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  1. Omegalul. its not best fash NA but 2000 iq jhin ult XD
  2. Hi guys, im Rohanski or Irelia Main (currently 19 years old). I actually found you guys through reddit. It was for league stuff that said Funday mondays and learning thursdays. I showed up to almost everyone of them I could have and enjoyed it a lot. There was no flaming for bad plays or mistakes. People moved on, and I had a very fun time (the way league should be) and really enjoyed the atmosphere. After experiencing all of this, I wanted to apply for full membership. The games I mainly play are LoL and OSRS. My OSRS name is Rohanski, and my LoL name is ˉIrelia Mainˉ . Thanks for visiting this, cant wait to hear back!
  3. Player Name: ˉIrelia Mainˉ Level: 152 (atm) Preferred Roles: Top/Adc Rank: Diamond 3 I am signing up as a free agent. I am/am not willing to captain.