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  1. Always a thing to keep track of which could between a kill or a death. Thanks for the great videos as always support
  2. Well depending on the people we would talk it over and it would be a consistent thing like every week or every other week. I planed on it going at 4 hrs each time roughly. The exact day and time will be dependent on your available.
  3. To Whom ever it concerns, Erith, a world of wild nature and adventure just waiting to be explored. I'm looking for a few brave adventures to join me on this epic campaign, but there trouble brewing as time passes. I need a few brave heroes to help the good people in this world roughly 4 to 5. The must be brave, smart, courageous, and have time to play a few hours. This isn't no 1 day trip to the next town over but a life time fight to help others. The prep work to start our journey starts when everyone arrives. If you consider yourself brave enough to embark on this journey please send a letter back. Sincerely, StargazerLilli
  4. It was a great experience and really fun. I earned a drinking partner and saw a lizard lick to many things and a Bird that shook it's tail feathers way to hard .
  5. Hi. So I been practicing league a lot for the few months now. I'm looking to get some help with some higher ranked players cause I really do want to improve and i'm willing to be teachable. I have been keeping up with a consistent set up for farming practice almost every day. I know my knowledge of match ups is very low for what it should be. I'm really looking to improve all around. I play Adc with a second in mid but I haven't touch mid in a long while now.I know league of learning is so post to help people improve but I still don't feel like I'm getting the improvement that I'm wanting. If anybody is willing to help that would be great. Leave a comment below and I'll pm you to set up details. Thank you to any one that is willing to help this Iron 1 play to get gud.
  6. I would love to attend I have quite a bit of experience and always love the opportunity to rp
  7. I have read and agree to the terms. Thanks Kitty and Maro for the great comments.
  8. I love messing around with it but the only down side it no of the items have synergy.
  9. I would love to do this. I been looking for this thread a while. XP