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  1. Jiggles also told me about the Virtual Machine setup. I have been able to run an old Worms game in compatibility mode but it hasn't worked so far for the others I tried. However one game, Tetris Worlds, has worked just fine other than not being able to tab out.
  2. My grandfather has always really enjoyed RTS and puzzle games. When I was younger, we would play games together on his old Dell desktop, and when that desktop died a few years ago I gave him my old HP laptop. At first I was able to find some Steam games he might like and install them, but because he does not have internet at his house I had to sort of stasis-rig Steam with verification and go into offline mode so he could take it home. The problem as of late is that it will no longer connect the internet or WiFi, which is unsurprising since the laptop is over a decade old now. That means that any time the laptop forces a shutdown or runs out of power I have to bring it over to my house, re-set it up, and send it back, still running, and make sure he plugs it in before it dies because the battery only lasts about 30 minutes lol. I have been able to somewhat explain to my grandfather what the problems are, and that fiscally it isn't worth fixing or trying to find parts for at this point. He asked why he can't install games that do not connect to Steam, and I explained that it is hard to find the types of games he likes now that are compatible with the older OS and don't have to install via some kind of internet connection. Lo and behold, he goes and pulls out a box of about a dozen discs for most of the old games he loved to play. I have tried to install them, both on the HP laptop (Windows 7) as well as testing them on my husband's newer laptop (Windows 10), but they aren't compatible and won't actually run once installed. Is there any way I can convince these old games to function on newer machines? His old desktop used Windows XP. I tried finding some of the games for free online, but it's very difficult to find such old games that are legal to download and don't need to constantly verify ownership via internet connection. I know most of the old games he enjoys, like Age of Empires and Caesar 3, are available on Steam, so if there is a different way of making that work please let me know. I'm currently also looking into getting him a new basic laptop for ~$200-300 USD that has a big enough screen for his old eyes, which would fix the internet problem (sort of) but still won't allow him to play the old games. If anyone has any alternative suggestions, such as game launchers that let you purchase or download games through the internet but do not require secondary verification in the same way Steam does, please let me know.
  3. Oxenfree is available in the Epic Games store for a limited time! Thanks to @MadCast: Wazap for the info!
  4. I have work until 8 but I'll do my best to come in later! I love these kinds of events
  5. I really wish I could but I just don't have the time right now. Hopefully I can join you for something in the future!
  6. This was a lot of fun and the group worked really well together in my opinion. A few small issues came up during the campaign, but Stan took everything in stride and kept the game and story going very smoothly. 11/10 would LARP again.
  7. Bump! You can also come in to the Discord voice channel that the event is held in to listen to the shenanigans, as long as you aren't disruptive and keep your mic muted.
  8. Yes, anyone is welcome to do this if they create an event! I try to peruse the forums each day before I post the announcements, but if it isn't in the most recent threads I will probably miss it. Please message me on Discord if you schedule an event and I will be sure to include it the day-of!
  9. After getting a little bit of feedback on what I've been doing already, a common problem I noticed is that a lot of people don't feel like the games they really care about are equally represented. I must apologize, because I unfortunately do not have the ability to play most of the currently popular games, especially big new titles like Division 2 and Anthem. I have included news that I personally felt was relevant, but that mostly just includes things about League of Legends, and that is not fair to the majority of the community who play many other titles. If you have any games at all that you would like to see more news or updates about, please mention them here for me to reference going forward! You can also add on any new releases in the future here so that the announcements are always about current information that MadCasters care about. Thanks in advance 💜
  10. I had a similar experience and agree that she deserves a bigger thank-you. @MadCast: RedJustice has been awarded the Fellowship Bronze Oakleaf. She already has the Silver Oakleaf (?), Help Desk, and Sensei awards.
  11. I will eagerly attend and have no issue making that window. It would be better for you to contact me on Discord regarding character creation etc. Thanks so much for helping run another one of these events! To anyone considering: it is an absolute must in my opinion to experience.
  12. Ah, this reminds me of ye olde Minecraft...
  13. @MadCast: Namflow has been given the Sensei award for his teaching efforts.
  14. @Craiden23 I completely understand that perspective. Consoles are expensive and have very short lifespans compared to a PC. Then there are exclusives to worry about and you have to pay for online membership etc. Its unfortunate that Nintendo has not branched out to PC yet but if you've got the Pokemon itch there are some free emulators that go all the way up to generation 5/Nintendo DS XL (last I checked). Once they started making 3D model games it became much harder and I don't know if there is a stable emulator yet for those games.
  15. Nintendo: LOLOLOLOL PC Emulator developers: 😟😢😭😭😭
  16. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am so hyped for the fire bunny! I am also really happy for more realistic people as opposed to the childish chibi proportions, and I'm hoping they have a somewhat free camera or photo mode so you can really look around the world.
  17. I hope you're practicing saying that to yourself in the mirror
  18. This is very good advice that I have also been trying to work myself up to. Fighting the part of my mind that tries to tell me I'm a failure, by reminding myself of reasons why I am not. It's not easy at first but I hope it gets easier for me because it can be so effective. I love all the advice you shared, but I think that this is one of the most important things for anyone with mental illness to understand. Talk to your doctor and make them listen, or get a new doctor or psychologist who will listen. The final goal is to stabilize your symptoms and make daily life easier, so if your medications do not do that you need to change them. Don't just passively take something that does not help. My first antidepressant made me too tired and I never wanted to get out of bed. If I did get up, nothing made me happy. I didn't enjoy games or my favorite foods or spending time with my pets. After talking to my doctor about alternatives, we cycled through a few options before one worked for me. I actually added a secondary one recently, but I finally feel balanced and in-control.
  19. Have some Sunday morning motivation... I watch this whenever I feel especially down on myself, and it can make me cry if I'm depressed enough. This was first shown to my entire 9th grade class during an anti-bullying seminar. I don't think many others, if any, took away from it the same feelings that I did, but that's ok because to this day it helps me remind myself why everything people told me back then was a lie and life is worth living.
  20. This thread is a list of free game offers from things like Humble Bundle, Xbox Gold, PSN+, and Epic Games. You can also post information about any free weekends, such as for Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege. This is not for permanently free-to-play games that are always available, such as League of Legends or browser games. Feel free about any free games you stumble upon, and include information about how long the offer is available, what platform it's on, and a link to where someone can get the game. ThimbleWeed Park is available for free via the Epic Games store until March 7th. It is a story-based adventure that revolves around a murder mystery in a small town. The game is a "goofy X-Files-esque point-and-click adventure".
  21. Happy to see you make an official intro on the forums! I also have many varying interests for game genres so maybe we have more than LoL in common Feel free to hang out more and get to know people in the community. There are a lot of really amazing people here worth knowing. If you ever want to apply for Full Membership just let one of the admins know.