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    cats, Iron Man, doodling, being a politically inaccurate feminist

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    Married since Oct 2017, drawing since I was 3, realized my true calling as a cat around 2006
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    Cook/Fryer/Smoothie Maker/Cashier/Customer Service
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  1. Untilting?

    After any one majorly tilting or upsetting game I completely close League and either go watch some stupid videos on YouTube (I have a specific playlist for reducing stress) or play music and draw stuffs.
  2. Intro - Krokaine

    Welcome~ I enjoy the wordplay in your name and thank you for your contribution of wit, sir.
  3. Daniel Smith watercolor swap?

    Just wondering if anyone in this community are experienced with watercolor painting and would be interested in a group paint swap I am setting up that will save everyone money and also open them up to a wider palette selection!
  4. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    Ok, so post-town hall meeting I have decided I would like to officially apply for full membership and get a mentor~ Just let me know what I need to do moving forward other than just being involved and playing games for events etc.
  5. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    You are my new favorite
  6. How did I only just now discover this piece of artwork and how have I lived without it prior to now? I don't know.
  7. Great Games Go!

    Gotta love those ARAMs with a healer in them 😁 Healed almost 20k damage 🍌
  8. TSM, We need to talk about this...

    So... beautiful... 😒
  9. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    Don't make me hurt you I'll enjoy it too much 😁 I'm interested in full membership but I'm just worried that with me being on and offline so erratically that it will be a headache for anyone to "mentor" me :c Not sure exactly how you guys do that kinda thing? Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes though, I'd love to play a game with any of you~ πŸ€“
  10. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    LOL thanks a lot Baal, and nice to meet you Maro! PS Happy early birthday I promise I only stalk with good intentions 😁
  11. wall art for my computer room

    I'd offer to draw you things but my realism is severely lacking. If you wanted a chibi of your favorite OW character or something that is non-human I could probably be more helpful. As far as other artists, I don't know many who DO hyperrealism like that lich king, sorry Maybe Michael DeNicola?
  12. Intro - Parmejon Cheese

    I'm just here for the cheesy puns TBH, but mozza them have been used I see... I don't got jack to work with, but I'm not enough of a munster to not even say hi.
  13. HI NEW FRIENDS!!! I'm a totally socially-normalized human being person who wishes to interact with you maybe sometime. *clears throat* Just call me Kitty! I can legally drink in the US and have been married since October to a wonderful squishbean. I work at a family-owned Chinese food place on the weekends, and during the week I am frequently streaming on my Twitch channel doing either creative things or video games. I'm in the process of establishing my own small business and marketing my artwork, so if you're any good at building websites let me know! πŸ˜‚ I own a wiener dog and also a cat larger than him. 🐱 I live in the state of New York and have visited almost all the eastern states as well as Quebec, Canada. I speak French by the way, as well as small conversational bits of Italian, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. I dropped out of high school where I was a huge band and art nerd. I'm a Slytherin, my favorite hero is Iron Man, and my favorite food is chicken and gravy over biscuits. As far as video games, I play most of my games on PC through Steam, as well as owning a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Gamecube, and several 3DS handhelds. I play a LOT of League of Legends as an ADC Jinx main, which is primarily why I joined this group. I look forward to creeping a bunch of you out with Annie impressions. My friend Support Welfare told me it's welcoming so I look forward to that. I haven't played a lot these past months due to the work of starting my business, but I miss it and follow the eSports scene to stay up to date on patches and the meta. I still need to play 9 more placement matches... πŸ˜… Other multiplayer games I really enjoy include Stardew Valley, Don't Starve Together, PUBG, and Overwatch. If I'm playing solo I tend towards open world RPGs like Fallout 4, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm a BIG believer in playing competitive games to have fun, and although I try my best, I always focus on improving a skill or just enjoying myself and can't stand flamers or people who just give up. My account names for most things is on my profile if you want to add me, just be sure I know who you are first or I probably wont accept. FYI I don't do well with younger people, so if you're sub-18 I'd probably just be a negative influence on you. 😎 *finger guns* Anywhoozles, peace for now and I look forward to meeting everyone~ ✌️What's your favorite Skittles flavor? P.S. EDIT: I'm interested in full membership eventually but with my crazy random schedule and all the other stuff on my plate I'm not sure how much free time I'll have to dedicate to it 😩