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    cats, Iron Man, doodling, being a politically inaccurate feminist

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    Married since Oct 2017, drawing since I was 3, realized my true calling as a cat around 2006
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    I'm a homebody :D
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  1. LoL 2019 Ranked Changes

    I can play Shyvana top again? Is it season 2?!
  2. LoL 2019 Ranked Changes

    Riot has released an official breakdown on more details of the new Ranked system, and answer some FAQs: What do you guys think of the changes? I'm excited for the positional ranking and I think the "splashing" experience is a great way to get around a lot of ways people could abuse the system.
  3. Membership

    What are your usernames in the games you play? I know you play League but if you have anything else, such as Steam or, feel free to share them here! Also, welcome
  4. What do you want in life?

    I'm sure this is a question you were asked over and over again in grade-school, and once you were old enough to apply to colleges, and maybe even by your parents and bosses at some point. This topic came to mind when I happened to listen to this song and then wanted to go watch the whole animation again. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the movie UP, I would like to request that you watch the video below all the way through. If you have seen it before, I would still recommend that you watch it again so that I do not feel alone in my existential sadness. This is one of the finest moments of animation I've ever seen, and the gorgeous music guides the scenes naturally and it's just touching. I feel like this narrative is a perfect example of one way to live a truly fulfilling life full of love and happiness. My personal goals in life include the following: To find a home in a great location for my husband and I to live the rest of our days in To adopt rescued animals and give them a loving home To create moving artwork that conveys my emotions to others To help operate a bakery as a cake decorator To finally go to college someday for something that I really enjoy To be able to finally feel free of my depression and just be happy with who I am I'd like to ask all of you to slow down and think on what you really want to in your life, and what your truest hopes, goals, and dreams are. Goals can be a great source of motivation for anyone and it's important that you don't lose sight of what you really want during the day-to-day grind of existing. Lets all motivate each other to center ourselves mentally and maybe work a little harder towards anything and everything that will make us reach our goals. "No man-made material will ever be as strong as the human spirit."
  5. Intro - Tyrone/Qrow

    Yay I knew you'd make a perfect member of MadCast! Welcome to the family 💜
  6. RFM Application: Silencer

    Good luck Silencer!
  7. Settlers of Catan?

    I looked into the Free-To-Play version but it has a lot of negative reviews. I have only ever played the physical board game so I'm unsure of how to proceed, but if anyone is able to help me set it up on my end without buying anything I would gladly join.
  8. Intro - damehasclass

    Loved meeting you last night at LoL! I too used to play D3 on a somewhat-above-noob level so I'd love to try that again with a chill friend. 😻 You own cats so I already love having you here and hope you stick around. If you become interested in membership feel free to look here for info on the different tiers of membership, and look here to read the general Code of Conduct that everyone is expected to follow. You can also ask any current members on the Discord server about anything that tickles your fancy. MadCast Membership is not a requirement, but definitely a huge benefit if you plan on sticking around.

    That card would actually say "A flamboyant homosexual screaming in monotone"

    I would be interested and I might have more card ideas if I take the time to sit down and think about it. I'll start a list later.
  11. Two Rooms and a Boom VI: Return of the Potato Jan 26th

    Can't wait
  12. Look at my foster cat, Pierre!

    These are my two cats, Bubby (his actual name is Whiz but we haven't called him that in years because he got fat lol) and Isabella. Here is Zozo, who passed away Oct 2017. He was my husband and I's first pet but he got a really bad stomach disease and passed away right before his 3rd birthday. He was also a professional asshole.
  13. Who here are musicians?

    I've got a pretty long relationship with music which unfortunately did not end on the best terms because high schoolers are full of drama. Started flute when I was 10, added clarinet at 14, piccolo and tenor sax at 15, and bassoon at 17 for a musical. I dabbled in a ton of other ones and I still have a keyboard at home, but I probably can only play my flute/piccolo and tenor sax any more from memory because I spent the most time on them. I always wanted to learn violin because my mom played it in her school orchestra but unfortunately my school did not have a budget or teacher for any kind of stringed instruments, and I don't have the money or time to learn it on my own now. Marching band was definitely a second home for me for many years and I wish I could just look back fondly, but I do remember watching professional drum cores perform and it still is one of the most amazing feats of human coordination I've ever seen.
  14. Don't Starve Together?

    I also have it and am experienced in running a server if you'd like me to set one up sometime. We just have to coordinate a time to play together because I can't leave it running 24/7 on my one computer.
  15. Intro - Staff Sausage

    Welcome to MadCast and I'm glad to see you applied for membership! Best of luck 😺