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  1. If I might ask then @MadCast: Baal, propose that there are zero parties that I share ANYTHING in common with politically, should I then have to go down the local church hall, and spoil my ballot to have any right in your view to complain?
  2. I fall distinctly on the side of the libertarian argument that anybody should have the freedom, under a modern liberal state with freedom of speech, to complain about anything they want, no matter of you consider that justified or now. To force people to vote under threat of punishment, is ludicrous, in a free society, you should be free not to vote, never mind the bureaucratic nightmare of keeping track of such a thing. I consider anything that forces someone to actively do something, a step toward totalitarianism. (before I get this response, prohibition form doing something, eg. theft, does not fall under the same umbrella to my mind). From a political standpoint, if one looks at states such as Australia, when compared to NZ, as a quite analogous state, Australians, in my experience and reading, as well as watching the last several elections in both states, Australians seem to me to be LESS politically educated than their neighbors, and I would argue that this comes from the standpoint that in a compulsory state, system is sluggish and unresponsive, and in a voluntary state, the respective political parties have to more closely listen to what the people they are campaigning to represent desire, and work harder to get those votes vs. a compulsory system where a large number of people have no distinct idea what they are voting for and leads to larger levels of tribalism in my experience. This is not to say I am against voting myself, I pay attention, and when I have a distinct opinion, I vote, eg. the Scottish independence and Brexit referendums, and their respective elections.
  3. Now, this might seem like a moronic question, but I can't find a post here that details the mechanics or actions that one can take, eg. stare, or improve, ect. or how the tension and terrain are chosen, am I missing something, If I am, I apologize.
  4. Jomyo Benkei, once a true Ronin, has pledged his allegiance to the forces of the Touten, though he will forever more long for the wandering ways, and one day might indeed return to such a solitary life. His clothes, worn, though orderly, bely the fires that rage in his heart, if one were to take a second glance. his eyes, burning with determination, seek any source of an unequal fight. Even if his clothes are well on their way to what one might describe as tattered, the Naginata on his back is pristine, and well cared for, though judging by the nicks and scores on the blade, it has seen more fighting than many of the newly minted so called warriors seeking to make their name. Jomyo cut his teeth at the legendary Battle of Okehazama but left the service of Oda Nobunaga, disgusted with his former master's lust for power and position. However, he learned one main lesson from his time under Oda, audacity, always audacity, and from that point on, fought with nothing but a brazen and offensive attitude. Jomyo hopes that in the ranks of the Touten, he will find men such as himself, not pirates, but men willing and able to fight a united and tyrannical Nihon, and regain as much freedom and local authority as possible, without causing the destruction of both Nihon-that-is, and Nihon-that-was.
  5. If you mange to get to silver III, I will duo with you. (i'm not demoting myself for the purpose, but the offer remains)
  6. I know I'm not a professional like DSO, but I love my cast iron pans. I've had them for nearly twenty years, and they almost cook better than when they were new, they'll last you a lifetime if you take care of them, Hell, a mate of mine has a set from his great great great grandmother, and they still work magnificently.
  7. THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN ABOUT THIS HITLER. This body is a temple, a temple to debauchery and depravity, and anyone that tricks me into eating fruit when all I should see is lovely cholesterol bombs, DESERVED TO MEET HIS OWN NUREMBERG. Also, Tomato is technically a fruit yes, but not really.
  8. @MadCast: VoShay and @MadCast: Baal those are Pizzas, none of this silly fruit nonsense, just good, wholesome, healthy, dead animal.
  9. pretty sure that this is what he means lad
  10. If this is the subject, I might be convinced to show up, not to sing mind you all, but to show up.
  11. Glad to see you getting about to an intro lad.
  12. I know I am not particularly experienced, but I quite enjoyed Stan's one shot, and if you can't find enough people to fill out the game that know what they're doing, I'd be quite happy to tromp along.
  13. If anyone is wanting to add me, I am Cairngormer on Origin.
  14. I can't offer anything so serious, or quite so highly ranked as Pushover, but if you want someone to play with and to help with what I can, I am happy to oblige.
  15. If it starts right on time at 3PM EST I can commit to that four hour window, if there are four other people who can commit more freely, do take them ahead of me.
  16. I haven't a video camera capable of interfacing with my computer, but this is my dog, the one that youse lot are all so used to hearing on coms, name of Saoirse, just over a year old now.
  17. I used to really love the Total War franchise, but I've recently found that they've been going downhill quick like. I'm probably going to wait a while, see how it rolls out myself.
  18. I will take you suggestions under advisement, haha.
  19. righto then, given that we have what I would call sufficient responses already, i'd say we firm of the scheduling of this for this Friday at 1900 EST, aye? (I MIGHT have just been waiting for Baal)
  20. Alright lads, I was thinking that it was about time to get this going again, I was thinking for either this Friday, 15th, or the next, the 22nd. How does that work for all interested parties? The film I propose is Rocky Horror Picture Show, objections? suggestions?
  21. I'm looking into downloading the game myself, I'll give it a try, and if I stick with it I'll let you know