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  1. I wouldn't have it any other way
  2. I'd be willing to wager that it has to do with the images being classically influenced, e.g., the Myrmidon that would in league be pantheon, or the plague doctor mask of the Elo Darkness copy of Neeko, as well as the fact that Elo ranking is a concept, if you are unfamiliar with the origin, named for the creator of that system of zero-sum ranking, Arpad Elo, who originally developed tee system for games such as chess. Besides, copyright in my experience is a hugely grey area, you have to prove it was copied, which is incredibly difficult with such things.
  3. So I know @MadCast: Kitty Stark has done films in the past, but she generally does light or blockbuster films. Here I am proposing that I appoint films every now and then which I believe that most of you will not have seen. Just thought I'd put a post out there to see if there was any interest in this proposal.
  4. If you're like me lad, you manage to act like an idiot anywhere you go.
  5. As a fan of the really long strategic games, sounds like a devil of a plan to me! I'm in.
  6. I'll see what I can do at my best to make it happen. (God above knows I'm not watching that stuff on anywhere near approaching sober)
  7. I think you're got your times messed up Craiden, look at the date on DSO's post. That being said, I should have my weekends back in the near future and would love to set another up.
  8. The USA is overrated, don't go.
  9. If enough people show up I've got to imagine that we'll be going at least that long.
  10. Hello everyone, here I was wondering if anyone might be interested in a little bit of Secret Hitler this coming Saturday at around 20:00 EST (or two rooms and a boom if we have too many people for Secret Hitler)