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  1. been stuck on this for a few weeks now
  2. Warhammer 40k, What army should I run?

    hey, thanks for all the advice!, ive played the table top alot and i thoroughly enjoyed playing my buddies chaos marine army, and also, the community i would be playing with usually runs around 500-1000 points so i wont have to focus on a 2000 point army just yet, yea, i plan on like buying a little at a time and getting it all put together and just have it for fun/ display, i dont really want to focus on tournament play, but i want a strong army that i will enjoy playing, thats kinda why i was thinking orks, because i enjoy the orks in lore so much and they are fairly cost efficient from what i ive seen you can buy orks pretty cheap, plus you can kitbash with orks alot and maek more models/ buy bulk parts from stores and build your own orks. Also thinking about running Guardsman, but im not sure, ive heard they are pretty rough to start out the game on as you have to play very strategic. i want to get a table set up in my room and dedicate it to model painting eventually too, and try to practice to get really good at it.
  3. The Ultimate GM / DM Workshop

    Is this open to people who are not a part of the community? Ive got a couple buddies that are looking to start DMing and i think they would be interested in this.
  4. Dream Car/ Project Car Thread

    im more of an american muscle/v8 enthusiast, but i can apprecaite and talk about imports, if whre to ever build i drift car id probably go with an AE86
  5. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    i could probably use the DDR4 ram i have in my current computer i have 4 4gb sticks of DDR4 that could get me by, plus prices are bound to drop in the next 2-3 years right? lol
  6. IRL friendship in all its glory

    the link takes me to something that says that there is nothing there.
  7. Dream Car/ Project Car Thread

    Dude gotta admit I'm completely jealous of your time growing up, I want to build my S10 to pull around 600hp to start off with as the most horsepower I've ever handled in something that small is about 300, but I eventually want to run it in the 800s When I get my split bumper Camaro I'm actually gonna probably keep it in the 4-500s horsepower wide, just to have fun on the roads and to drive and not worry about getting into too much trouble lol Hit me up in discord sometime and let's talk about stuff
  8. Dream Car/ Project Car Thread

    Im a really big fan of cars and love talking about em, so I figured I'd make a thread and try to find the other car guys in the community. Right now I've got an old 1997 Chevy S10 that was my first truck that I am planning on re-doing probably keeping the original 4.3V6 and turboing it, or maybe dropping a NA LS1 in it I'm not quite sure yet On the other hand I would love to have an old split bumper Camaro similar to the pic included
  9. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    What's the price comparison is AMD more cost effective for what I want?
  10. Intro: dae

    Hey glad to have you in the community, if you are ever feeling some portal 2 and see I'm on hit me up, I've been wanting to do some puzzle games lately, or just drop by in the discord if you ever want to talk about bikes or cars (I know more about cars than I do motorcycles, but always happy to be educated) , look forward to seeing you around!
  11. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking of sticking with like an i7 7700k or if I really feel like going hardcore just fronting the bill on an i9, I am also possibly be doing 3d modeling for industrial/ for my own uses and I'm not sure on how AMD processors would handle that unless I am just uninformed and they would do better for my purposes
  12. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    I think it could but i also do not really like the MOBO aesthetically anymore, all of my peripherals are blue back lit, but my MOBO is red LED so i was thinking of getting either an RGB version of whatever i buy or one without LEDS
  13. Cat advice?

    No Problem!
  14. New PC, or Upgrade Old PC

    Sometime within the next year or two im planning on upgrading my whole setup, and i dont know if i should just sell my old PC as it is not a bad PC, to pay for the parts for my new PC, or if i should try to just upgrade what i have. Honestly i want a whole new setup as the case i bought awhile back just doesn't match my preferences anymore and all of my hardware is a bit dated.
  15. Intro-Abex

    right now i am also playing Borderlands, Dark souls, im about to start up a terraria server with a group of friends, I occasionally play TF2 and Vermintide 2