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  1. League of Learning 8-16-2018

    Sorry I had to dip early last night. My daughter's teething kicked in around 10:30.
  2. MadCast Clubs and Club Membership

    Just saw this. Any room in the MCGC club?
  3. League of Learning 8-16-2018

    Oooh, my family will definitely be asleep by then!
  4. Intro - Rohanski

    Good playing with you these past few weeks. Best of luck.
  5. Game suggestions for detilting / unwinding?

    I was about to say Cluster Truck but then remembered how frustrating it can be. So really, I'm not help.
  6. Premier League 18/19

    Ozil is 100 or 50....he's either great or horrible, never just "good".
  7. Intro: Suixide22

    Thanks Tiki, I hope the same for you. I shall look for you on the rift
  8. League of Learning 8-9-2018

    TFW you expect it to be at 9pm at its at 930...
  9. MadCast app?

    Here's the instructions for adding Tapatalk for IPboard powered forums:
  10. Premier League 18/19

    Concurred. But at least they're not spuds.
  11. Premier League 18/19

    Any other EPL fans around? Looking forward to enjoying my weekend mornings again. #COYG
  12. Funday Monday 8/6 @9PM EST

  13. Intro: Suixide22

    Done and done. Look forward to playing with you.
  14. Intro: Suixide22

    Thanks! Sorry I had to dip after the AFKs. His mastery of the dark arts. But naa, his name is Merlin.
  15. MadCast app?

    I've tried to find the forum on Tapatalk, but no luck, and it seems like the last time someone posted from Tapatalk (based on signatures) was 2016. If someone else knows different, I'd love to know. I just find their interface smoother for mobile, and it's easy to keep up with new conversations.