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  1. AP Tryndamere

    Hahaha, I was waiting for this to make a comeback, but as pushover said its easy to beat, plus funneling is so difficult with the support of a team that actually knows what they are doing.
  2. Champion pool question

    Matchups, especially with the current meta, is rough. I've been trying to practice against this double mage bot stuff and trying to use teleport bot so i can collapse better.
  3. Intro-Abex

    Good luck with your candidacy!
  4. Champion pool question

    Oh I know I’m silver 2 now and stuck since I dropped so hard. I held a solid two/three picks to play every game but as the meta is changing I’ve been practicing against these double mage lanes. Crazy patch
  5. Champion pool question

    Hey all, so Ive been playing league since 2011 and I’ve been an Adc/support, plat 5 player which dropped to Gold and placed silver 5 this season “yikes”. I have talked to many of players about a “champion pool” and to focus on one to two champs to consistently play. My question is, should I stick to one or two champs and play, even though It’s not meta or do I expand my play and focus on meta picks? I try to keep practicing new picks, since the meta is all types of weird this patch. Any comments/tips would be appreciated!
  6. Introduction- ArcaneArcher651

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Hope to see most of you ingame and online!
  7. Introduction- ArcaneArcher651

    Hey yall, Im ArcaneArcher651, I saw your post on the LoL thread on the page and I played a few ARAM games with a couple of members and had some fun! I was taking a look at your page and some of your discord and I like the atmosphere, so I wanted to apply for full membership. I play League of Legends mostly and some RTS and MMO games as well, like GW2 and Dawn of war. Cant wait to hear back!