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  1. I think that everyone should recognize me as the Mafia Boss that I am and pay their respects accordingly. In all seriousness this was great fun. I think that separate rooms is good. It can be too easy for the Mafia to hide quietly in a room of 10 with spectators.
  2. Hello LoL fam. I have been playing more racked this season, and as such I'm looking for someone(s) to climb with. I just promo'd to Silver IV. Anyone who plays with me will know I'm a jungle main. I mainly play evenings around 9pm to 11pm. Anyone out there interested in joining me?
  3. Are there any rules/guidelines around what can be included in the "Duelist's Eyes, Look, Sword, and Style?" Asking as a newbie to the genre.
  4. @MadCast: Usefully Useless glad to hear you're on a foreward path my man. Keep on it, keeping it off is as rough as getting it off (formerly 250, now 170), stay on it!
  5. Thanks for putting this together.. Definitely something anyone can take away and learn from.
  6. Since it was talked about in town hall, I'll bump. Add me suixide22 on origin
  7. I've come to enjoy the ups and downs of rooting for C9.