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  1. Im thinking Jaina, ETC, and Mephisto with Maive would be excellent. and some sort of AOE healer, or AOE heal stun, Deckard.
  2. What are you're thoughts on Mephisto and team strategies?
  3. Anyone want to hots it up tonight?
  4. razer ornata chroma 10/10 would recommend.
  5. Krokaine

    Grifting S14

    Hey folks who is interested in squadding up and knocking out some Grifts lvl 90+! Time to get ahead!
  6. Pics or it didn't happen! BenQ 35" Ultrawide curved monitor GTX Windforce 980ti 32g ram 1000w Rosewill Power supply Liquid Cooling
  7. Yo, I might be able to play with Accellerator - Do we want to advertise on Reddit/r/rocketleague for more people to come in?
  8. Hi All, It's been a wonderful vacation season! Yes this will be a full membership style application to clarify. Best, Krokaine Battle Net Battletag Krokaine#1495 Steam ID: Krokaine
  9. Hey yall! I decided to post my introduction because I want to help participate in the Rocket League tournaments. I absolutely love rocket league and ultimately want to help with the commentating of the games and participation in the tournaments. I play several games currently, Path of Exile, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Rocket League, Diablo 3 and beyond, miscellaneous steam games, H1Z1, Realm Royale, PUBG, and various others. Please accept this short introductory statement as my application. I would appreciate being a part of this crew. Best, Krokaine.