer weight of force of blade striking shield, and the wild swing continued to strike the as yet untouched man, and it clove him twain. In the space of time however, that it took Cú's sword to travel from the first man to the second, the second man had manged to get a strike off at Cú. Cú thinks to himself, "its just a flesh wound", and turning about to look at the downed but still doubtlessly alive man at his feet he shouts to the rest of the group "this bastard counts as one of mine"
  10. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Cú, his blood boiling with the battle joy that is so familiar to him, rages on despite his wounds and hacks at the enemy formation, [2d6+2=9 using Hack and Slash] [and does 2d10+2=8 damage, Messy, Forceful] His weapon knocks the first opponent back, and cleaves on to pierce the flesh of the man to his right, dealing damage there as well. Still screaming with fury, he shouts "come on and get it then you snot faced sons of chicken whelped mothers"
  11. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    Not one to be outdone in matters of warfare and bloodshed, Cú charges headlong into the fray, bellowing one of his many war cries, "Chlanna nan con thigibh a so's gheibh sibh feòil" (sons of the hound, come here and get flesh) 2d6+1=6 Unfortunately, nobody understands, and seeing the seemingly ridiculously lightly clothed dwarf charging their direction.
  12. Play Diplomacy

    Hahahahahaha, drink makes everything lighter, in all seriousness though, anyone that takes a board game too seriously, would be typically no one that i would want to play with.
  13. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    "Shifty characters indeed, these wouldn't happen to be friends of yours, would they Benito?" Cú looks around the busy town. "I say again that we get out of the pox ridden hellhole and get to some good proper work, and by the way Neulratol, blood lust isn't blinding if that is all i need see." [2d6+9=19 link] [corrected to full 10] Thanks to his enduring distrust of civilization, Cú had long ago learned what to REALLY be paranoid about in towns (not that he wasn't paranoid about everything in civilization). What he did see in particular, was a group of people who didn't fit into the hustle OR the bustle of the town, and so Cú thinks to himself "I really need, is to get some exercise in, and that lot looks like just the right equipment to do the job" and so says to the rest of the group "look at that lot of bleeding toy soldiers over there, I say we get on our way, and lay an ambush for them partway to the temple."
  14. Play Diplomacy

    I'm still game for it
  15. Dungeon World PbP Game Thread

    However, Cú Chulainn pushes Neulratol aside, and as he step off the boat, he gives Benito a shove, takes the flask and drains it. "Theres no time for stocking up, theres glory to gain and gold to be plundered, I say that we should set off right now, make our way to the temple and start teaching the 'faithful' the might of my steel" he says, as he removes his ancient sword, passed down generation to generation, from its leather wrappings and tests its edge with his thumb. "and whats with this friends stuff, you're paying us, and giving us chance for plunder and glory, that is it" and so after shaking out his stiff blasted limbs, Cú Chulainn shouts back to Neulratol, "OI, BANA-mHAC DE DHIATHAN NEO-CHLIÙITEACH (bastard son of unkempt gods) YOU COMING OR NOT?"