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  1. Intro-Abex

    Hey everyone, my candidacy is coming to a close and I've met quite a few new people in the process, if i have sat and chatted with you or played games with you, i would really appreciate if you could put a comment on my candidacy thread. Its been a lot of fun getting to meet new people and make new friends along the way and I hope to continue on that path while being in the community!
  2. Bugatti making an EV?

    i just like v8's man, nothing better than a cammed v8
  3. Bugatti making an EV?

    honestly im not looking forward to electric cars, i like loud noises when i drive
  4. Things to Watch On Hulu

    @Al Shifra i have both me and my roommate share @MadCast: Shattered I didnt know it was on hulu, ive been interested in that show for awhile
  5. Things to Watch On Hulu

    I need a list of good shows to watch on hulu, mainly watch comedy series etc, but if its really good ill give it a go
  6. MadCast Promotes: VoShay

  7. The greatest discord join EVER!

    i agree, discord knows all our secrets, its actually an AI listening to all of our conversations
  8. WE MADE IT!

  9. MadCast Golf With Your Friends 8-7

    im so ready to embarrass myself!
  10. Neat Picture!

    thats a pretty neat picture, probably woulda crapped my pants
  11. Intro/Application for membership-Al Shifra

    welcome to the community hit me up to play some rocket league if you catch me online
  12. Chess Tournament!

    ill embarrass myself, i do it every time i play rocket league so why not chess?
  13. Where are the RL Players?

    i play but i have been busy with work.
  14. Intro-Abex

    i know right, its been a few months since ive played it as well.
  15. Sweet punching justice

    you shoulda swiped the legs