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  1. Funday Monday 9/10 @9EST

    Wooo ultimate bravery day. Lol
  2. MadCast Welcomes: StargazerLilli

    Thanks everyone.
  3. MadCast Welcomes: StargazerLilli

    I have read and agree to the terms. Thanks Kitty and Maro for the great comments.
  4. MadCast Welcomes: Suixide22

    Good job 😁
  5. Ultimate Bravery

    I love messing around with it but the only down side it no of the items have synergy.
  6. Cards against Humanity on Friday!

    I cant miss it. Expect to see me there
  7. Pictionary Tuesday 9-11-2018

    I would love to do this. I been looking for this thread a while. XP
  8. MadCast Welcomes: TikiSoCheeky

    Congrats to you tiki for making it.
  9. Intro - Sage of Souls

    Welcome to madcast and look forward to meeting you.
  10. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    Week one here we go. Good luck and have fun
  11. League of Learning Feedback

    I have recently trying to learn jungle and there is a lot to take in for that role. I chose to learn this role cause i think there is i formation in that role that would help me be a better team player and take sine stress of the jungle cause it a really demanding. What I am trying to say is that everyone has their comfort zone with a few champs or lanes but if we switched up were people of were they play then maybe over all we can get a better understanding of the game entirely and what is expect of that position. So as a whole we can be stronger as a team. This is really my thoughts of learning league.
  12. RFM Application: Support Welfare

    Good luck Support
  13. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    Im gonna win something but idk what.
  14. MadCast Welcomes: Al Shifra

    Good job Al Shifra
  15. Funday Monday 8/27 @9PM EST

    Funday monday. So many weird builds today. I cant spell today.