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    cats, Iron Man, doodling, being a politically inaccurate feminist

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    Married since Oct 2017, drawing since I was 3, realized my true calling as a cat around 2006
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    Cook/Fryer/Smoothie Maker/Cashier/Customer Service
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  1. League of Learning 11-15-2018

    I'm really hoping to be able to play in one of these! This subject is so important to me and in general, so I'm glad it's getting attention.
  2. NOV 17 - Mean Girls Movie Night

    Bump! This is this coming Saturday!~
  3. Movies, movies, movies

    I've seen the original 3 Oceans with my mom who loves them. I also wanted to get Ocean's 8 as a Christmas present for her because Sandra Bullock is one of her favorite actresses of all time.
  4. WANTED: Mafia Miss Fortune - Reward $10,000

    I drew this as a donation for the MadCast Appreciation Drive. Aeryx won the drawing and requested some Mafia Miss Fortune so here you go~ I may do more giveaways or donations in the future so keep your eyes out.
  5. Movies, movies, movies

    Ok first of all Venom was FREAKING AMAZING and I even got a pleasant surprise at the end when they had Eminem record a song for the credits. Hmm, other somewhat new movies... I'm trying to not say anything from Marvel but that means I have no other recent movies. I wanted to watch Ocean's 8 but have not been able to yet, so let me know what you think if you have seen it.
  6. Intro - 3footmonkey

    Nice to meet you! Hopefully I'll see you online soon
  7. Mindset and Avoiding Tilt.

    Thank you for showing me you have an attitude I greatly respect. We could always use more players like you, who can keep their cool in intense situations, in MadCast. I hope to be able to play some League with you soon!
  8. NOV 17 - Mean Girls Movie Night

    I'm officially determining that it will be on Saturday, November 17th, and the movie will begin promptly at 6PM EST so you'd best show up early!
  9. Pokemon: Go Friends!

    Regardless of your team or skill level, let this be a thread where everyone can share their Trainer Codes and make some more friends to farm items off of! My Trainer Code is: 7422 8095 8705
  10. Intro: 100T Nare

    Welcome feel free to send me a friend request in LoL and we can play whatever!
  11. Intro - Carahdras

    Welcome c: glad to have seen you at the town hall!
  12. Two Rooms and a Boom IV: A New Potato Nov 17th

  13. PC Build Contest! Can I submit more than one? This one I based on a white/orange color scheme but I also want to make a blue/black one D:
  14. Dauntless

    I think Support gave me a code for that a while ago... now I gotta find it.
  15. November's Drinking game

    Good movies for drinking games... (aka something at least 50% comedic) The Princess Bride Kingsman Deadpool/Deadpool 2 Thor: Ragnarok Neighbors (this one is R rated though)